My Devil (Episode 3)


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Episode 3
The episode start with Ragini… she came down and saw Nancy working… there were also other girls working same as Ragini… Ragini came and said
Nancy turn and before Ragini could say anything she said
Nancy:good u came Sir told me to make u understand ur work come with me
Nancy took Ragini in room… it was good room just beside Laksh’s room… both came in and Nancy close the door… Nancy said
Nancy:look u know that u r PA of Sir but u don’t have to look after his work only but also his needs and desires
Ragini get shocked and said
Ragini:wh…what r u say..saying
Nancy:u’ll be his and u have to agree on whatever he say if he want u to be with him u have to be otherwise u’ll be fired and no one will give u job
Ragini’s eyes filled with tears and she close them trying to calm herself… Ragini said
Ragini:why can’t I get any other job
Nancy:because sir never leave the person who don’t listen to him and he make sure that the person who go against him come to him begging for mercy
Nancy make Ragini sit and said
Nancy:I know what u r thinking and u r thinking right sir will definitely want u for himself but listen to me carefully don’t ever refuse him otherwise he’ll show u hell obey him this is the only way u have if u want to do job
Nancy give Ragini water and left from there asking her to shift here as soon as possible… Ragini think about something and said
Ragini:I have to do this I have to

Ragini cried thinking something but then she wipe her tears and stand up being determined to do this job… Ragini came down to go but Laksh stop her and said
Laksh:where r u going
Ragini get freeze on her place… Laksh said
Laksh:I’m asking u something Ragini
Ragini turn keeping her head lower… Ragini said
Ragini:sir I…I’m go…going to br…bring my clo…clothes
Laksh smile seeing Ragini’s nervousness and said
Laksh:come here
Ragini look at Laksh and Laksh signal her to come closer… Ragini came close to Laksh… when Ragini was in front of Laksh he hold her hand and took her upstair… Ragini get scared and look around there was no one… they came in and Laksh left her hand… Laksh sat on bed and said
Laksh:did Nancy told u about ur work
Ragini nod… Laksh smile and said
Laksh:then as u know u have to listen to me then there r rules and u have to follow them ok

Ragini nod again… Laksh said
Laksh:first rule
no one should know what exactly u do for me I mean for everyone u handle my work in home ok
Ragini nod yet again… Laksh said
Laksh: second rule
u have to do whatever I say and by whatever I mean anything I can ask u anything and u have to do it ok
Ragini:sir can I..I say some…something
laksh:first of all get habit of calling me Laksh
Laksh came behind Ragini and stood there… he whisper in her ear
Laksh:when we r alone u’ll call me Laksh only Laksh
Ragini nod and said
Ragini:can I…i g…go now
Laksh:no and please don’t be afraid say clearly what u want to say without stammering and where u want to go
Ragini:Nancy mam ask me to shift here ASAP so my clothes
Laksh:don’t worry I’ll bring clothes for u
Laksh:Yups new clothes of my choice now I have to go and I’ll come in afternoon for lunch and will bring clothes for u ok
Laksh left and Ragini thought
Ragini:he don’t look really bad but whatever Nancy mam said will he force me I don’t know why but he don’t look bad Ragini what r u thinking u have to concentrate on ur work if u want to fulfil ur mom’s dream… Ragini came out and get busy understanding her work the one everyone think she’s hire for…

Next Episode:Romance
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