Characters of Devanshi:

Devanshi- heroine of the show

Vardan-kusum and ishwar’s son


Ishwar-kusum’s husband

Nutan-ishwar’s sister in law

Gopi-nutan’s husband and ishwar’s brother

Geeta-ishwar’s second sister in law

Sarju-police officer,geeta’s husband and ishwar’s brother

Sarla-devanshi’s adopted mom

Omi-sarla’s husband

Sakshi-sarla and omi’s biological daughter

Rajjo-ishwar’s sister

Ashutoush-sarla’s brother

Mohan-love interest of kusum sundari

Shamsher Malik-Minister,Rajjo’s fiancee


People are chanting mata’s name continuously… A girl is standing there with some disease… All are disgusted to go near her but kusum sundari came and touched her the girl turned into normal girl and her disease is gone… Seeing it all people again chanted her name… At that time a couple with a new born baby came for taking blessings…. As it’s devi’s ansh they kept her devanshi…. At that time baby slipped into hundi… All said the baby’s responsible is now of temple and kusum sundari told the parents to forget their child and gave the child to sarla and omi who r childless and they works in temple…. Sarla got angry of handling this baby but omi loved the baby…. Sarla took the baby to her house…. She thought to give the baby to their parents and called them to come…. At that time sarla got unwell and came to know she is pregnant…. In the mean time devanshi parents complain about this to police but they insulted them and sent out…. But there comes a inspector sarju who is kusum sundari’s brother in law… He said he won’t do it… But lightly he had some doubts…. Then sarla left the baby and went to do worship at that time a tiger came into the village but when it went to devanshi it got tired and fell down but all thought she is devi’s ansh…

Seeing this devanshi’s parents got scared and took her with them at night without anyone’s notice… But they saw kusum and mohan killing sarju bcoz sarju found that mohan is behind ishwar’s state… Actually ishwar built a temple for people’s welfare but kusum sundari made it as a profit by making her mata… When ishwar refused she hurted him with mohan and made him paralysed…. Sarju found that mohan did and there is someone behind him…. So when he confronted kusum killed him… Seeing it devanshi’s parents run with her but kusum and mohan killed all… Devanshi fell into river…. Sarla got punished as devanshi is died…. Kusum made her family to stay away from jwalapuri for 7 years…. After 7 years devanshi and sakshi grown up…. All went to jwalapuri…. But none knows this devanshi is that girl devanshi…. Sarla thinks to take revenge by making devanshi as mata….

This irks sakshi as she thinks sarla only cares devanshi and also thinks she is orphan so she gets angry on devanshi as she is free and sakshi has to go to school…. But sarla’s plan fails and she punishes devanshi but it results in good things for village as devanshi saves the grains and idols from water…. Meanwhile rajjo and geeta becomes friendly with devnashi…. Ashtoush loves rajjo…. Sarla makes devanshi again mata…. So kusum makes a plan to defame devanshi and sarla…. She left jwalapuri saying devanshi will take care till she comes from tapasaya…. But she left mohan here…. He troubles devanshi a lot by making the people suffer from a disease…. She can’t cure them so kusum again comes from well and cures people by giving antidote…. To gain more confidence from people once again kusum tells she will sacrifice her husband…. She gives poison to him and when she goes to lit fire devanshi stops her and make him fine by giving herbs…. All again praised her….

Kusum got irked and told her to stay in her house as she is devi’s ansh…. Devanshi has doubt in mohan… So once she sees mohan pressing remote button and diya lighting…. But all thought its due to kusum’s power… When devanshi told this all started to scold her and mohan came forward to kill her but ashtoush shouts and tell them she is the same devanshi who fell in hundi… Devanshi is shocked to know she is orphan… All are shocked… Then she will stay in kusum house… Rajjo makes her study by joining her in school…. Once kusum gives punishment to devanshi and she makes her stand outside…. At that time she heard some sound from well…. When she reaches there she sees a boy asking for help…. She helps and all identifies him as vardan kusum’s son who ran away from hostel as he hears about his father’s state…. Then devanshi and vardan make kusum to make vardan stay in their house…

To make ishwar fine a doctor will come… The doctor is an orphan and ishwar only made him study…. So saying thank u he came there but after seeing his condition he thinks to help him…. By seeing ishwar getting well mohan and kusum kills the doctor…. They put the blame on dog…. Devanshi opposes it but kusum gets angry and locks her in the dark room… There she founds her parent’s pic…. Geeta identifies the pic and tells her that the Photo is of devanshi’s parents…. Devanshi cries seeing their Photo… One day devanshi sees mohan holding kusum hand… She called everyone showed them…. Kusum got alert and said mohan got me proposal of geeta’s marriage…. All are shocked but kusum said this will happen… Mohan scolds kusum… But kusum told she will stop this marriage and even geeta won’t accept as she loves sarju a lot…. But when geeta went to say no to kusum she got a clue that mohan is involved in sarju and devanshi’s parents death… So to find truth she marries mohan….

In the mean time devanshi unknowingly make police caught black money of kusum…. The money is used for her political career…. To take revenge from devanshi kusum planned to make a fake murder attempt of her… Mohan gave real gun to devanshi when she is playing… And he cuts the power and shoots kusum in her shoulder… All thought devanshi did but in mean time omi came and told all that he did… So police arrests him….. One day geeta sees sarju’s look alike and with his help geeta,vardan and devanshi make moham accepts his mistake…. In the meantime shamsher malik a minister came to kusum house… He liked rajjo and asked his hand in return of kusum’s seat…. So she accepts this proposal… She even makes rajjo agree by using ishwar…. On the engagement day Devanshi makes malik suffer… And on that day ashtoush proposed rajjo…. But all caught him and beat him….

Then vardan and devanshi makes ishwar fine step by step… To make omi prove innocent devanshi tries all thing… One day when she went to store room she sees a old mobile where kusum and mohan were talking… The video is taken by ishwar…. Before devanshi sees kusum the phone gets switched off… Devanshi came and gave it to judge… When all saw the video kusum’s face is morphed and geeta’s face is attached…. Mohan also told that he and geeta planned and killed sarju and devanshi’s parents as he and geeta have illegal affair… Police arrests geeta… She escapes from.the jail… And she reaches her mayka where she found that the woman with mohan is kusum… And kusum is not a mata… She is doing all the miracles with the help of magic…. Here kusum gets unwell and found that she is pregnant with mohan’s child… She also tries to do abortion…. But it failed….

Here geeta tries to reach devanshi and vardan to tell them about kusum sundari but kusum found her and put her inside fire… But geeta escaped from it and went to sarla and told everything… Keeping this sarla started to blackmail kusum… Both tried to kill devnashi… Kusum gave poisoned ladoo to devanshi… Seeing it vardan and ishwar got shocked… Ishwar stood and gave her antidote… Vardan and devanshi were happy seeing him fine…. But he told he will say he is fine before all people and will reveal that woman…. So devanshi and vardan will keep quiet…. In the mean time rajjo and ashtoush try to ran away but they get caught by malik…

Vardan calls rajjo and ishwars talks to her and asks her not to refuse and will tell how he is fine…Geeta told everything to ashtoush about kusum… Then they meet ishwar and geeta is happy to know he is fine… All planned to reveal kusum… But sarla found ishwar is normal and made him faint and took from there… She even made Geeta faint and took her to kusum… Kusum kills geeta… Ashtoush saw that and fight with her but she even killed him…. After that she ran from there… Sakshi saws this and will be frozen…. Then devanshi took them and tells to all that kusum is the murderer…. Even vardan tells he believes her… All doubts kusum and vardan reveals that ishwar is fine and he told ishwar will reveal everything infront of us… But now ishwar is lost…. Then kusum ran from there…. Vardan throws a stone on her and all started to hit her with stones….

Guys this is the summary of devanshi till now… If i did any mistake then sorry guys… And if u have any doubts u can ask me…?

Guys after soo much pblm i don’t think so i can write my ffs… But as i started i will surely finish it… Pls give me some times… I will make my mind clear and will continue…. Hope u guys understand….?

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