(view where sanskar proposed swara when she herself was looking sooooo pretty)

In real truth swara was raped by her uncle after her parents death n that time she actually lost her virginity….when she was child her uncle used to touch her in all the bad sense.
Then she was in brothels n got clients regularly. At first she went to depression n became very weak but as she had a lot of spare time she thought of her believe in GOD n what her parents taught her n started living in the hope of being rescued by her prince charming.

When she saw sanskar she knew that he was her prince charming through the SPARKS. But she dreamed of remaining a virgin all her life n in all these years it became her number 1 priority. She have seen the ugly truth of so many people, their harshness, their demands to control others, to pleasure themselves by giving pain to others….(i don’t want to write more on this) n thus she never got attracted to sanskar physically. Now if sanskar would force her( s*x without consent of any member ) then in her mind she would still remain a virgin but her love would never decrease for him because she understand BODY NEEDS. Even after accepting him through her heart she wanted to clarify with him before giving any false hope so she directly asked him…

Sanskar hated s*x but to remove his frustration n anger over his mother n thinking all women’s to be like her, he punished them in his own way. He knew some exceptions are there n thus never forced anyone. Those who themselves come to him he would teach them his own lesson. He himself visited many brothels but would never force anyone…those who didn’t wanted to do such things but were helpless sanskar would simply spend time with them, learn more about them n rescue them using his influence. He have saved lots of girls n some boys from such places n started an NGO for them to leave peacefully but no one knew about this. When he saw swara he was lost in her n knew she is the one for him. He accepted her bcoz he wanted the same. He wanted his relationship to be more than just physical…

This is my thinking upon relationships. I have read lots n lots of articles n listened my parents about satisfying ur husband needs and providing him with children’s makes relationship stronger n all other blah blah… but my thought is totally different from all these. If u can leave with your opposite gender as friends for a long time without any physical relation then why not with the person whom u love so much.
I myself have suffered n went through depression but these thoughts n reading, kept me sane. Reading only brought me out from all those bad thoughts n nightmares… i thought to share.

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  1. Rosey

    Wow v nice yar
    I like ur thinking

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…
      In my spare time I always think all these only….

  2. I really respect ur thinking. Remember one thing life to b positive.

  3. Abdul hafiz(Uma)

    V.nice dear..I respect your thinking..
    Take care
    Keep smiling?

  4. IQRA222

    i really love your thinking

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much…

  5. Mavo

    I hope nothing bad ever happened with anyone ever… Wish u a good life sis and love u thinking.. ?

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you…
      I also think that nothing bad ever happens to anyone but this Is not true….everyone suffers in their own way….

      1. Mavo

        So true

  6. Shinchan1205

    thank you all so much…

  7. Niku

    Nice thought ….I really appreciate it..
    Take Care dear

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much…

  8. Mariya

    Mind blowing thinking , I also have the same thinking about couples. Totally agreed with u. If u want continue the story in ur own way.

    1. Shinchan1205

      thank you so much…

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