My Devil (Episode 8)

hey frds h r u all?
sorry for this short update actually I was out with my family so wrote as much as I could so sorry please forgive ur cute little girl… Enjoy πŸ˜ƒ

Episode 8
The episode start with Laksh… he was waiting for Ragini answer… Ragini was happy but before she could say yes something stick to her mind.. she took some step back while whispering
Ragini:no this can never happened no no u don’t need to bear the burden of my past… I can’t do this to u
Laksh got confused and get up… Ragini was whispering to herself continuously… she was about to run away when Laksh hold her hand and pull her closer…. Ragini struggle to free herself but Laksh just tighten his grip… Ragini was crying while Laksh was trying to clam her… after sometime when Ragini was clam Laksh make her sit and said
Laksh:baby looked at me jaan
Ragini:I…I’m so.. sorry
Laksh kiss on Ragini’s hand and said
Laksh: tell me what is wrong with my proposal
Ragini:I…I can’t acc… accept u..ur love
Ragini:i…I can’t say
Laksh: please Ragini please say
Ragini didn’t said anything… Laksh said
Laksh: Ragini u know I love u since I saw u but I never understood my feelings I realised it really late but now I don’t want to lose u please u know Mahi is not my daughter she’s my niece
Laksh:yes do u remember when u came in mansion for the first time and saw a pic in. y study it was me with my sis and brother in law there was Mahi too
Ragini: where r they now
Laksh:2 year back they died in car accident Mahi was with me and a car hit their car they died at the spot Mahi was only 5 years old
Laksh was almost crying… Ragini couldn’t see it and hug him… Laksh broke down in her arms… he cried and cried after what felt like years he stop crying… Laksh looked at Ragini and hold her hand… Laksh said
Laksh:I’m all alone Ragini u r the only one I love and want in my life please please please don’t leave me Ragini I’ll I’ll die without u Ragini please
Laksh was pleading which make Ragini weak and she hug him tightly… Ragini said
Ragini:I’m yours I’m only yours

Laksh hug Ragini tighter… finally he was getting what he wants.. Laksh said
Laksh:never leave me Ragini i won’t be able to survive without u
Ragini: Lak… Laksh u won’t want me after knowing the truth
Laksh: Ragini i don’t care about ur past tell me I want to know
Ragini: Laksh but
Laksh:say baby I’m listening
Laksh was taken aback… he stood up in shocked… Ragini looked at him and then bow down her head… Ragini said
Ragini:when I was 10 my mom died since then he start doing it I never knew what was happening with me then he got married again but my step mom had problems with me too she treats me like a servant and dad didn’t object even once in fact he used to make me work and then in night he used to rape me I tried to stop but whenever I try he used to beat me and then rape I had no where to go so I just bear everything but u don’t need to bear he burden of my past Laksh I’ll go far away from u saying this Ragini got up and was going but Laksh hold her hand and took her in kitchen… Laksh took a knife and cut his thumb…. blood was oozing from his thumb… Ragini got worried but before she could say anything Laksh fill her hairline with his blood… Ragini got shock and stare Laksh… Laksh came closer and whisper in her ear
Laksh:My Love Is Beyond All This Ragini Ur Past Is In Past And I Love U In Present And Will Love U In Future Always I Promise saying this Laksh hug Ragini tightly… Ragini close her eyes and tears roll down her cheeks making Laksh’s shirt wet… Laksh said
Laksh:cry as much as u want but after this I’ll never let u cry princess
Ragini hug Laksh back and cried her heart out…

hey hows the episode


  1. SPP


    |Registered Member

    Ragini has to bear this much in her childhood
    Hope her parents get punished for it
    Laksh is also alone
    Raglak were Amazing
    Laksh support towards Ragini
    Waiting for the next one……,…….

  2. nikky

    U just make me shock it’s really heart touching and next part it’s awesome amazing excellent superb mind blowing plzzz be regular and be late and raglak ff writer plzzz give more ff in new year
    Happy new year 2017

  3. Aliya

    Feeling sad for rags. She has to bear this much in childhood. Hope laksh punishes those brutes. Happy new year. May the coming year bring u prosperity and success

  4. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    Omg it’s outstanding
    Poor ragini
    She had to gone through so much
    Feeling bad for her
    Laksh married her
    Wow mahi is his niece
    Eagerly waiting to read more
    Please do continue soon

  5. Manolove


    |Registered Member

    What the hell.. father.. it is very discusting when she said father..She should have mentioned as crimal..

    Dear it was truly awesome I love u a lot.. Happy New year and wish all success..Love u..

  6. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    mindblownnngggg ..reallly emotional update dr…!!laksh loves her sooo deeplyyy!!!!now both wl reduce eo pain ..poor rags went through sooo much πŸ™ ..arghhhh!!!evil monster devil father of her…chi…how could a father can do dat…hate such kind of jerkss…bt now laksh is dere for rags :)…he wl surely fill her lyf wid happiness n love…waitng eagerlyyy for nxt part!!keep rockng n stay blessed sweeety :D..
    &happppy new yearrrr..have a blissful lyf ahead sweety πŸ˜€

  7. parul

    amazing epi dr but these type of people r nt human they r worst dan animals poor ragini but epi was nice dey get married nice epi mavo dr n HAPPY NEW YEAR

  8. Jiya_Ani


    |Registered Member

    Disgusting.. can be a man like this??..I just quote this inhuman creature as a Father!…😠
    I feel like crushing these dumbs!…..
    Well ..sooooooo eagar to read further…πŸ˜ƒ

  9. Ragz_teju


    |Registered Member

    it’s disgusting to listen about such people who doesn’t even deserve to be called’s very sensitive issue we can’t imagine the situation of girls in that position…hope they get strength to fight back…

    superb chappy…loved the way laksh supported ragini

  10. Asra


    |Registered Member

    awesome update dear….feeling bad for my poor ragu….ragini going through thz much pain in her childhood….what a father he is….He s such a devil…disgusting fellow….hope laksh give a punishment to thz devil….waiting for nxt one….Advance happy new year dear…tkcr dear…

  11. annie😘😘

    awesome dear !!!! nd sad fr ragini
    bt happy as raglak came togther ……
    keep writing nd wish u a
    happy nw yr .😘😘

  12. Aasthu


    |Registered Member

    Its nyc Mavo……but….I since I haven’t read the previous chapters, I didn’t understand it….can u plzz give me the links to prev chapters??? I searched for it in the search column, but I didn’t get it….

  13. Hemalattha


    |Registered Member

    Ragini has to bear this much in her childhood.Laksh is also alone.Raglak scene were Amazing/
    Laksh support towards Ragini superb.

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