My devil epi 2

Omg omg guys what a huge response I was on Cloud 9 thankyou sooooo much guys love u all???????..
So lets start with epi 2…

While swara was lost in her thought she felt someone Grip on her arm thigtly when she looked up she found him smirk Ing at making her sceard…

He pulled her towards him n throw the sheet which was Covering her body..he was looking at her from top to bottom making her feel disgusting on herself tears were fowlling down from her eyes…she turned other side to avoid his his gaze which was making her disgusting n was reminding her being helplessness  infront this devil…

He pinned her on Wall n was crassing her cheek roughly making her cheek Red whenever she try to Protest he became more wild..he was leaning towards her neck while she try pushing him…

Sw: (crying) plzzz leave me

Hearing her pleading voice he felt happy n became more wild to hear her begging..he bite soo hard on neck making bleed..

Sw: (crying+pain) ahhhhhhhh
(He was feeling happy Hearing her screm in pain to hear more he bited more hard) ahhhhh plzzz its hurting

How can he Show maercy on her when he felt happy seeing her begging n pleading infront of him which was making happy n satifying seeing her…

He pushed her on bed n came above her making her feel more helpless…he was roaming his hand roughly her body she turned her face other side while crying…he cupped her face roughly n placed his lips on her kissing her roughly sucking biting making her out of breath she was pushing kicking for oxygen but no use he was making hard for her to breath..When he was out breath he stop kissing her she was breathing heavily..he was about oppen her shirt Button when she held his hand n plead him to stop…

Sw: (breathing heavily crying) plzzzz no plzz leav..leaveee meee

He was smirking he pushed her from bed making her confuse n shocked with his Action seeing her confuse He start loughing…n sat on bed

Man: hahahahahaha (held chin roughly) what do u think I left u beacuse u were pleading n begging han (smirking held her hair n pulled her making her scream in pain) nah my sweetheart (with other hand crassing her cheek roughly) u are USELESS for me hahahhaha USELESS are u for me (she was shocked Tears were fowlling down) I SANSKAR MAHESHWARI dont use his things twice after using one time he throw his thing in GARBAGE n now this place is urs hahahhahahaa (saying this he again pushed her n picked his clothes from wardrobe went towards washroom)

Swara was looking him in shocked she wrap herself again in sheet n sat in corner tears were still fowlling down ? ? ? ? but she was now lifeless a body without soul…

On the other side Shekhar, sharmishta and adarsh were searching for swara for their princess sharmishta was totally broken sahil Broke the engament when swara didnt came n everyone insulted them very badly having like a doughter swara…but they didnt care what people were saying beacuse they knew how their princess was she was like a mirror without any scratches they loved her unconditional she was for them glass doll one scratch on her can destroye her completly…

They were sitting thinking where Swara can go when suddenly something strike in sharmishta mind..

Sha: Shekhar

Sh: han

Sha: did he

Sh: no I dont think beacuse he is out of town for one week

Sha: I dont know but I think he is behind shona missing

Swasan side…

Sanskar came after getting ready he looked towards swara smirking he picked his Phone out n called someone..

While Shekhar n sharmishta were talking Shekhar phone ringed???

Sh: hello

San: (smirking) hello mr gododia  (hearing gododia he looked at sanskar shocked while sanskar smirked seeing her)

Sh: u what u wont

San: (loughing) hahah mr Shekhar gododia I wont nothing but I think u wont something or (he looked at swara who was already looking at him) SOMEONE

Sh: (confuse) someone

San: (smirked) dont be so dumb mr gododia I thing u were searching ur princess na hahhahaha

Sh: uuuup how dare u where is my doughter kahan hai wo

Sharmishta was hearing word doughter she Came near Shekhar n held his shoulder looking with hopefull eyes that finally she will come to know where their princess is..

San: chill come to xyz room Nr 303 u will find ur princess (saying this he cut the call)


Sha: where is princess n who called

Sh: u were right he did

Sharmishta sat with thud worried for her doughter more while Tears were fowlling down from Shekhar eyes..Shomi looked at..

Sha: I wont my dougther I wont my shona lets go na

Sh: han adarsh let go xyz place..

Sharmishta Shekhar n adarsh left to meet swara…

On swasan side swara was still shocked that He know about her very well sanskar looked at her n start loughing he came near her she hugged herself more thigtly duet fear she looked at him their eyes met swara could see his eyes full of hatred anger towards her which was making her confuse n shocked…while sanskar could see fear pain in her eyes for him which was making her happy without saying anything he left from there locking the door n giving instruction to his Bodyguard spy on her let nobody in except her family n left from there satifying himself seeing her in pain…

Mean while sanskar sharmishta n adarsh reached they run towards room 303 seeing them sanskar Bodyguard opened the door when They entered they saw their princess sitting in coner lifeless while wraping herself seeing this adarsh n shekhar turned other side tears were fowlling down making them more guilty beacuse their princess paid for their deeds…seeing her doughter sharmishta run n hugged her thigtly…

Feeling someone hug swara became sceard n start shouting n pushing sharmishta making everyone cry on her state..

Sw (crying sceard) leave me leave me plzz

Sh: (crying) shona my princess its me ur ma mera bacha main hun

Sw: no no ahhhh plzzz leave me

Sh: (crying) mera bacha main hun ma shona princess

Feeling her ma warm hug n hearing her voice swara became relax n starting crying her hearth out n sharmishta let her do beacuse it was important for her to cry her pain out adarsh n shekhar left the room beacuse they couldnt bear to see their happy princess like this in pain…

Sw: (crying shouting) Maa ??????maa I lost everything he he Played with me maa he he took my everything ahhhhhhhh maa ????? I wana die maa I wana die (held her hand placed on her neck) maa kill me na plzzz

Sh: (shocked broken hugged her thigtly) shona na ur are my strong Bacha na stop plzz

After sometime swara felt uncoussion seeing this sharmishta panicked first then she changed her clothes there was bitten Mark on her neck n some scratches on her body she cried seeing this…After sometime she called adarsh n shekhar they picked swara n left towards their home….

To be continue…

Sooo guys what do u think about today epi…

And did u guys like my devil ak sanskar maheshwari

What do u think why sanskar did this with swara…

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  1. Awesome episode yaar

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  2. Rosey

    Feeling very bad for Swara I was feeling crying
    How can Sanskaar do this may be Shekar and his family had done bad with him but why he is punishing Swara it’s not fair?????

    1. Rabia0032

      Ohhh even I felt bad writing this for swara but I love sanskar being devil???

      1. SRSL

        Me too even I like sanskaar being a devil then changing..

    2. Rabia0032

      Hahahaha cool na seeing him devil

  3. Awesome

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  4. Maryum

    Tum sab mila kar nafrat karwa do sanskar se boht bouta hai tunhra sanskar bhi but chapter is awesome great job

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear but dont worry u will love him

      1. Maryum

        Ok i waiting

  5. Awsm…next epi plsss…

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  6. Its intrsting ff … waiting fr next part ?

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  7. Fab chappy….but really felt sad for Swara..

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear Even me felt bad

  8. Fab chappy??….but really felt sad for Swara…

  9. Rabia

    Rabiaa zalimmmm larkiiiiii ?????

    1. Rabia0032

      Hawwww?mein zaliiiiim tumhari Tarhan to nahi hun na har jaga pe twist or twist kitna parshan Karte hai tumhare twist do u know

    2. Rabia

      Tauba taubaaaaa mai tou ankhain bahir nikalti u tou ankhain sea may duboo daiti ?????

  10. Kaynatk01

    well am impressed with ur writing but rabia plz dont make me hate sanskaar plz well i am waiting for next

    1. Rabia0032

      Thank youuuuuu so much dear when are u gona Post Punar vivah ?
      N yeah dont worry till few epi u will hate him but then u will love him

  11. Wonderful loved but plz update soon???????

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear I will try

  12. I loved this episode plsss update soon
    Feel so sorry for swara how could sanskar do that to her and be is happy seeing hit hurt made me want to cry ??

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear n dont cry now safe for other episode ur tears

  13. Semran

    Amazing episode and please do post soon.

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear I will Post soon

  14. SwaSanFan.Goldie

    Hawe kya tha yeh? Ohh God..My Sanskaar is really DEVIL..srsly..He js such a **** ??? ( Sorry fr the Bad Word nt cnt control )..My Poor Swara…its jst awsum..Loved it..Loved Sanskaar’s Role..He is really a Devil..Plzz Continue soon..cnt wait..

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear yeah sanskar is devil n i love this devil?

      1. SwaSanFan.Goldie

        Mee too ??..Continue soon

  15. Sanswa

    Well well cloud nine ki prettiest pariiii….what u did here….u nailed it dear…really appreciable u for dis????….dis is just fabbbb dear…but itna evil sanskar??….keep updating dear…will wa8

    1. Rabia0032

      Thank youuuuuu so much he is full evily that why He is my devil na??

      1. Sanswa

        Hey r u shraddha kappor’s little sisso that u r liking VILLAIN just lyk shraddha in ‘1 villain’ movie?

  16. He is really a devil…!!! Waiting to know how he became like this…!! Loved it…!!

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear u will come to know soon

  17. Deeksha gupta

    Loved it …loving sanskar as a devil …

    1. Rabia0032

      Mee tooo thanks dear

  18. Chinna

    Awesome feeling bad for swara

    1. Rabia0032

      Yeah mee to thanks dear

      1. Chinna

        Wen will u post next part eagerly waiting for it

    2. Rabia0032

      Soon maybe tomorrow or today at night what u want tell ?

      1. Chinna

        Today night

      2. Rabia0032

        I will try defently

  19. Astra

    Omg…!!!! Poor swara..!! Why is he behaving like that..?? Interesting

    1. Rabia0032

      For that u have to read my devil

  20. Soujanya


    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  21. Pooja26

    poor swara……
    superb chappy…….
    post asap:) 🙂

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  22. SNY

    Amazing di..
    Flng bad for swara….
    Plz nxt one soon..

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear I will try to Post soon

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  23. Vyshu10

    aww…feeling bad for swara

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear

  24. Arshaanya

    In last chappy u said i wil feel more bad for sanskar aftr reading abt his past…
    N i knw dey did something to her sisters pari n ragini… pari died bcoz f gadodiaz n dey r rspnsble for raginiz condition…
    Watever it is bt how can he do same lyk dey did… he can take revenge in many wayz bt y swara… feeling so bad for her..
    Laksh is angry on his family n works for sanskar still as a bro i hope he wil not sprt sanskar also…
    If gadodiaz r bad n need to suffer make dem suffer u alrdy did it by harming dere swara dere princess… let sanskar win bt aftr dat u ve to make him suffer for d deeds he did wid swara…
    Chappy was gud
    Continie soon

    1. Rabia0032

      Ohhh my god soo long coment…I know guys u will all hate this sanskar…this is just starting after few epi z will see the real sanskar and why he taking revenge u will also come to know…
      N giving him punishmant for be having soo badly swara he will surly get

  25. Mumpi

    its interesting .. i m wondering how d love story wil begin…!!

    1. Rabia0032

      Thanks dear yeah its quite thought for me also how to start their love story

  26. Simi

    Feeling really bad for swara.,, bt what to sanskar’s devil side…
    God waiting for their lovestory..

    1. Rabia0032

      Really even me loving him dear I will make him more Bad but dont hate him ok even my friends are hating but u be mine side ok but dont worry this devil will turn good

      1. Simi

        I’ll not hate sanskar 🙂

  27. Srusti

    Vry nice rabia but i can’t see my swara in pain nd i like sanskar devil side but make him love towards my swara nd post next episode soon

    1. Rabia0032

      It will take time for their love story n hurting I am gelingt also Bad but u wait for few epiii

  28. Crystal

    Its soooo sad 🙁 Sanskar is like an animal 🙁

  29. Excellent

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