a DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL ..! #TwiNj# FF (Chapter 1)

Heloooooooo … friends ….. sorry sorry sorry sorry sorry … maaf ker do choti si bachhi ko … actually na mere ghr pe guests aaye huay thay stay kerny .. toh I was very busy … or phir I am not well … itna fever horaha hai … phir bhi likh rahi hun for u all …. Maaf ker dena bachi ko … chalo no more bak bak epi le lo …

Array array wait karo itni bhi kya jaldi hai … thank you all who commented on the intro .. I was very happy that u liked the plot …I was overwhelmed .. literally .., I was having tears …. (khushi ke aansou .. u knw)
Now 1 more thing … dimagh khaa rahi hun na sb ka .. per kya karun 1 baat batani hai …. Hamari Twinkle na …. Jasmin .. she is coming in a new serial DIL SE DIL TAK …. I saw the promo … she is looking breath taking gorgeous in the promo … and she is playing the role of bar dancer … I don’t know if this news is right that she is playing bar dancer … I heard it .. so just telling you about her role …
Bht bakwaas ker li me ne .. chalo ab epi le lo ….

Chapter 1 –

A beautiful melodious voice is heard … coming from a university … let’s go inside …
There was a crowded hall and on the stage a gorgeous girl is singing … She was wearing blue jeans and black shirt … She was looking stunning …
Manzilein ruswaa hain
Khoya hai raasta
Aaye ley jaaye
Itni si ilteja
Tu meri zamanat hai
Ye meri amanat hai aaa…
Mujhko irade de
Kasmeim de,vaade de
Meri duaon ke ishaaron ko sahare de
Dil ko thikane de
Naye bahane de
Khaabon ki barishon ko
Mausam ke paimane de
Apne karam ki kar aadayen
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigahen
Sunn raha hai na tu
Ro rahi hun mein
Sunn raha hai na tu
Kyun ro rahi hun mein (×2)
Waqt bhi thehra hai
Kese kyun ye hua
Kash tu aise aaye
Jese koi dua
Tu rooh ki rahat hai
Tu meri ibadat hai aaa…
Apne karam ki kar aadayen
Kar de idhar bhi tu nigahen
Sunn raha hai na tu
Ro rahi hun mein
Sunn raha hai na tu
Kyun ro rahi hun mein (×2)
The girl thinks “I wish tum jaldi wapis aajao … I miss you so much … whenever i sing any song .. it just remids me of you .. plss come back .. i wil solve all the misunderstandings between us … My friend..”
She clears her tears ..
She finished the song … Everyone hooted “Twinkle .. Twinkle “ She is revealed to be Twinkle ۔
After that many of the boys and girls sings different songs …
The host comes on stage …
H: “Today’s competition was very hard …. So now wait for the results ..As you all know that the owner of the famous music company of Thailand is here .. so whoever wins this competition … he or she will go to Thailand and the company will release an album of them … so let’s see who will be the lucky person .. so Mr.Yuvraj Sarna … we r waiting for the result ?”
Y: “Just give me 10 min ..”
H: “Okk”

We all were waiting for the result …. I was so afraid … what will happen?? What if my dream will not fulfill …? No no twinkle what r u thinking … u will be the winner … Babaji … plss
End pov
H – “I would like to call Mr.Yuvraj Sarna and Mr.Kunj Sarna on stage … please welcome ..”
They both comes on stage .. Kunj was looking hot as usual …
K – “So the winner is ………..”
Pause …
Twinkle closes her eyes and prays to babaji …
Uv – “Twinkle Taneja …”
She opens her eyes in disbelief …. It was like she was seeing a dream … She was very delighted …
The clapping was heard …
She climbs on the stage …
Kunj’s pov
Omg … she is so hot … so s*xy …. isy to thailand jaana padega … or else how will she be my bedmate …. she is so s*xy … but there is some innocence on her face .. ohh kunj what r u thinking … she will only be a one night stand for u .. (smirks) but my friend … where r u … u wanted to be a singer na … and i also want that … plss comeback ..u always said that singing is your passion …
Pov ends
Uv gives her trophy ..
Twinkle shakes hand with Uv and then Kunj …
As her kunj’s hand touched … they felt an electric current passes through their body … they both quickly left eo hands …
K – (thinks) What was that …? I felt an unknown connection with her … like we have met before .. or we have spent many days with eo … it was the same current when i shake hands with my Jasmin .. my friend .. my love … but she left me ..
T – (thinks) What was that …? I felt an unknown connection with him .. like we have met before .. or we know eo very well .. why is it like that .. it was the same feeling when i first met with my Sid .. my friend .. my love … but he left me coz of a misunderstanding …

Uv – “Twinkle u wanna say something ….?”
T – “I just want to say thank you .. thank you so much … I am glad that I am going to Thailand … and i will become a singer … to become a singer was my wish since childhood … my childhood friend also want me to become a singer ..
This shocked Kunj ..
She continued – And now i am going to become a singer but he is not with me … Singing is my Passion and I sing from my heart … Thankyou .”
This shocked Kunj even more …
The words .. childhood friend and singing is my passion .. were roaming in his mind … He puts a full stop on his thoughts and comes down from the stage …
Twinkle moves towards her special room in the uni ….
She was crying the whole way …
T – Sid .. where r u ..,? Plss come back ..I miss u so much …. I miss u every passing year … i miss you every passing month .. I miss you every passing week … I miss you every passing night … I miss you every passing day … I miss you every passing hour … I miss you every passing minute … I miss you every passing second … I miss you every passing millisecond …. tum nhi jaante kitna miss kerti hun tumhein . … tum kyun gaye mujhe chod ke … bs 1 bar … 1 bar mil jao na … sb theek ker dun gi …. Sid .. bht miss kerti hun mein tumhe …
She cries holding her trophy .. …. and fell down on her knees …She kissed her heart shaped locket which was having two pics .of her childhood …. Sid’s and hers …
“ Yeh locket hum dono ne 1 dosre ko diya tha … or me ne tum se ye vaada bhi kiya tha ke kabhi bhi chaahe kuch bhi hojaye …. apni aakhri saans tak isy apny pass rakhun gi .. or abhi tak hai mere pass … even after 8 long years …”
She hides it from her hairs …
On the other side … kunj comes down from the stage … his eyes were searching someone … someone who he felt was very close to him …. someone whom he loved all the days and nights … and most importantly .. someone who had now become his lust … someone whom he found s*xy hot appealing … someone with whom he wanted to spend a night .. or we say the whole life …
K – (thinks) Kunj Sarna .. what happened to you ..? What is this … why r u searching for her … No .. no .. I am not searching for her … i was toh .. searching for jasmin .. maybe kahin mil jaaye … me jan gaya hun sb .. jasmin was innocent … I miss you so much meri jaan …
He kissed his locket in which there were two pics of his childhood .. Jasmin’s and his …
“Jasmin .. i promised u na that i will keep this locket with me till my last breath .. and i am fulfilling this only … this will be always with me till my last breath .. tum nhi to kya hua .. tumhare sath bitaye un lamhon ki yaadein to mere pass hain na … jin ke saahare me apnj poori zindagi guzar dun ga … mgr tumhari jagah koi nhi ley sakta … or me kisi ko lene bhi nhii dunga …” He hides it under his coat …

Uv – “Kunj … what happened .., u r looking tensed ..”
K – “ No .. nothing … I was having a headache … now its okay ..”
Uv – “Bro .. take care of urself .. and yaa plss tell Twinkle that she has to go with us to Thailand after 3 days … “
K – “ Umm okaay …”
He walked away from their and reached in the hall … There Twinkle was coming out of her room busy with her phone …. Kunj also doesn’t see her …
The collides with eo …Before she fell down … Kunj holds her from her waist …
They share an eyelock …

tere saamne aa jaane se
ye dil mera dhaRka hai
ye ghalti nahi hai teri
kusoor nazar ka hai

because of your coming in front of me,
my heart has beaten (fast),
it’s not your mistake,
but my sight’s fault.

jis baat ka tujhko Dar hai
wo karke dikha doonga…

the thing you are afraid of,
I’ll do that…

aise na mujhe tum dekho
seene se laga loonga
tumko main chura loonga tumse
dil mein chhupa loonga

don’t look at me like that,
or I’ll embrace you..
I’ll steal you from yourself,
and hide you in my heart.

tumse pehle, tumsa koi
humne nahi dekha
tumhe dekhte hi mar jaayenge
ye nahi tha socha

Before you, I’ve not seen
anyone like you…
I’d not thought I’ll be dead
as soon as I saw you…

baahon mein teri, meri
ye raat Thehar jaaye
tujh mein hi kahin pe meri
subaha bhi guzar jaaye

I wish my night passes
in your arms,
and in you only somewhere,
even my morning passes.

jis baat ka tujhko Dar hai
wo kar ke dikha dunga…

aise na mujhe tum dekho
seene se laga loong
tumko main chura loonga tumse
dil mein chhupa loonga

dil mein chhupa loonga…

They both composes themselves …
T – “ I am sorry…..”
K- “No .. its ok …”
She leaves from there ..
Kunj has a evil smirk on his face …
“ Baby … u r going to be mine soon…. Just wait for the day when u’ll be alone in Thailand ….. u r so s*xy and i will never allow anyone to touch u…. Agr kisi ki bhi himmat hui na tujhe haath lagany ki … usska haath tod dunga …”
He smirks evilly …
On the other side Twinkle was very happy that she is going to become a singer …
“Toh babaji . Finally aj ap ne itny saalon baad bhi meri or Sid ki pray sun li na . Thank u soo much babaji … when maa papa mahi and chinki will know about this۔ they will be very happy..”
Episode ends on Twinkle’s happy face and Kunj’s smirking face…
So guys enough … or zyada nhi likh sakti … fever horaha hai naa … or haa zyada comments dena to meri tabyat bhi jaldi thk hogi…..
Kuch bhool rahin hun …. haan precap .. chahiye kya …?
Chalo le lo..
Precap:- Twinkle’s family moments..and Kunj’s lust increasing

Remember 1 thing ….
More comments and dhair saari support= next part jaldi milega….
Any confusions or doubts .. do tell me …
To know what will happen ahead
Stay tuned with “TELLY UPDATES @ A DEVIL falls in LOVE with an ANGEL”

LOADS OF LOVE ???????????????❤❤❤

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