a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 15) BRONZE JUBILEE

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In case if anyone missed the previous chapter, here is the link to it:

Chapter 14

Chapter 15 –
Twinkle cried her heart out sitting on the floor. Kunj felt bad for her and came towards her.
T – “Kunj, please do something. I can’t marry you. I love someone.” She was still crying.
K – “Twinkle, I know its difficult for you and me and I also love someone but I can’t do anything.”
She cried on her fate.
Twinkle’s pov
Sid, I love only you and can’t think of marrying anyone. I just love you, please come back to me. I can’t live without you. I forgot to smile, I forgot being happy. If you will be with me, I will learn to smile, to be happy. But I can’t hurt my parents more. I will marry Kunj.
Pov ends

Kunj’s pov
Jasmin, I love only you and can’t think of marrying anyone. I just love you, please come back to me. I m not able to live without you. Saans nhi lay paa raha hun tere bina. Har roz ek nayi maut marta hun. Muskurahat rooth gayi haj mujhse. But i can’t hurt my parents more. I will marry Twinklr but I will only love you for the rest of my life.
Pov ends
T – “Kunj I have taken a decision.”
K – “Yeah! I have also taken a decision. And its that I will marry you only for my parents.”
T – “Hmm. Nd I will also marry you coz of my parents.”
She got up and left from there.
K – “I must say it must be good for me, marrying Twinkle. Every night, only me nd her.” He smirked (dekho kitna devil hai, heartless.. Uski haalat dekh ker bhi kya kya soch raha hai.)
He also left from there. Soon everyone in the house got to know about Twinj’s marriage and the reason. Yuvi got angry and rushed to Kunj’s room. He banged the door and saw him working on the laptop. Kunj got up seeing him in such an angry mood.
Y – “What have you done?” he asked with full angry mood.
K – (calmly) “What have I done?”
Y – “Acha toh ab yeh bhi me bataun? Kunj, I warned you na still…”
K – “Ohh God yuvi, don’t start your lecture again. We were drunk.”
Y – “Tu sab se jhoot bol sakta hai par mujhse nhi.”
K – “Please Yuvi, stop this drama.”
Y – “Sharam aati hai mujhe tujhe apna bhai kehty huay. Kya bigada tha us ne tera jo tu ne uski zindagi barbaad ker di? Kitni innocent hai wo, tujh pe yakeen bhi kar liya usne itni asaani se. Per koi faida nhi… tu kabhi nhi samjhega. Shayad Babaji bhi yehi chahty hain. Shayad Twinkle hi wo ladki hai jo tujhe andheron me se nikal ly, tujhe insaan bana de. Tu toh janwaar se bhi badtar hai kunj. I m sure Twinkle would change you.”
K – “No one can change me. Only my love can change me and I m sure she will come back soon.”
Y – “Who is this girl. Your love? Tu pyaar ka matlab janta bhi hai, ya sirf ladkiyon ko use kerna janta hai.”

K – “Stop it Yuvi. You can’t say anything about my love, she is my life. My Jasmin.” He said with tears in his eyes and sat down on the bed crying. Yuvi saw him crying and got shocked.
Y – “Kunj, you are crying?”
K – “Haan I m crying bcoz I love her so much but she isn’t with me.”
Yuvi sat down next to him and felt bad.
Y – “Kon hai wo?”
K – “Meri Jasmin.. meri bachpan ki frnd. Jo ke ab pata nhi kahan hai.. 15 saal hogaye .. kidhar hai kahan hai kuch pata hi nhi..”
Y – “Tu ne usy dhoondne ki koshish nhi ki?”

K – “I tried to find her many times but no use. Pata nhi kahan hai wo.”
Y – “Koi clue bhi nhi jis se we can find her.”
K – “Nhi yuvi, koi faida bhi nhi hai. Kal shaadi hojaye gi meri. I betrayed her. Pata hai why I became like this? No nah, you always blame me for using girls but you know what. Only wine and this is the thing which releases my stress. Me pagal hogaya hun uske pyaar me jiski wajah se aesa hogaya hun. I went into depression. Yuvi you won’t understand becuz your love story is simple na .. no hurdles no obstacles but mine isn’t like this.” He cried badly.
Y – “Kunj, why didn’t u told me before.”

K – “Bata ker kya kerta? Wo wapis toh nhi mil jati na.”
Y – “Tujhe kuch nhi yaad jis se hum usy find ker saky.”
K – “Nhi na..”
Y – “Soch toh..”
K – “Haan I remember, I gave her a locket and a bracelet on which it was written ‘SidMin’.”
Y – “SidMin?”
K – “Yeah Sidhant+Jasmin= SidMin.”
Y – “Ohh..”
K – “Yuvi, promise me you won’t tell this to anyone. Not even Chinki.”
Y – “Okk.. I promise.”

Kunj hugged him letting his emotions flow. Yuvi broke the hug.
Y – “Ok bro, I may take a leave.” He said and left from the room. He came out.
Y – (in mind) “I don’t why, but I had the feeling that Twinkle is his Jasmin. Don’t know why. But I just felt it. I would find her at any cost. I can’t see my brother like this. Me ne uske baare me kya socha tha, but he is too broken from inside.”
He thought. Episode ends on his determined face.

Precap – Sorryyy guysss Aj meri tabyat kuch thik nhi thi is liye short chapter nd no marriage. Next me pakkaaa...

How was the chapter? Was it good? Today, I showed Kunj’s feelings becuz you all were hating him.
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  1. awesome dear.u know what…I’m reading ur 2 ff from the 1st day.u r just muaahhh??and I’m not a silent reader,I usually comments in TU. but I love ur ff and u too. bye…plzzz continue and bother to think to go…even in a April fool….?????bye

    1. he he….don’t think to quit ???

  2. Amaya Bhardwaj

    Congratulations Purvi yrrr….For completing 15 epi…..
    Awesome amazing superb epi….KUNJ k pov ne emotional Kr Diya yrr….I never hated KUNJ yrr….Hw can we hate him…..
    Loved it yrrr
    Post asap
    Get well soon
    Love you. ????????

  3. Purvi dear it was awesome
    Loved it
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    1. Emotional episode

  4. Presha

    Hey puru….
    Its awesome yaar….
    Just loved it.. ????
    Too goid…
    U portrayed twinj emotion very well…
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  5. Sameera

    Awww purvii soooo amazing awesome emotional episode hayeee kunj huh ek pal kuch aur ek pal kuch aurrr hope to see that soon when he will know the truth can’t wait for revelation do cont soon plshh if possible…???

  6. Sohi

    Episode was very emotional
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    Ur promo is making me more interested in this ff
    Do continue and post soon

  7. Aap end karne ke baare mein bilkul sochna BHI mat?..,.Samjhi ….Good?? amazinggg episodee…???Kunj ke feelings ??but still …?????devil …How could he??? Kisse Saath aisa kaise kar sakta haii?….But noo worries ?we handle a devil Kunj…Post next soon aur thoda long Wala as bronze jubilee treat…?????

  8. Fatimaa.

    Heyy purvii…jaan…
    Kya epi tha…ankh me ansoo aa gaye…kunj ne to emotional kar diya…well i hope misunderstandings gets clear soon…
    And about the comments dont b sad sweetheart….ur ff is d best…and i have posted my ff…i hope raat tak post ho jaye…
    Love uu..❤❤❤❤

  9. Lovely

  10. SidMin23

    It was beautiful written and twinj and their emotional conversations and kunj breakdown for jasmin hope soon uv will help kunj to found his jasmin and hope soon their will be twinj scene and short out everything and do post soon.

  11. Simiyy

    It was really good
    Like the way you portrayed the emotions
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  19. Hey meri bhootni
    Kesi hae tu.Pata hae gussa hae.Maine cmt nai kiya na.Actually tere epi pad rahi thi.Sry maaf karde.Le kaan bhi pakati hu.Sry.So sry.

    Phele toh congrats 15 epi complete karne ke liye.Kya baat hae tu toh bahat acha likti hae aur TU chodne se phele maine na tera writing padatha kaun tujhe yun pyaar karega jaise may karti hu tab se may teri fan hu.U r just too gud yaar.Emotional tha.Aur phir yeh misunderstanding kab clear hoga yaar.Kunj saach may confusing hae.Kabhi kya aur phir kabhi kuch aur but love him yaar.Kash ki misunderstanding jaldi clear hojaye.Aur kya huwa tujhe tabhiyat thik nai hae.Apna khayal rakha karo.Get well soon.N yeh baat dimag may set karlo we r loving the track.Post soon aur tu apna mystery wala ff kabh post kar rahi hae.Post soon.

    Loads of love

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    Loved it 🙂
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    Take care 🙂 Post when you feel good 🙂 Love you 🙂
    Congrats for completing 15 episodes 🙂

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    oh my god purvi…..amazing just sooo emotional………….
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    love u lods… 🙂

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