My Devil (Episode 7)

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Episode 7
The episode start with Ragini… she was getting ready… Laksh was waiting for her in her room and she was in dressing room… Ragini was wearing Loose Black Lace Lapel Collar Half Sleeve Mini Pleated Dress… she came out and said
Ragini:I’m ready
Laksh looked at her and was spellbound by her beauty… Laksh came closer to Ragini and stood in front of her leaving just an inch gap between them… Ragini’s heart was beating really fast… Laksh make Ragini looked at him and immediately capture her lips with his… he hold her waist and pull her closer filling the gap between them… he kiss her passionately… they broke the kiss being breathless… Laksh looked at Ragini intensely and said
Laksh:I don’t think we should go out
Laksh: I’m so not going to control myself seeing u and I seriously mean it
Ragini widen her eyes and cover her mouth with her hand… Laksh smile and came behind Ragini…he hug her and whisper
Laksh:would u mind if I say I want to make love to u tonight and want to spend every night of my life loving u
Laksh kiss Ragini’s neck and she close her eyes… Laksh said
Laksh:oohh Ragini u have no idea how much I want to love u how much I want to make u mine in every sense of this world
Ragini moan as Laksh give her love bites on neck and shoulder… Laksh turn Ragini and said
Laksh: let’s go otherwise my plan will be ruined by me
Laksh:yeah a surprise for u jaan
Ragini smile hearing jaan… Laksh said
Laksh:I’ll make sure we continue this after coming saying this he wink and Ragini blush… both came out and Laksh open door for Ragini… she sat in and Laksh close the door… Laksh sat on driver seat and they left from there… kavtha who saw everything burn in jealousy… both were silent but soon Laksh broke the silence by playing song on mp3… (This Song Is From Movie “Airlift”)

Dil le dooba dooba mujhko arabic aankhon mein
Aaj loota loota mujhko farebi baaton ne (x2)

Laksh looked at Ragini and smile… Ragini smile and look out of the window

Khamkha saa seene mein
Pyaar ke mahine mein
Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe dedi

Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi, dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

Laksh hold Ragini’s hand and entwined it… he kiss the back of her hand…

Mashallah tarif-e-mash’allah
Badi kambakht hai tu
Habibi mast hai tu

Wallah wallah adaayein wallah wallah
Badi hi sakht hai tu
Habibi mast hai tu

Laksh stop his car and said
Laksh:come here
Ragini looked around and said
Ragini: where

Baar baar jo dekha do dafaa naa socha
Ek hi ishaare pe dil cheez tujhe de di

Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

Laksh pull her closer and said
Laksh:I want a kiss

Zarra zarra kahe ye zarra zarra
Teri gustakh aankhen
Kare bebaak baatein

Laksh nod and pull her closer

Parda parda hata le parda parda
Husan ke chand dekhe
Kayi armaan leke
Rubaru jo tu aayi
Dhadkan na sambhal payi
Ek hi ishaare pe
Dil cheez tujhe de di

Laksh kiss Ragini gentle yet passionately… he entered her mouth and suck her tongue

Dedi dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi
Dedi haan dedi de cheez ye dedi
Dedi dedi dil cheez tujhe dedi

they broke the kiss when it becomes hard to breathe… Laksh then kiss Ragini’s forehead and said
Laksh: let’s get going to the surprise now
Ragini smile and Laksh start the car… after drive of 10 minutes​ they reach somewhere out of the city… Laksh came out and open the door for Ragini… as soon as she step down Laksh lift her in his arms… Ragini said
Ragini:what r u doing
Laksh:surprise jaan wait
Ragini blush and Laksh said
Laksh:stop blushing don’t make it hard for me to control myself
Ragini hide her blushing face in Laksh neck and he breath heavily… Laksh start walking and stop after a minute…. Ragini looked at Laksh and he said
Laksh: keep ur eyes close OK I’m putting u down
Ragini nod and close her eyes… Laksh put her down. and left from there… after a minute Laksh whisper in Ragini’s ear
Laksh: open. ur eyes jaan
Ragini open. her eyes and was shocked.. they were in front of beautiful house… the house was decorated like a bride… there was road of rose petals where Ragini was standing and also candles on the sides to make it more beautiful… Laksh hold Ragini’s hand and said
Laksh: please my lady
both RagLak move towards the house… they get in and the house was decorated with candles from inside too… Laksh said
Laksh:just a minute
he left and then came with a remote… Laksh said
Laksh:please come in Ragini
as soon as Ragini came in Laksh press the remote and rose petals start showering on Ragini… Ragini laugh wholeheartedly seeing all the things… Laksh smile seeing Ragini happy and he immediately get on his knees in front of her… before Ragini could react Laksh said
Laksh:Ragini please don’t say anything and let me say please
Ragini nod and Laksh continue….
Laksh: Ragini honestly I…I’m in love with u since the day I saw u i fell for u it was so magical and beautiful that I didn’t understand what happened but as he whole time with u passes I realise how much I want to be with u only ur presence is enough to make me feel good I love you Ragini will u make me the most luckiest person on earth by saying yes to be my wife please
Ragini was shocked as well as surprised… she didn’t understand what to do… Ragini was also in love with Laksh but something stopped her from saying

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  1. nikky

    nice amazing plzz next is raglak marriage than Kavita plan nice amazing superb excellent mind blowing what to say it’s awesome plzzzz zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz be regular and write more raglak ff bcoz now raglak ff are very less so plzz do me a favor give more r ff bcoz we missing raglak badly so one raglak ff can full the space and be regular plzz don’t late

  2. Raglakholic


    |Registered Member

    Totally amazing update
    Loved laksh proposal
    Nd their moment’s r superb
    What is stopping ragini to agree
    Please do continue soon
    Eagerly waiting to read more

  3. Shruti

    Hi Mavo I m ur new commentor..Gud job Mavo..Keep going lyk dis..Loads of lv 2 u dr..Keep smiling n stay happy..

  4. Fairy


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    fabulous update….d way laksh proposes her ws mindblowng n beautifulll!!!loved itttt!!!..waitng eagerly for nxt part..keeep rockng n stay blessed sweety πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€

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