DevDan- Complicated love EPI-1

Hi guys! This is Saeedah here and I want to write a ff on devdan from the latest epi i.e when devanshi got ks hypnotized instead of her. Hope you will like it!

Episode starts with devanshi coming forward to kusum
De: Ma Sundari! What happened to u? why were you dancing like that in these clothes? And why are you drunk?

Kusum realizes that it is devanshi’s plan but is speechless, what to say!
Villagers start bad mouthing kusum

ks- [fake innocently] I I …..I really don’t know how… what..i—
Vardan- [interrupts ]- Enough of your drama kusum sundari! don’t you have any shame?
ks- [crying] vardan I—-
var- [shouts] shut up! I don’t want to hear a word!

suddenly the tantric [priest] reaches there.

Devanshi tells priest to hypnotize kusum and tell villagers that kusum got her hypnotized yesterday night.
Priest hesitantly agreed
[fb over]
Devanshi smirks.
kusum gets shocked.
kusum [starts emotional drama]- you! you are the one, who got me hypnotized to do this right?
Tantric- what are you mata kusum sundari? you only ordered me to hypnotize devanshi to wear maiya’s ornaments and today also you planned this to defame her but by mistake you got hypnotized!
Everyone get shocked.
Ishwar smiles.
Vardan get angry and holds her neck- HOW DARE YOU
Ishwar and devanshi control him.
Villagers start throwing stones at kusum. Devanshi remembers them killing omi by throwing stones and gets teary eyes.
Kusum runs away from there.
Nutan- dusri baat to yo se manne to viswas hi nhi hota bhabima ne esa kiya [I cant believe kusum did this]
Bhupi-[mono]How can bhabhima stoop so low?
Night time

Devanshi is sitting in the garden, quietly. Suddenly someone comes from behind and scares her.
vardan- Hundi’ali chori
devanshi- kuen’ala chora

both smile at each other unaware that a pair of eyes are looking at them from the bushes.
Screen freezes.

precap- Sakshi drama and devdan scenes
Should I continue? If you get time read my swasan ff too.

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  1. Please continue
    Which swasan faceoff are you writing, shall read them

    1. Saeedah

      An Angel’s Touch [my swasan ff]

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    Awesome one..
    Continue soon….

  3. Of u shud continue…..

  4. Abirsha

    Of course u should continue…. And its awesome dr

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    Wawwwwww !! Saeedah, new new ff..!! Loved it dear..!! Would love to read more, Continue soon .!! Thnk u.. ;-*

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