The devil is back (raglak n swsan) Part 1

Hi guys i m back with my another story currently i m write three ff n this is my 4rth ff THE DEVIL IS BACK n ragini is our DEVIL today i m going to give u intro n episode 1

Ragini maheshwari-wife of laksh maheshwari head of family she is very strick everyone obey her bcoz she is always right her decions never failed she tc of her family n she is also good in business n help in laksh business but she is has past no one knows her family background axcept laksh

laksh maheswari-husband of ragini n elder son of maheshwari family he loves his family specialy his wife ragini n his younger brother sanskar he is very big business man he is stirck but not like ragini

sanskar maheshwari- he is brother of laksh n BIL ragini he loves his family n respect them specialy his bhai n bhabhi he is college student MBA final year

durgaprashadi n annuparana maheshwari- they r parents of sanlak n FIL n MIL ragini they r very kind hearted

swara gadodiya- swara gadodiya is daughter of shekhar gadodiya she is very kind hearted loves her family alot she is collage student MBA final year student

shekhar gadodiya- he is no. 1 business man of kolkata loves her daughter swara very much he is very kind hearted

janki n sarmishta gadodiya-they r sisters janki is mother of swara but she is dead after her death shekhar married sharmishtha bcoz of her daughter n sharmishta never bear any child bcoz of her uteras problem but she loves swara as her own child

so here we go

a big mainson shown

a lady doing puja n sing bhajan
hey manmohan(song from jodha akabar serial) n everyone arrive there listen her bhajan

in that house a room is shown where a boy sleeping near about 22 year old n room is full of messy n his sleep disturb coz listen bhajan n he wake up n sacrd n said – oh god not again last 2 years its being happens in my house but i feel that this is my frist time plz save from ragini bhabhi(yes she is our devil ragin) chal bhaag sanskar(yes guys he is our sanskar) jaldi se taiyaar ho ja warna bhabhi subah subah teri class lagayengi
n he goes to bathroom n freshenup take bath wear cloth n goes to take arati asap

ragini finished her arati n give everyone arati n prasad n take blessing from in lows n she goes near a man says- lejiye laksh(yes he is laksh) aap bhi arati lejiye

laksh-ok ragini
n ragini give him prasad peace of apple but laksh denied to take it says- ragini u know na i don’t like this i like only laddos than y do u akways give me fruits in prasad

“laksh i know u don’t like fruit in prasad than frist of all prasad ko kakbhi na nahi kahte prasad me jo bhi mile use khate hai n second thing that u r a dibatic pateint so that y i didn’t u ladoo n yesterday i cheak ur blood reports u sugar level so high so u will have to ignore sweets n ladoos, ragini said with strick viouce n she goes near sanskar n pulls his ears

“u always come late at the time of arati u know na i don’t like late lateef human i’ll give u one n last chance from tommrow u will have to come at the time, ragini said in angry n stick voice

“aah bhabhi leave my ears na aur vaise bhi waqt ke hisab se machine chalti hai hum insan to dil ke hisaab se chalate hai, sanskar said

suddenly ragini remember something in flash back n smiles leaves sanskar’s ears n give him prasad

“what happend bhabhi, sanskar ask

“tumhari bato ne kuch purana yaad dila diya, ragini said n tears in her eyes which is noticed by laksh but she hide

“chalo meri kuch baton ne apke chahre par halki se sahi thodi si smile to aayi otherwise mughey to laga tha ki aap hasti hi nahi,sanskar said

aviod sanskar talks n says- i think sanskar u getting late for ur college laksh n papa for ur of office n me n ma for kitchen so just go get ready n come for bf at the time

everyone leaves but ragini still in her deep thaughts n laksh put his hands on her shoulder

“i know sanskar ki baton ne tumhe shona ki yaad dila di,laksh said n wipes her tears

“ha laksh ek wahi to hai jise main un logo me se sabse jyada pyar karti pata nahi kaha hogi vo kya kar rahi hogi pata nahi kaisi dekhati hogi,ragini said start crying

“y don’t u call them may be they realise their mistake just for sake ur shoona,laksh said

“no laksh i won’t call them i love my shona more than anything but that not mean that i forget everything whatever they done with us they mistrust me how can they think that i do such a cheap thing i will never forgive me,ragini said with angry n crying face n goes from there

here episode end n one more thing when ragini leave her house shoona just 15 year old

i hope u like this n plz comments

Credit to: Priya tripathi


    • Priya tripathi

      Thanks lovely n ya raglak is main jodi but after few episode swasan is become also main jodi so both r important

  1. Fairy

    …so my rags is a devil here?? hahahaa….interestng…waitng for nxt episode dear…n gr8 start…loved it???

  2. nikky gupta

    I love strict ragini there something in her past which made her like this but plzz give cute naughty raglak scenes waiting for next part

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