ANGEL- a 25 yr old sweet, simple girl with a big heart but a sarcastic mind without any dreams. Big beautiful eyes, full kissable lips, flushed cheeks, waist length black silky hairs, with 5ft 5in height, all curves at proper place.
Till age 13 every thing was fine…every fairy tale story seemed to be real but then her friend committed suicide, next yr her maternal uncle attempted suicide, her teacher, scratch that, her second mother died with her 6 yr old daughter(teachers) in a truck accident n then she came to know about death specifically deaths and thats when she promised her father to never in her life commit suicide(which she regrets now). Then being at 18 yr old she started getting nightmare of how she allowed her uncle to abuse her just bcoz he offered chocolates her favourite chocolates even though she didn’t know anything of MOLESTATION.

Her parents, siblings all died in the plane crash when she was just 21 yr old and for her every thing mean everything finished and now she have to stay with her bastard of an uncle.
Not long did she stay with her uncle bcoz after abusing her repeatedly for some days he just sold her.
Her true name was SWARA MALHOTRA but she was sent to different brothels after every 8 months n at any new place she got a new name that she forgot her birth name. Now she has lost her every dream whether meaningful or not….she have lost her everything n now she just GO WITH THE FLOW of her life….n she can’t even suicide.
There is one thing that keeps her sane that she think herself to be a VIRGIN bcoz she never slept with her own will n she never ever ENJOYED IT so thus she is a virgin…she HATED s*x.
Now she hates every single MEN in the world.

DEVIL- a 27 yr old man 5ft 9in tall who was a jock. He was aggressive n attractive and had a very nice body. His believe in marriage lost when he would see his mother n father fighting every day n night just at the age of 9yrs. At first it would just be fighting but then his mother started bringing different men to house n he came to know all about s*x. Her mother would abuse him along with her every one night stands n he being in motherly love bear all. His father always tried to mend the relation with his mother at first just for him but when he came to know about his son sufferance he divorced her. Now she is dead but no one was there to mourn on her death. After all this he was sent to rehabilitation center. He came out normal but became very very aggressive n with this aggression he became the well known SANSKAR MAHESWARI the number 1 business man. His father went to coma after he(father) met with an accident. Every one feared him n he used to get what he wants. He used his brain in every possible direction n became such a big fame at a very young age. He used every famous girl n went to so many brothels but he set some rules for himself….

1. He would never force a girl. Usually every girl would throw themselves on him (even knowing that there is no further relation between them) either for his looks or after seeing his money. The girls herself wouldn’t want him after seeing his harshness n thus he got the name DEVIL by them.
2. He would never bring a girl in his house were his father is kept under coma. Being such a big man he have many more houses so he would take the girls either there or to any hotel.
Just to prove himself that all girls are like his mother, all are women are sl*tS he would have s*x with them or you can say that he used to punish them in his own harsh way.
The one thing that kept him sane was his father. He HATED s*x.
Now he hates every single WOMEN in the world.

But the twist by life would come when u least expect.
He thought now his life is perfect, he wanted nothing else life gave him his most desired possession HIS ANGEL.
After seeing her he can truly say that he wanted nothing else. No one was able to calm his heart give him peace but her innocence did. she made him forget the world, from where he belonged, for what he came, what he wanted everything he forgot every f**king thing. The only thought that came in hi mind was MY ANGEL.
He broke his rule number 2 but vowed to never break rule number 1. Infact he vowed to give every happiness to her that she would want, need.

Getting nightmares n leaving 4 yrs in a brothel house can she have such a deep sleep?
Will DEVIL would come to know about HIS ANGELS sufferance?
Will ANGEL come to know about DEVILS nature?
Will they accept each other as they are?
Will ANGEL accept his father even after what her uncle did with her?
Will they ever love each other like normal other couples?
Was he really a DEVIL?
Will ANGEL ever open her eyes?


Thank u so much for your comments. I was literally jumping in my house n my mom said that i went mad. This was the first article that i posted anywhere. I started reading last december n this december i posted something. I m very happy.

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  1. Rosey

    Wowamaing concept and poor Swara and Sanskaar both are broken
    Waiting to see Swara’s reaction when she will wake up

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…yup both are broken n I think two broken HEARTS always make the best complete heart.

  2. Love it can’t wait for next chappy

  3. Deeksha gupta

    Awsm …i really loved d concept ….

  4. Anshupriya

    Amazing story

  5. Mica

    waaa… interesting concept dear

  6. Soujanya


  7. Crystal

    Wow….. I had tears just by reading the concept ??

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you..
      I have cried all the time while writing it….
      but many cry bcoz this is their life.

  8. Just outstanding

  9. crazy princess

    amazing concept loving it waiting for update really wanna noe what happens nxt very nyc approach keep rolling awaiting nxt update so give soon feeling bad for swara but still wanna noe how her lyf changes qid the devil

  10. Niku

    Commendable job…..just mind blowing….

  11. Simi

    Concept is nice..

  12. Arshaanya

    Wow amazing concept… wud love to read..
    Poor swasan botj hve gone tru alot..
    Both hve bad past… hope dey can heal eo

  13. Wow it’s swasan. Thank you. I wil surely read it. Just eagerly waiting for the next part

  14. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    Marvelous.. Keep it up dear.. Waiting for nxt..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  15. IQRA222


  16. Shinchan1205

    Thank u all so much…

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