My devil epi 4


Guys thankyou sooo much for loving my devil n yeah my few reader guess right ???my crazy, mishu,didulane,saloni

Soo lets start the epi poor my sanskar how much u all are hating him seriously guys huh…

Swara reached at home seeing her shekhar sharmishta n adarsh were happy but seeing her Tears they felt bad for her….When swara was about to enter her house some neigboours start bad mouthing about her…

P1: look how shameless she is after ruining from engament making parents head down she is still here…

P2: not only that even her lover left her

P1: dont know how her parents r tolorating this burden…

Hearing this she felt bad and went towards her room cyingly making her family member sad…

Next morning

Swara got early up with pale face but put fake smile on her face only for her family beacuse she cant tolerate seeing her family sad n guilty for not Saying her from that devil who snatched everything from her…..

She went down for breakfast seeing her they felt happy that she is now coming from that horrible incident after having breakfast everyone sat in living room remembering about their beutiful moment which they spend toghter…seeing her family sooo happy After soo many days tears start fowlling down from swara eyes making everyone emotional…

Swara hugged her sharmishta making her also cry on her doughter state…she was crying her heart out when someone enter in the house with his Bodyguard seeing swara state he smirked evily..

Seeing him swara was shocked n held sharmishta thigtly in fear and was thinking what is He upto know After destroying her completly….

Seeing him shekhar n adarsh became shocked n angry sharmishta held swara protectivly n thigtly…

Ad/she: (angry) SANSKAR

San: shocked seeing me han ?

Hearing this swara was shocked and confuse how her family member know him and then she remember on that day he called her family n know about them

Shekhar came near sanskar held his color n pulled him towards himself…

Sh: why are u here u did enough to us

San: (hell angry n removing his hand from color) dont u dare to touch n yeah this was the begining (looked at swara n smirked) I will make her life more hell then u ever thought mr shekhar gododia

Sh: ( angry) SANSKAR  (about to slap him when he held his hand n pushed him that He Fell down)

Seeing shekhar falling down swara n sharmishta run to him n held him making him stand n looked at sanskar in anger

San: (angry) never ever try to Touch me mr shekhar gododia or else I will make ur princess life more hell that u ever thought n for Rising ur hand on me I will make sure ur princess have to pay for this (he looked at swara in anger making swara sceard)

Ad: (angry) i wont leave you how dare you to do that with my sister

San: (angry+smirked) oh sister AHAN?n how I dare (thinking something n smirked) let me Show u then (n winked at him ?)

Saying this he went near swara and pulled her with full force that she Fall on him He held her thigtly he made her look into his eyes wich were full with anger????

The family member try to Protest but his Bodyguard held them thigtly..

San: (looked at gm n smirked) you wana see my dare so here goes…

Saying this he kissed the swara infront of her family member she was beating him pushing him but he held her thigtly and bited soooo hard that blood was coming from her lips she was crying infront her family but no one could help her but they tried to free themself but his Bodyguard didnt let them…

Seeing swara state everyone close their eyes with full pain n were crying on their helplessness for not helping their princess from this devil…Tears were fowlling from everyone eyes nonstop seeing that scene infront of their eyes???even swara felt disgusting infront her parents she couldnt help n even they….

After kissing her he pushed her…the Bodyguards left them sharmishta run to swara n hugged thigtly while crying…seeing their tears sanskar felt sooo happy…

San: now tell do you want to see more han hahhahahahahhahahahah

She: (he couldnt see his princess state n felt helpless n beg infront sanskar making him more happy) plzzz leave her I am begging you (felt on his knee)

San: (smirked+loughing ) not soo soon let me enjoy her hahah for life long…

Saying this he pulled swara n start  dragging with him….but sharmishta  held his hand..

Shar: (crying begging) u cant take her plzz leave him

San: and why u think I cant take her

Shar: (trying to be Strong) I will Call Police n madia then ur Reputation will be finished..

San: (fake sceard) ohhhh I am getting sceard Police n madia but even they cant Do anything u know why beacuse I am Not taking ur dougther with mr instend of ur doughter I am taking MY WIFEwith me…

(remember Dokument guys it was marrige Dokument)

Hearing MY WIFE word they all felt that someone snatched their World from them they looked at swara…she was looking down n crying?????

She: (shocked) WIFE

San: (act being shocked) ohh u guys dont know (looked at swara with fake anger) u didnt tell them huh never mind but know I told u na she is my wife (saying this he pulled swara to himself n held her from waist) now plzzz dont try to stop us lets go sweetheart

Saying this he left with swara…sharmishta felt on her knee cyingly thinking how will her doughter survive now….

Precap: swara life in hell Beginn?

Sooooooooooo my dear readers how was the epi han hope u liked.???

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  1. Rabia

    tauba taubaaa zulm intehaa ya Allah iss larki ko germany kyn bhejaaa 😛 Rabiaaa… zalim bilbatori kahe kii tell me your city in Pak i will surely come for killing u when u will come to Pak… i have a doubt that r u studying medical studies or doing job of jallad in jail?? hehehehe

    1. Rabia0032

      Hahahhahahaha bhooton ki malika I am studying medical…n yeah I leave in Pakistan in rabwah tum too yeh zulam lag raha hai next epi parho gi to kya ho ga ohhh god I am sceard yaar I wana see ur reaction on that epi???

      1. Rabia

        Rabiaaa galiyan dainay say gunnah jharr jatay hain naaa tou bsss u k gunnah he jharwau ge galiyan day day kr ???

  2. Awesome

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  3. Maryum

    Awesome dear par kisi ka kiya ki saza kisi aur ko kun

    1. Rabia0032

      See if we hurt that Person but it will Not Effekt him much but seeing loved one hurted its hurt more…u can bear pain of urs but u cant bear the pain u do mistake n ur love one have to pay

      1. Maryum

        U r right yar but still it unfair na

  4. Awesome nd poor swara??

  5. Zeestum2

    You seriously want me to kill you Rabia? I will kill you !!!! ???

    1. Rabia

      I will accompany u ????

    2. Rabia0032

      Mere dushman are gather ohhh nooo plzzz save mee….
      If u Killed me how will u know more

      1. Zeestum2

        Ok fine phir storyline theek karo warna….!!! ???

  6. Omg Awsome part can’t wait to see how she would survive in the hell…just loved it…plzz be regular…plzzzpllzzzzplzzz??????

    1. Nd yeh I love Sanky character…plzz don’t make him soft hearted soon…cuz at the end we know how would love Swara immensely…plzzzz let him stay as a devil for longer

      1. Rabia0032

        Ofcourse its not time for devil to turn into angle I will make him more devil just wait n watch n yeah keep reading ?

  7. It was fantastic … ??
    I just love it ???
    I love ur this idea … and sanskar’s devil nature ??
    A lot of suspence ??

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear happy to know u loving it

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  8. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    My Poor Swara ???…She is Suffering da Worst..Hating this Sandmaar..Plzz Change Him Plzx cnt see him soo Devil bt Loving too ?????????. ..btw Amzing Part .loved it…continue soon. .

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear n u will feel more Bad for her poor girl…but if I change him now it will then my last epi to say n my devil has only started now

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Omg…abhi strt hua sanskaar ka devilness ??..aur kya karega yeh ? Oh no..m scared fr poor waiting fr SwaSan Love Story also Badly..Strt it too..n Haa cn U msg me Once..m nt able to msg u

  9. Astra

    Wow..! Swara is his wife??? Try to update soon yar..waited long..! I guess sanky has strong reason..but still..poor swara..

    1. Rabia0032

      Jap he has strong reason

  10. Nice

  11. Sanswa

    Its awesome dea..u nailed it seriously?

    1. Sanswa

      Hunn Rabia darloo soo bad..bad..I replied u on u?…u 4got me?..means i knw u r more happie cz ur xam hz ended hw can u totally 4got ur frnd in ur joy..?….go n 1st paint wall where I replied u den cone 2 me cz m busy in my hectic Clg schedule nw a dayz..n nw if u wanted 2 talk 2 me den after painting wall dial call 2 my pa johan, take appointment den will think abt u…m angry dats y will behaved lyk dis wid u….?

      1. Rabia0032

        Ohhhhh myyy goood ????itna Guss hahahhahah ok I will Check dear

  12. Shinchan1205

    It’s awsm…but I m thinking that sand Kar is not that much devil as he shows himself…

    1. Rabia0032

      Good guess n thanks dear

  13. awesome feeling sad for swara

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  14. Mahavir

    dididiiiiii…..i love this devil for the first time i m seeing sanskar as a devil that too with this much devilish wowwww i loved this epi it was awesomeeeee…hmm by seeing the title i think swara will soon fall in love with our devil huhuuu….love u i wanna hug u for this….

    1. Rabia0032

      Ohhhh aweee thankyouuuuu maha sooo much love u tooo????????happy to know that u r loving sanskar

  15. Soujanya

    Awesome…. Poor swara

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  16. Sathya

    Rabia, i can’t see Swara in pain yar..this sanskar is very bad. I couldn’t even imagine that he kissed her infront of her family..oh god…very bad Sanskar he is really devil but you know what…We all fallen in love with this devil only…:P 😛 😛 post next soon dear…it’s an amazing work. Love you

    1. Rabia0032

      Hahhahahahah???falling for devil is not good na?even I loving sanskar sooo much hahha?

  17. Eager to know the secret….updt sooon

  18. Simi

    Superb dear…
    Its just a beginning???

    1. Rabia0032

      Yeah dear ?

  19. Niku

    This is really too much ….pata nhi kya hoga ab swara ka …. waiting for next torture epd of swara by sanskar….

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear jo bhi ho ga but ho ga

  20. Wow….

  21. Superb….
    Poor Swara….
    Devil sanky…..
    Plz upload soon….
    Take care …..

  22. Arshaanya

    Not liking sanskar n as u said u wil make him more bad as dis is jus starting..
    Feeling so bad for swara..
    M toh jus w8ng for past rvltn so aftr dat can see sanskar suffer more dan swara huh

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  23. Vyshu10

    superb….upload soon. When eill u reveal the past dear?

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks n about past it will take time

  24. Superb rabia waiting for next part

  25. Mumpi

    how much devil he is….

    nd im waiting for ur other ff “second chance” too

    1. Rabia0032

      Sorry dear I got really busy but today I will write n will Post

  26. Very interesting

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  27. Sorry to say dear but you are making swara like puppet. Now a days no girl can tolerate this. First you made swara raped by sanskar and then u made her family helpless. But after doing bad sanskar is still happy. Sorry to say but u yourself i making sanskar character bad. I am sorry if i hurt u.

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