My Devil ( Episode 1 )


Hey frds h r u all? Well just a new story came in mind so here it’s 1st episode tell me how’s this and I’ll post ” HLOL ” soon till then enjoy this. ..

The episode start with a beautiful mansion… it was like a palace… big and beautiful… a beautiful room is shown… it was well furnished and beautiful… the room was so big that it look like a small house… in that room a man in his mid 20’s was sitting on big round bed… suddenly someone knock on door and the man smiled evilly… the man said
Man:come in

A girl came in with tea in her hand… the man stood up seeing the girl… he stare her lust fully and walk toward her… the girl start sweating seeing the man coming closer… when the man was just 5 inch away from the girl she start shivering… the tea cup in her hand start to shake… the man smiled and came forward quickly… he immediately took the cup from her hand and throw it away… the man hold her from waist and fill the gap between them… he kissed the girl hungrily…the man undress the girl and stare her naked body lust fully…the girl tried to get out of his grip but couldn’t… the man throw the girl on bed and start kissing her again… the girl said

Girl : sir let me go please
Man : babe I’ll let you gi but first let me have fun with u miss saying this the man looked at the I’d card and said
Man : naina
The man squeeze her br**st hard… naina start to enjoy.. the man said
Man : u r such a blo*dy sl*t aren’t u
Naina : ye…yes

The man laugh at her and kiss her wildly… the man start kissing her body and soon ebter in her… after getting enough satisfaction the man called a lady and said…
Man : send this girl in other house for work and search a new pa for me
Lady :ok laksh sir

( So the man was laksh our hero who is devil right now )
After the girl left laksh took shower and later fall asleep…

Next Episode : Entry Of Heroine
Hey frds how’s this tell me till then bye tc and love u all a lot…

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  1. Katrina86

    awesome one continue soon: -)

  2. something interesting next part soon

  3. Akshata

    awesome update and its true that laksh is such a devil.

  4. Shana98

    Interesting ?

  5. Luks interesting. Continue….

  6. Ruhani

    Interesting yr waiting for the heroine

  7. Super amazngggg dear plzzzz cont….watng for ma ragini’s entry… 😉 😉

  8. Awesome.

  9. waiting for ragini

  10. Interesting dear and plz continue

  11. interesting update soon

  12. Cutiie

    Nice…but if it was swasan ….i liked it more

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  14. Siddhi

    Hmmmm lovely episode

  15. Manolove

    Scary on fingers crossed..

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