The devil is back (raglak n swsan) Part 3


Hello guys i m back with my ff so read n comment now i m giving u summary of my story

A big mainson shown where a lady near about 27 year old doing puja the face revealed is ragini to hear her bhajan everyone come for puja n in this a room shown fully messup n dirty a boy r sleeping to listen ragini’s bhajan he wake up n got scard face revealed sanskar he goes toward washroom n come for temple ragini distribut prasad everyone she scold sanskar for not coming on time n sanskar says something she got some flashes she smiles n sanskar tease her she come from her world n says go n ready for college n drop of tear fall from her eyes laksh notice this goes near her says u missed shona y don’t call her she denid n goes her she takes shona photo n cries

In london

a big house shown where every servent doing their works n in that house a very big decoreted every where everytype of teddy bear r shown in that room a girl r sleep holding a pic n she woke she that n she see the pic says good morning ragini di (ye she is shona) she looks time n she goes toward washroom n get ready for college

in mm

laksh called ragini for bf
swaragini goes to do their work they turn n see eo pic n says i miss u

episode 3

in mm

ragini come downstairs cheak everything calls everyone all come eat their bf

“laksh apne mr. Mehta ke sath jo deal kar rahe ho vo mat kijiye vo mat kijaye quki vo koi product time par delivar nahi kar rahe hai so just cancel the deal,ragini says

“ok ragini par hame isase kafi loss hoga,laksh says

“nahi hame bilkul loss nahi hoga i cheaked all files even acount so there is no loss,ragini said n start eat bf but suddenly sanskar start caughing very hard laksh give him water but no effect n sanskar got fainted everyone shock

“sanskar wakeup sanskar plz wakeup,laksh,ragini said in scared tone ap n dp also worried n cries n ragini see food taste

“laksh sanskar eat masharoom,ragini said all shock

“laksh for sanskar mashroom is very dangerous we have only 20 min plz do something,ap said n cries ragini think n goes toward her room n take fristaid box take a medicine come downstairs

“laksh plz hato i’ll have to give him,ragini says

“but what this,laksh says

“laksh last time we go for dinner sanskar mistakly eat mashroom so we take him hospital so doc tell for injection n 2 weak ago i brought it plz hato i’ll inject this,ragini says n give him injection n but no effect

“raglak we take him hospital,ap said n cry but sanskar take a long breath n everyone looks on

“sanky wake up,laksh said n hugs him n everyone smile ap n dp also hug him

“sanky r u fine,ragini says n cares her hair n she cries

“bhabhi plz don’t cry na u r our lioness i m fine,sanky says n was about to when ragini hold her hand

“jus one sec,ragini called sarita who make food n slaps her hard

“u know very well about us phir bhi ye galti bcoz of u sanky was in dangerous from now u r fired,ragini says in anger everyone shock sarita begged her for not fired her but ragini give her salary throw out her from mm

“bhabhi y did u do this everyone do mistake me u n bhai,sanky said n laksh stop sanky to say anything n ragini goes

“y bhai y bhabhi is like this she loves very much but whatever she do its not good y bhai,sanky

“there is big reson behind her behavior,laksh says

“ok bhai so tell us,sanky ap dp forced him

“ok then listen,laksh says something in mute n everyone have tear in their eyes

recap-raglak love story start

so guys i m done here ok n i start new ff under qubool hai LOVE STORY OF DEVIL N ANGLE (QUBOOL HAI ASYA SS) so plz read n comment bye

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