Devanshi Review: Just another tale of blind faith propagation

Devanshi started on Colors on 3rd October 2016 at the 7pm slot. is a story based on superstitions and blind beliefs on a God woman. The concept is a common one and seen in many movies before. Colors got this remake show to put more light in the fragile journey of the suffering lots. The main protagonist Devanshi is given the name, as she is regarded as Devi’s ansh.


Devanshi is born to her parents after many years of prayers at the Ghungroo Wali Mata’s temple and they think of her as Devi’s blessing. Her parents are pure soul people and Mata has chosen them to bring an angel on earth. Devanshi will be ending the fraud Godwoman Mata Kusum Sundari’s reign in the village. Devanshi survives after facing many dangers. Devi keeps her secure so that one day she has expose to Mata Kusum Sundari’s true face.

Main Characters:


Devanshi is the girl who has survived like a fighter. She has Devi’s blessings and was often saved by miracles. She is assumed to be Devi’s Mata and respected by the entire village. She is not much pampered by her foster mother Sarla. Devanshi is like a medium of earnings for Sarla. Even then, Devanshi is much loving and caring towards her foster family. Devanshi is bright, cheerful and a happy soul. She does not know what sorrow means. She wants to enjoy her childhood to the fullest, but her life got a new meaning after she is restricted to stay in a Devi’s avatar. She is very helpful girl, and wants justice for poor, and punishment for criminals. She does not believe in any power or miracle, but believes in good deeds.

Mata Kusum Sundari:

She is manipulative, evil, shrewd and a fraudster. She has done many crimes in her life, and even attempted to kill her husband. She has an affair with Mohan, whom she has kept as her special maid in her haveli. She appears to be sweet, but has a heart of stone. She is selfish, greedy and emotionless. She disrespects all relations and is least loyal to anyone. She just knows to win people and keep them in her clutches. She just loves money and luxuries. She has no feelings for even Mohan, but wants to dominate him always. She tricks people that she has special Devi powers and gets showered by offerings by the devotees. She is best in propagating blind faith.


Mohan is a criminal, who happens to be Mata Kusum Sundari’s boyfriend. They both have together committed all the sins. Their implicit affair is not known to anyone. Mohan stays with Mata Kusum Sundari in disguise of the head maid Mohini. Mohan is fed up at times to play the double role of Mohan and Mohini. Mohan also holds untrue emotions for her. He is often angry and threatens to dump Mata Kusum Sundari when he falls in any trouble. He is equally selfish and greedy like her, and they both make an evil pairing, who cheated innocent devotees by their tricks which appeared as miracles to the people.



Sarla has adopted little Devanshi. She is a selfish woman, who is using Devashi to get money. Sarla forces Devanshi to wear makeup and jewelry, and limits her from playing with dolls. She restricts Devanshi and makes her take Devi’s avatar to earn more by people’s blind belief. Sarla works as a servant at the temple and got much insulted by Mata Kusum Sundari. She is revengeful against her and wants to prove that Mata Kusum Sundari is a big fraud. She does not know that Devanshi will be helping her in her motives.



Omi is Sarla’s husband and works as a servant in temple. Omi is very much henpecked by Sarla and much loyal to her. Omi is scared to do anything against Mata Kusum Sundari. He adopts Devanshi and raises her well. He is not bad at heart, but affected by situations. He does not have any courage to vice out his feelings. He is often suppressed by his struggles in life and feels helpless. Being a good person, Omi fails to give happiness to Sarla. Omi does not support Sarla when she plans to take revenge from Mata Kusum Sundari.


Kashvi Kothari as Devanshi
Karuna Pandey as Mata Kusum Sundari
Ankita Sharma as Sarla
Pankaj Bhatia as Omi
Aamir Dalvi as Mohan
Preeti Chaudhary as Devanshi’s mother Gayatri
Mazher Sayed as Devanshi’s father Ashok

Story So Far:

devanshia10The introduction of Mata Kusum Sundari is shown in the great temple of Ghungroo Wali mata. Many devotees come to see Mata and take her blessings. The ladies about Mata’s favorite maid Mohini. They all believe Mata can do any miracle and heal any disease. The people chant Mata Kusum Sundari’s name. Mata Kusum Sundari comes rolling on the floor to bowl them over and cures a girl with an untouchable disease. On the other hand, a couple is present in the temple and thank the Goddess for blessing them with a baby after many years. They go to thank the Goddess and think to attend the aarti at night.

devanshic2They happily name their baby as Devanshi, regarding her as Devi’s ansh. Meanwhile, the servant Sarla is annoyed with Mata giving her much work. She curses her fate and hopes for something to happen in her favor. Mata meets her bed ridden husband and tells her life journey of crimes and manipulations, by which she made this business of duping people by using their devotion. Devanshi’s parents stand near the temple hundi where some people collide and give them a jerk. Devanshi falls inside the hundi.

devanshic3Mata Kusum Sundari tells everyone that anything that falls inside the hundi belongs to the temple. She declares the Goddess’ decision that Devanshi has temple’s rights on her from now on. Devanshi’s parents get shattered and rush to police station, where they meet Inspector Sarju, who happens to be Mata’s brother in law. Mata gives Devanshi to Sarla and taunts her for being infertile. Sarla does not want to raise Devanshi and wants her own child. A Rishi appears infront of Ishwar and tells him that Goddess has sent an angel to ruin Kusum’s evil kingdom. Sarla unwillingly accepts Devanshi infront of everyone, but later abandons her outside her house in heavy rain.

devanshic4Devanshi’s parents try to seek help from Sarju. Sarju takes them to Mata and tries to make a request to return the baby to the parents. Mata does not change her decision. Devanshi’s parents are asked to leave. It is shown that Mata has an affair with a man named Mohan, who stays around her round the clock as the head maid Mohini. Mohan is angry to wear woman’s clothes and argues with Mata Kusum Sundari. She talks romantically and traps him in her charm. He tells her how he cleverly did the tricks which appeared as miracles infront of the people. She tries to woo him and talks in a cheap manner. Devanshi’s mother witnesses this and understands that Kusum is a fraudster. She thinks to expose Kusum after getting Devanshi.

devanshic5When Mata Kusum refuses to give Devanshi, Devanshi’s mother shouts and speaks against Mata. The people get raged and kick Devanshi’s parents out. Sarla feels dizzy and lady tells Sarla that she is pregnant. The lady tells about Devanshi’s good steps in her life. Even then Devanshi is not valued by Sarla. Mohan argues with Kusum and threatens to leave from her life. Kusum decides to keep Mohan in her life as long as she wants. Sarju finds out about Ishwar’s accident and follows the lead which makes him reach Mohan’s house. He gets to see Mohini’s costumes and understands that Mohan is Mohini. The people panic as circus tiger has entered the village. Devanshi’s parents spot the tiger going close to Devanshi. Tiger does not harm Devanshi and sits near her. The people call it a miracle and believe Devanshi is Devi’s avatar. Sarla thinks to earn money using Devanshi. Devanshi’s parents take Devanshi from Sarla’s house and run away. Sarju confronts Mohan and arrests him.

devanshic6Mata Kusum stops them on the way. She admits her affair with Mohan and also her crimes to do Ishwar’s accident in attempt to kill him. Sarju asks her to surrender to police. She stabs Sarju. The murder gets witnessed by Devanshi’s parents. Mata Kusum Sundari and Mohan see Devanshi’s parents and follow them. They brutally kill Devanshi’s parents, while Devanshi falls down the cliff. While dying, Devanshi’s mother curses Mata Kusum that she will get ruined and no one can save her from Lord’s hit. Mata Kusum and Mohan leave from there. Devanshi cries and gets heard by her mother. Her mother gets relieved that Goddess has saved her daughter and is sure that Devanshi will ruin Mata Kusum Sundari’s sin pot. Devanshi’s parents die. A short leap of 7 years is shown, where child Devanshi is seen collecting coins from the river, while people worry that she will sink. Devanshi pops out of the water. People call her miraculous.

Our Take:


The show brings the concept where true devotion is made a business by the fraudulent evil people. Such people intervene the divine elements and make fun of people’s emotions. Concept is clear and there is nothing surprising left. Even then, the cast is effective. The plot takes dramatic twists to risen the interest. Coupled with good performances, one would not get bored of the fiction show.


The show is set in Haryana. The locales and sets are fair enough. Viewers will find the journey of Devanshi interesting, as she would be projected by Sarla as a Devi with special powers, but how the little girl makes things possible without any powers and miracles will be seen. Devanshi will fight with the village’s supreme power Mata Kusum Sundari. The fight won’t be easy as many challenges will be coming her way. Devanshi would be ending all the blind beliefs. The USP of the show are just the leads Kashvi, Aamir and Karuna, who put up effortless and powerful portrayals.



One can enjoy the little child’s inspiring tale and see her transition from an innocent feeble child to a guiding figure for everyone. Devanshi will be bringing a major change in the mindset of people. The show brings a social disgrace in light and aims to put forth a stop on superstitions. Devanshi is a family entertainer. It would bring fun scenes for young audience too.

Our Rating:

2 out of 5

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