My Devil (Episode 6)

hey frds h r u all?
so after infinite ended I continued this one as it was left in between but I want to tell u that this is a short story of 15 episode so please don’t ask me to make it long one…
one more thing now on wattpad also and will soon post my Stories there too… enjoy πŸ˜ƒ

Episode 6
The episode start with Ragini saw Mahi… she was shocked as Mahi was a cute little 5 years old baby… Laksh came in with Ragini and took Mahi in his arms… Mahi said
Mahi:dadda where were u
Ragini got confused and Laksh said
Laksh: Princess dadda was busy in something u say how was school trip had fun
Mahi:yeah dadda but I miss u so much saying this Mahi hug Laksh and he kiss her forehead… Laksh turn to Ragini and said
Laksh: Princess I want u to meet someone
Mahi:who dadda
Laksh came toward Ragini and said
Laksh:Princess she is Ragini she is ur care taker from now
Mahi:put me down dadda

Laksh did as he was told… Mahi came to Ragini and pull her dupatta… Ragini bend down to her level and Mahi said
Mahi:dadda she’s so beautiful
Laksh smile and said
Laksh:she is Princess
Ragini shift her gaze from Laksh to Mahi and Ragini said
Ragini:what is ur name
Mahi:Mahi but u can call me Princess like dadda call me
Ragini smile and said
Ragini:u r sho cute saying this Ragini softly pull Mahi’s nose and Mahi said
Mahi:u r also cute saying this she also pull Ragini’s nose and Laksh laugh seeing it… Mahi said
Mahi:what’s ur name beautiful
Ragini:I’m Ragini
Mahi:no I’ll call u beautiful

Laksh:Princess come on now time to get fresh and then lunch
Laksh was taking Mahi but she hug Ragini and said
Mahi: beautiful will fresh me up right beautiful
Ragini nod and took Mahi in her arms… Laksh keep staring Ragini and they way both RagHi (Ragini & Mahi) got so close in such a short time.. Laksh said
Laksh:so Ragini u get her ready I’m in room when she’s ready come in room with her we’ll have lunch together
Ragini nod and Laksh left…
Ragini took Mahi in washroom and make her ready… she also changed as her clothes were wet… both RagHi came in Laksh’s room… the lunch was already there… Mahi came in and sat beside Laksh where Ragini was still standing at door… Laksh sign Ragini to come in and she came inside… Laksh ask Ragini to sit and she sat beside Mahi… Mahi was eating but not properly… Ragini saw Laksh was busy in his phone while eating… Ragini stop Mahi and LakHi (Laksh & Mahi) looked at Ragini in confusion… Ragini took Mahi in her lap and said
Ragini:I’ll make u eat give me
Ragini make Mahi eat and Laksh admire her… after sometime they were done with lunch… Mahi said
Mahi:dadda I want to go out
Laksh:Princess no u should take rest
Mahi:dadda please
Laksh:OK evening we’ll go now rest
Mahi jump on Laksh and hug him tightly… Ragini smile and then took Mahi in Mahi’s room… Ragini make Mahi sleep and she came in her room… days passed and one week was passed… RagHi bonding was getting stronger and Laksh was also getting addicted to Ragini… in this whole week Laksh didn’t did anything with Ragini except kissing on lips and lil bit romance even in it he was soft and gentle.. he was not at all harsh with her… he made her comfortable with him… they talk and spend time together… kavya was jealous but was not able to do anything…

One Day In Evening
Ragini was coming down but suddenly was pulled in room… she was about to shout but her mouth was covered and the familier touch stop her from struggling… Ragini looked at the person… it was LAKSH… he smile and said
Laksh: scared baby
Laksh remove his hand and nuzzle his nose in Ragini’s hair smelling them… Ragini close her eyes feeling his touch.. the touch was not disgusting as always… Laksh kiss softly on her neck and Ragini clutch Laksh shirt tightly… Laksh smile and whisper
Laksh:u smell so good baby saying this Laksh bite Ragini neck softly and she moan
Laksh lick there to soothe her pain and said
Laksh:be ready in Evening we r going out
Ragini was not really in her sense… she was feeling in heaven.. Laksh’s touch was intoxicated and soothing on Ragini… Laksh was also going with flow… he hug Ragini tightly and start kissing her neck… Laksh bite and Ragini moan
Laksh get apart and lift Ragini in his arms… he lead her to bed and put her down… he came over her kissing her lips… he suck her lower lip and then bite it slightly making Ragini moan…
Laksh was get out of control with Ragini’s moan… he moved down and start kissing her cleavage… even through it was not really visible he kiss her over clothes… Laksh doesn’t wanted to be hard on her and Ragini don’t know what happened but Laksh was so gentle and soft on her always… his touches were making her feel good… after sometime Laksh stop and looked at Ragini… her eyes were closed and she was breathing heavily… Laksh kiss on her forehead and said
Laksh:baby get ready
Laksh get up from her and left in washroom… Ragini open her eyes and looked at the way Laksh left… Ragini said
Ragini:what is happening with me am I falling for him
Ragini left from there to get ready… Ragini came in her room and saw kavya… she was sitting on bed like a queen on her throne… Ragini remember her first meeting with her and get scared… kavya get up and said
kavya: go and clean my room
Ragini: what
kavya: go clean my room
Ragini: but I’m
kavya:don’t argue with me
Ragini: but
before she could complete Laksh came and said
Laksh:she won’t do anything

Next Episode: Laksh’s Surprise
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  1. Fairy


    |Registered Member

    hey u r back…after a long tymm dr …missed u n dis ff so much…update ws soooo sweeeet
    ….priencess n beautifull bondng ws amaznggg!!!
    yeah! raglak started falling for eo ;)…oh no dis kavya πŸ™ ( …waitng for nxt part eagerlyyyyyy…keeeep rockng n stay blesssed sweety πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜‰

  2. Samanta

    Raglak moments are smoking hot
    Totally loved it
    Y is kavya staying in laksh’s home
    Continue asap

  3. Aliya

    At last u r back. Sweet epi. Sry cud not cmt on HSOL nd also a few epi of infinite due to network problem nd exams. Infinite ending was awesome. I cmt there late actually. Bye Take care

  4. nikky

    nice amazing plzz next part soon as u said it’s a short story but if possible make it long or comeback with new one plzzz

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