My Devil (Episode 9)

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Episode 9
The episode start with RagLak hugging…. Laksh was soothing Ragini by rubbing her back softly… Ragini was finally calmed down after what felt like years… Laksh make Ragini looked at him and said
Laksh:baby now I want to tell u something so please listen carefully
Ragini nod and Laksh continue
Laksh:umm u know since I saw I..I was in love with you that very moment ur innocence took my heart away I never really realised until kavya mistreated u I felt like killing her but I controlled myself because I know u won’t want to be a wife of a murderer saying this Laksh chuckle and Ragini looked at him amazed… Ragini thought
Ragini in mind:did he just said WIFE
Laksh looked at Ragini and said

Laksh:I hope u get what I wanted to say
Ragini shook her head in no and Laksh said
Laksh: Ragini I love you and I would like to make u my wife will u please give me the honour of being ur husband and let me make u my wife and mother of my kids
Ragini blush and nodded ever so shyly… Laksh hugged Ragini again but this time tightly and passionately… showing all his love and affection… Ragini equally reciprocated… Laksh broke the hug and stare her intensely making her look away in shyness… Laksh cup her face and lean closer… Ragini close her eyes giving Laksh positive sign… Laksh kiss Ragini’s forehead and then her eyes… he peck her lips and said
Laksh:would I mind if I say I want something from u
Ragini: please say
Laksh took a deep breath and said
Laksh: Ragini will u please allow me to marry u right now in the temple please
Laksh make sure to show Ragini his most innocent and pleading face to convince her… Ragini laugh wholeheartedly seeing his attempts and said
Ragini:I would loved to
Laksh smile and said

Laksh:then what r we waiting for saying this Laksh hold Ragini’s hand and both walked outside… they sat in car and drive away… first Laksh took Ragini in mall and he bought a red saree for her… Ragini tried and Laksh immediately bought it.. Ragini changed in the trial room and both left for temple… after about 15 min they reach the temple… Laksh hold Ragini’s hand and both walked inside the temple… Laksh talked with the pandit while Ragini was standing waiting for him… after sometime Laksh came all smiley and said
Laksh: ready to be mine

Ragini nod shyly and both proceed towards the pandit… both sat down and the pandit start rituals… soon both get up and took 7 rounds around the fire… they give promises to each other and then sat down again… Laksh took the mangalsutra and tied it around Ragini’s neck… he then fill her hairline with sindoor and the pandit declare them husband and wife… both looked at each other and then get up… they took pandit’s blessings and left from there holding hands…
hey how’s the episode guys ?


  1. Shruti

    Ep was no doubt gud..But toooooooooo much short..Plzz from nxt tym do long update..N plzzzzzzzzz ryt more n more n more n more on Raglak…Bcz if v compare den Swasan ffs r far more than Raglak…Hope u understand..Plz ryt Raglak ffs more..Stay happy..

  2. nikky

    nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing plzzz be regular don’t be late bcoz we want so many raglak ff ts ss O’s but now they are very less so all raglak ff writer plzzzz give more for raglak ff and yaa big thank to all those write who write raglak ff giving their previous time

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