the devil and his angel 1

This is the 1 part of my fanfiction Named “the devil and his angel”. Hope u are enjoying it.
Happy reading.
“dude slow down” rahul tapped his shoulders only to get a “come on” look from him.
“ohh now u wanna be my Mom” bihaan mocked at him. His eyes held a glint of mischievousness “u just hold on” he said as he sped up more. He and his cousin were childhood best buddies. They both were always together helping each other whenever any of them in trouble. Maximum times it is bihaan who is in trouble and rahul been sent from heaven his rescuer They never fought with each other but never left a chance to tease each other too. One can easily mistake them to be siblings.
“ohh come on bhai I am just 23. I really wanna live my life. Want to get married, have Too many children” rahul pleaded while holding the window frame with one Hand and his shoulder with other hand.
“ha…ha me too” bihaan glanced at his side only to make sure that he is alive. His car was dangerously speeding up. But there was no reason to be worried as the road was vacant at this time of night. He was enjoying rahul’s horrified face when he heard “bihaan watch out” rahul screamed at him pointing towards something on road. He saw a girl in red dress with long hairs scattered all over her face or may be. He couldn’t see anything as a bright light directly flashed at his pupil. His car went aside from road, smashing into the tree. Making both of their head smashing into the front desk.
Both of them looked up and checked each other without uttering a single word. They sat there for few moments trying to catch their breath.
“that was pretty close” Bihaan took a sigh of relief when he suddenly realized that there was someone On road and he must have been badly hurt.

Without wasting any minute he jumped out of the car and ran towards the road. A person lying in the pool of blood, one leg broken, arm lost, head smashed this is what he expected but to his surprise there was nothing, absolutely nothing. Not even a single soul to be seen. But there was a girl And he saw her. Seeing the confused expression on his face rahul spoke up from behind.
“thank god” “lucky man”
Bihaan’s eyes searched around, trying to figure out what had happened just now, He Caught something red going in To the woods. When he remembered the girl was wearing red!!
His legs started towards the woods unknowingly While rahul ran behind him calling his name. But rahul’s words seem unaffected on him. He was totally lost unknowingly Moving attracted towards the girl. He felt like seeing her As if she was there for him. Rahul grabbed his shoulder to stop him as he as about to step in to the deep dark woods.
“bihaan are u out of ur senses”
“huh.…huh” he took a step back as he realized where he was going.
“there……there was a girl. I saw her…there on road…” he blabbered trying to collect words for explanation.
“oh man u are drunk” rahul laughed sarcastically And dragged him towards their car.
“I am not drunk. I really saw her” “don’t u believe me” He asked furiously.
“then where is she?? .is she a ghost?” his best friend demanded leaving him out of words. And he was really right. If there was really any girl then why would she hide in the woods. He somewhat believed his friend that may be he is really drunk or it can be his illusion. He thought to drop this subject as he saw the Demanding eyes of rahul.
“okay…lets go home. Mom would kill me”
They both started for home when bihaan took a glance at the dark woods still hoping for something. But nothing it was as usual covered with darkness.

He took his smashed car into the drive way of their mansion. It was huge villa surrounded by beautiful garden. Big enough to accommodate only two people. As stepped out he saw his mom in tears and he very well knew the reason. She saw the damaged state of his car.
“bihaan…u alright” vasundhra rubbed her hand all over his face making sure that he is alright. Feeling relieved and seeing her son safe and sound she hugged him.
“mom I am fine, look” Said bihaan seeing his mother concern. Though he is careless but he can’t see his mother in such a state. He cursed himself for doing this.
“bihaan why do u do this??” She complained Angrily and held his ears he winced in pain. “mom please this is the last time” he pleaded.
“and rahul u I didn’t expected it from u” She glared at him. She regards him as her son or one can say she trust him more than bihaan.
“Mom he’s the driver” bihaan interrupted vasu pointing finger at rahul and winked at him while he gasped.
“no.…aunty I didn’t” rahul tried to explain but vasu went on with the lecture that she had prepared since evening for both of them.
She was worried for them this careless attitude won’t do any good to them. But who will explain them. She whished of some kind of miracle to happen and getting them some brain.
She sighed when they ran inside to dinning table eating like children.
“ohh god please, do something” she whished and stood taking in The scene.

Guyzz I know its a bit different story. I hope u all are liking it. Plzz let me know ur views.

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