My Devil (Episode 11)

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Episode 11
The episode start RagLak… they were kissing passionately… Laksh broke the kiss and stare Ragini lovingly… Ragini looked at Laksh and lower her head being shy.. Laksh smile and said
Laksh:if u r blushing so much just by kiss then what’ll happen if I made love to u
Laksh smile naughtily and Ragini’s eyes widen in shock… she again lower her eyes being shy and Laksh chuckle… he hugged her and Ragini smile…. Laksh said
Laksh:so shall i
Ragini looked at Laksh blushingly and nod… Laksh smile at her and immediately capture her lips with his in a passionately kiss yet again… Ragini reciprocate with equal passion and desires… Laksh tighten his grip around Ragini’s waist and start kissing her more hungrily…
they get apart to take breath and Laksh looked at Ragini intensely… he hold her hand and lead her to bedroom…


as soon as RagLak entered in room Laksh close the door and locked… he pin Ragini against the door and start kissing her lips passionately… Ragini also reciprocated.. Laksh broke the kiss and moved down to Ragini’s neck… he give her opened mouth kisses and Ragini moan… Laksh’s hands moved down and he touched her body… Ragini moan loudly… Laksh unpin her saree from shoulder and the pallu fall down revealing her body​… Laksh starts kissing her and bite all over… Ragini fist Laksh’s hair and moan uncontrollably… Laksh sat on his knees and start licking Ragini’s belly while unpinning her saree… in a second her whole saree was unwrapped leaving her in blouse and skirt.. he kiss her yet again.. Laksh finally leave his hold on Ragini’s body and start removing her clothes… Ragini’s eyes were close feeling all the pleasure… when Laksh was done with clothes he again kiss Ragini’s lips… he turn around holding her in his arms while kissing her and moved toward bed… both broke the kiss standing on the edge of bed… Ragini stare Laksh and saw him in clothes still… Laksh looked down and Ragini start opening his shirt buttons… after shirt she help Laksh with bottom and he throw his clothes in some corner… Laksh moved closer and both fell on bed… Laksh kiss Ragini again and moved to her neck… he bite her neck making her moan loudly… he immediately lie her down and kiss her… she moan and moan loudly… Laksh was fully turn on and he want nothing more then her now… Laksh get up and removed his remaing clothes immediately… Ragini looked at him and then immediately close her eyes feeling shy all of a sudden… Laksh sat on his knees and pull Ragini closer to him…
Laksh:u r so ready for me baby
Ragini: Lakk..sssh pleee..aaase I wa..want u
Laksh kiss her and said
Laksh:even I can’t wait now jaan
they consummate… soon both climax and Laksh fell on top of Ragini catching his breath… after a while Laksh looked at Ragini and kiss her lips… she reciprocated with same passion… then he turn and took Ragini above him and both slept in each other embrace…

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  1. Riya

    Hi Mavo…For the first time I am commenting in your ff…Well the episode is amazing and very romantic…Update the next episode soon…Keep smiling always..

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