a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 16)

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Chapter 15
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Chapter 16 –
Twinkle was shown crying resting her head on the bed.. She was holding the SidMin bracelet. She was remembering her Sid.
T – (in mind) “I wish Sid you were here… at least it will not happen.. I love u so much nd can’t think of forgetting you…. I can’t start a relationship with Kunj. I won’t do it.”
Just then Mahi entered her room crying. She looked at Twinkle with an unknown pain. Twinkle saw her and hide the bracelet.
M – “Di..?” She said nd ran towards her n hugged her tightly..
T – “Mahi, don’t cry..!”
M – “U r crying nd saying me not to… Di, why can’t you just deny?”
T – “Mahi, I can’t. I already hurt Maa nd Papa very much. I won’t hurt them anymore.”
M – “Di, I know you can’t do such a thing. I know di, there is some misunderstanding..”
T – “No Mahi.. I m responsible.. I shouldn’t have drank.”
M – “Why are you blaming yourself di.. just to make Maa nd Papa good. They didn’t do right, they should have trusted you. U should confront them. I just hate them for not trusting you.”
T – “No Mahi, they r our parents. Never ever think of them in that way. You are a child now. You won’t understand. Unho ne hame janam diya hai.. is duniya me laaye hai.. we should be thankful to them. Unke bina hamara koi wajood nhi…” they broke hug.
M – “Di, they disowned u nd still u r talking about them like this. I m amazed. Agar ap ki jagah koi or hota toh wo pehly hi ye ghar chod ke jaa chuka hota .. still u love them so much. I wonder, how can someone be so good to them who are bad to them.”
T – “Nhi Mahi. Maa, papa abhi gussa hain theek hojayen gay…! Tu fikr na ker.”
M – “Di, ap itne ache kyun ho?”
T – “Kyunke mere pass tu hai.. meri choti behen.” They cried and hugged each other again.

Next scene –
Twinkle nd Chinki were getting ready.
C – “Twinkle tu is shaadi se khush nhi na? Kya tu kunj se pyaar kerti hai?”
Twinkle was lost in her own thoughts.
T – “Chinki, pyaar sirf ek baar hota hai.. or jahan tak baat rahi shaadi ki., toh ye shaadi nhi samjhauta hai jo me ne ker liya. Me dobara pyaar nhi ker sakti..”
C – “Twinkle, we meet many people in our lives. Some goes away nd some got their places in our heart. Iska ye matlab nhi hum un gaye huay logo ka wait kertay rahein jinka hamein pata hi nhi kahan hai..”
T – “Pyaar me bht taaqat hoti hai.. or agr mujhe Sid ke liye saari zindagi bhi wait kerna pade na to me karungi..”
C – “Twinkle you have to move on.. you have to forget your past.. you have to start ur relationship with Kunj.”
T – “Nd i won’t do this.. nd by the way don’t you know Kunj also loves someone nd we both decided to marry for our family’s sake..”
C – “Twinkle tujhse koi nhi jeet sakta..”
Mahi came upstairs..
M – “Baraat has arrived..”
Chinki’s face lighten up nd Twinkle’s face turned gloomy.
M – “Di…”
T – “Haan bol?”
M – “I’ll miss you.”
T – “I’ll miss you too.”
C – “Bss don’t start ur drama… stop this.. warna me abhi se emotional hojaungi..” the trio shared a group hug..

Next Scene –
The baraat arrives.. Kunj nd Yuvi sat in the mandap.. Both were waiting for their respective brides. When the spotlight fell on the stairs focusing Chinki nd Twinkle. Chinki was very happy so was Yuvi. Twinkle nd Kunj both were so sad. They were depressed. Kunj’s mouth got wide open seeing Twinkle’s beauty. He resembles her to Jasmin. Then he brushed his thoughts saying how can Twinkle be his Jasmin. They both sat down along with Yuvi nd Kunj. Kunj’s eyes were only on Twinkle. Twinkle looked at him. They both shared an intense eye lock. All the time Kunj was seeing his Jasmin as Twinkle.. nd Twinkle was seeing her Sid as Kunj..

The pandit started chanting mantras. The two couples made eo wear garlands.. Twinkle was crying all time. Then they sat down and Leela does Chinki’s kanyadaan but refused to do of Twinkle.
M – “Maa, what are you saying. You have to.”
L – “No, I won’t.”
Twinkle was not in her senses. She wasn’t responding to anything. She was sitting like a lifeless body.
M – “Theek hai Maa, don’t do.. but one day you will regret.”
Mahi does her kanyadaan and they took 7 vows.. Twinkle was just a lifeless body, not responding to anything. Her tears were not stopping.
Then Yuvi made Chinki wear mangalsutra. Twinkle looked at Kunj with painful eyes. He gave ‘helpless’ look. Twinkle closed her eyes and imagined her Sid. Kunj too closed his eyes, imagining his Jasmin and tied the mangalsutra around her neck. Yuvi then fills Chinki’s maang with vermillion. Twinkle again looked at him with glassy eyes. He turned his head because he was not able to see her tears. He filled her hairline and she was now tied to him. She was now Twinkle Kunj Sarna.
Next Scene –
Now this was the time for their bidaai. Chinki cried hugging her mother, Leela, nd Mahi.. Twinkle looked at her mother.
T – “Maa..” Leela turned her face away. Twinkle was hurt.
T – “Maa, I hurt you nd Papa so much. From now on, I promise you I will not show you my face again. Never. I always loved you nd will always do, nd will respect you. Your decision of desowning me won’t change my love nd respect towards you. I know you won’t believe me. Maa, Papa I m sorry for everything. Me ne hamesha ap dono ko khush dekhna chaha but shayad meri kismat bht kharab hai.” She turned to Mahi. She was crying and tightly hugged her.
T – “Mahi, my bachha.. don’t cry… I m always with you, near your heart. Right? You know na whenever we were away from each other we just used to close our eyes nd we r with each other. Me tujhse chaahy jitna bhi door hun lekin me hamesha tere dil me rahungi.. I promise.”
M – “Di, promise me, you will talk to me daily.” Sarna’s were adoring their bond nd were feeling sad for Twinkle.
T – “I promise you.” She broke the hug.
M – “Di, plss mat jaao..” mahi holds her hand as she turned to go.
T – “Mahi plss don’t make it harder for me.” She frees her hand from her clutches and sat in the car nd left. Mahi stood there crying. Twinkle was crying in the car. Kunj had a devilish smile playing on his lips. Something was cooking up in his mind..
Screem freezes..

Precap: Twinj’s Wedding Night……

I know guys, that was very emotional nd you all know I m expert in emotional writings… how was the episode??? I hope it was good…
Wait for the next one… for twinj’s wedding night.. let’s see what happens ahead..
Loads of Love ❤❤????????❤❤

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  1. Simiyy

    Hey dear
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    Feeling sad for Twinkle
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  2. SidMin23

    This is emotional felt bad for twinkle wish kunj don’t do anything to her and hope soon twinj got to know about they are sid and Jasmin.

  3. NYC episode

  4. Sameera

    Wow yaar purvi seriously hats off to you yaar loveddddddd it sooo emotional felt sooo bad for twinkle ….Excited for next episode ????….
    Do cont soon …

  5. Very emotional epi
    felt bad for twinkle
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  6. Amaya_bhardwaj

    Mind blowing amazing fantastic epi dear….
    Too emotional ????????????…Twhi bonding was so lovely yrr….
    I wish to have such a wonderful sister….BT koi Ni tm log ho na mere sis cum friends ????????????????????
    Feeling sad for tw yrr….
    Precap has increased my curiosity level yrr…..
    Solly for short comment …. Actually I am bit busy….Avi Tu khola TOH tera FF that first PR.. or dare FF TOH padhe v Ni h… ISS week padh v Ni paungi tests h mere…. Isliye phele SE sorry agar m comment Ni Kr paying TOH….

    Plz post next episode ASAP….
    LOADS of LOVE ?????????????????????

  7. SidMin

    Just loved it …. doo emotional yaar Feeling very sad for Twinkle …. bechare ….
    The best part was Kunj Link was imagining Twinkle as Jasmin Twinkle was imagining Kunj as Sid
    Mahi Magic and Twinkle’s bond ?
    Leela is doing bad … she will regret ?
    Love you post soon ❤

  8. Presha

    Hey cuteii…
    Its awesome just amazing…
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    Too good…
    Emotiona were flawless…
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    AWESOME amazing emotional…feeling sad for twinkle

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  11. Fatimaa.

    Kya epi tha…rula diya firse…
    Felt bad for twinki..i know ab kunj apni evil side dikha dega…hope that they get to know abt each other soon..
    Love uu..post doon jaan..

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    Areh Purviii my vanilla,, cold coffee what a episode ufff Amazing Fabulous Awesome,,?????????????????..
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    It was sooooooooo emotional uff,,???????????
    The way u showed their wedding though it was emotional but Fabulous,,????????????????..
    But poor twinkle felt bad 4 her,,???????.
    Kyu kunj esa kar raha hai use toh kabhi maf nai karna cahiye,,???????????..
    Plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz yrrrrr jaldhi sach samne lade twinkle ki,,?????..
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    Hey Purvi dear☺
    Episode was to Emotional yaar??
    I am literally crying??
    Felt bad for Twinkle ??
    Why Kunj is doing this with her??
    Hope they get to know Eachothers truth soon??
    Kunj should be punished hard for this??
    Episode was beautifully written ??
    All the Emotions were portrayed so beautifully ??
    Just loved the Episode❤❤
    PRECAP has grewed my curiosity??
    Aur purvi dear TU walon ko teray saath hi nahi meray saath bhi problem hai??Aaj tak Meine Apne FF ya FS ke episode jitni bar bhi likhen hain… I have to write more than 2 times just because of these TU??So don’t be upset dear☺☺n post next episode soon??love u??

  16. Ramya

    It’s awesome amazing purvi
    Tumne tho rula diya
    But leela n rt should have some truust on der daughter
    Atleast baaare waqr kuch tho bol dete
    I’m feeling bad for twinkle

    N twihi bond was amazing
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  17. Sohi

    Yaar purvi how u will cry Haan ?
    U only said me due to exams they are not able to comment and now u only
    Now coming to the episode
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  18. Baby

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    hey bhagwann……
    well loved it it was really very emotional……..
    love u lot…….♥
    m w8ing for u I msgd u mera pc thik ho gya hai……..☺
    love u so mch ☺

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