DEVANSHI- It’s Unique Characters (Analysis)

Hi, i’m back wanna share my opinion about Devanshi serial.
I have been stopped to watch Devanshi for almost 2 weeks, but yesterday weekend i decided
to spent and killed my time watch it on Youtube, 10 episodes back to back, i hangover.

Alas, in between my hangover, i found something interesting in this serial, something
extra ordinary, something which made me want to write this.

I count that in this serial, there are ONLY 8 characters, each character have their own
uniqueness, so different, so rare in their characteristic.

a. Kusum Sundari roles by Karuna Pandey
A god syndrome person, cruel, self center, smart. Karuna mam roles it in EPIC way, her
mystic aura, when she yelled in anger, her fake innocent face to facing her followers,
her childish dance, rare character.

b. Bhupi roles by Hetal Puniwala
Hetal Sir, are you really a coward 😀 ? that’s question hit my brain as his acting and
his unique face so brilliant to presented a big coward and a true opportunist person.
A rare thing to found it in reality.

c. Nutan roles by Reema Vohra
She is my favorite, she is sooooo Nutan, her rounded Kajal made her eyes alike Illuminati
eyes, so scary. Her full red lips, wonder how much lipstick she spent during Devanshi
serial. The last but not at least her loud voice and it’s accent, did Reema ever using it
at home by accident ? 😀 :D, she is not only rare, she is the one.

d. Golu molu roles by Gaurav singh.
A good looking boy made us (girls) to give him low interest feeling or rather than run
away for his cowardly behavior, a mumma boy and his never end nag 😀 damn it! Gaurav
portrait it’s character so well.

e. Kattadar (Kusum brother)
A useless fellow in society. Sorry i don’t know the name of actor, but we didn’t find
much people/brother who prefer to be his sister’s slave than build his own family.

f. Sakshi roles by Anjum Fakih
Being a pampered daughter on her childhood, made her become little selfish yet introvert.
Anjum’s experience as negative role on her previous serial help her to portrait Sakshi
character so well, rude but stay in limit and innocent in the same time. She kept her
pain alone.

g. Vardhaan Caudhary roles by Mudhit Nayyar
A stubborn lover, determined on each every his decision. He can be rude even to his love
about his love feeling, unromantic lover but lovingly gaze for his love one never leave
from his eyes. A strong personality as he grown up by nature itself. Mudhit done great
job on it.

h. and the great Devanshi roles by Helly Shah
She is the common one here, Devanshi character maybe similar with other herione on other
serial, for her rona dona, sacrifice nature, goodness and selfishness, but there is
something also, she demanded to do revenge, mixed emotion is provided.
Comparing to other character on this serial, she is unique also. Helly bang it!

Devanshi serial has 8 characters with 8 different personalities….unique isn’t ?
That is my personal opinion, maybe some people have difference opinion. You can share it
or tell me which one your favorite.


In the beginning, there were atleast 16 important characters on Devanshi serial, let’s
us mention Devanshi, vardhaan, Kusum, Ishwar, Nutan, Bhupi, Geeta, Sarju, Sarla, Omi,
Sakshi, Rajjo, Ashutoush, Mohan, Shamsher, Kattadar with their own problem, Kusum-Mohan
affair, Devanshi problem with her adopted parent, Devanshi vs Kusum, Kusum vs ishwar,
Geeta-sarju love story, Devanshi-vardhaan struggle…SO INTERESTING and COMPLETE..

After leap, it’s reduced ONLY 8 characters, that too ONLY presented 2 main problem,
the love triangle problem and devanshi-Vardhaan- Kusum problem, Soo Stuck, Soo focus
and soooo BORING.
The problem only revolved around Devanshi-Vardhaan-Sakshi and Devanshi-Kusum- Vardhaan.

The rest only a garnish of cake.
Maybe it’s hard to CVS to write after the change, it’s hard for CVS to find the right
story line to gain viewers interest after leaps, but as far as i know, focusing only to
1-2 problem in serial without any improvement, will not work.
(try to compare it with KKB, YHM, SNS at least almost every character have own problem
that made the serial so complete) <— my critic.
Ugghh, or maybe it's planned to be short story.

But i should admit that CVS have enough creativity to create such long story with LESS
characters.<—– my compliment.

3.THE SET AND ACTING SKILL (especially about Helly)

Helly has ever said that she choose Devanshi as it's CHALLENGING, for sometime i thought
it's only about the role (Devanshi as strong girl, i had written analysis on it).
However, it's not the matter at all, there is something behind and it's challenging,
first at all, the outdoor scene.
At some serials, the characters take shoot under the roof, moved from dining room, living
room, bed room with cozy AC temperature or at least cool fresh garden on easy conversation.

But all Devanshi characters forced to fight against the cruel environment, took a shoot
at kinda desolate, barren place under the extreme heat of sun, so challenging…
Moreover if sometime you should drawn on the river, flying on sky, running on road bare
foot or splashed by bunch of water, it's not every day experience, rite ?

The intensity emotion of Devanshi character, Helly at least should learn accent, crying
helplessly, cunning, or at peak of anger for sometime, it's somehow give her opportunity
to improve her acting skill. Not bad at all.
And for the youngsters, working among the senior actors with their fabulous acting skill
or different setting indeed challenging and great advantage ever.
Maybe the result disappointing (i.e TRP) , wish it didn't make them disheartening, better
give the best of their skill, it will give satisfaction for themselves. Assumed that
they take acting school yet get salary 😛


The love triangle story at Devanshi, triggered fear for viewers due the habitual of Color
channel to swap the couple. Is it so ? Well i have only 2 experience of love story from
Color channel, Childhood love of Ishveer on MATSH and new found love of Raglak and Swasan
on Swaragini, both NEVER swap the couple. The couple seemed to be planned from the beginning
No matter how love Ishani to Chirag, she back to Ranveer's embrace on MATSH.
and the new found love of Laksh to Swara, CVS showed that his heart concerned more to
Ragini, or Swara's tears matters for Sanskar than his revenge since the beginning.
For me Devdaan's love story looks alike the true childhood of IShveer. It will unfair if
only they separated, moreover Mudhit- Helly so cute. 😀

The result of TRP after leaps, so disappointing, drop over and over, the change of viewers
segment, the story line or maybe the airing time ? well i don't know.
But there is something, i realized that along with the decreasing of TRP, the viewers of
some online sites increasing numerous times. I know that it doesn't matter for TRP at all,
but at least maybe the marketing team of Devanshi can considered as a point when make a
plan of promo's strategy.


My biggest appreciation goes to the cutie KASHVI KOTHARI, VIRAJ KAPOOR AND ARHA MAHAJAN,
the young Devanshi, young vardhaan and young Sakshi.
Hatt of them, when many kid actors take a shoot on cozy place, you should drawn on mud,
river or stand under the extreme sun ray,even sometime carried heavy jewelry,but still
they gave us the best perform of their acting…wish they get a bright future.

Ugghhh… whatever.. what i'm blabbering as i'm still HANGOVER….so no offense

My mom ever said, THE PROBLEM occurred when you found that THE REALITY is out of your
expectation or your dream, but once you can DEAL with the reality, the problem will
vanished along with that… and this is the way of my trial to deal with the reality
btw, thank to Shan, for information…

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  1. Nice take…………

    1. Mica

      thank you Purvi

  2. Well said Mica. I started watching this serial for only helly. But after some episodes I started to like mudit also. The story is interesting. But the trp is very low I don’t know why. I will surely watch each episode for helly

    1. Mica

      thank you… hehehe.. apart from devanshi or helly, i like mudhit since beginning, but i couldn’t see Helly-mudhit as pair due Vahe hangover and Swasan.. but now i can accept it :d 😀

      yups.. somehow nowadays story seem to interesting kinda a series, every evil plan of kusum sundari flop…

  3. Abirsha

    A very good analysis mica….. U r true in each case…. Even i felt the same helly should improve her accent

    1. Mica

      thank you Shan…huh! hangover me naa.. 😛
      oh so you notice it ? as foreigner i can’t complain about that by thought i don’t know what kind of accent she should learn and change but i didn’t find much of differences on her talk…wish Helly can improve more after what….

  4. Kakali

    Where m I in ur list? I didn’t find my name at all.! How can you forgot me like this.!?I feel so broken.! I’m leaving now.! Babye TC?

    1. Mica

      i told you i was hangover…don’t say that you are the girl who standing beside me runnong behind Mudhit huh!!!

  5. I started to watch the serial for Hell but on the way I found the stoy line interesting, itt the typical saas bahu drama but a reality of lie which we really see In our serials

    Keep it up Helly

    1. Mica

      yeah… we are facing it in reality even in this 21th century, craziness happen…ty

  6. I started to watch the serial being a helly fan and in fact I was not interested in the show before helly took it up and while watching some episode I found the story line really interesting and I love the way you write these articles like helly as devanshi and this one. You justify all of these so nicely
    And I hope you remember me….
    And I wanted to ask something?? If you don’t mind. Are you foreigner? And what’s your age so that I can know what should I call you Di or mica?

    1. And even if you are it really doesn’t matter. We are a Swasan family…right?

    2. Mica

      Kritiii…. hew yaaww… even me… but after watching some episodes, i found myself fall in love to their characters rather than story line as the story line lil bit stuck for me..
      ty for compliment dear :D.. i’m Indonesian and almost 25 now, you can call me mica…
      and yeah we are swasan family 😀

      1. What if I call u mica Di bcoz you are ten years bigger tha me

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