Hai ,I am Esai it’s my first fan fiction .I am a very crazy fan of HELLY my cutie my princess .I have read many fan fiction stories before .I thought to write but I have no time .I feel very bad on seeing no fan fictions on this show it has very good message. Now I thought to write my story on Devanshi show as I am really enjoying it. First I started watching it only for helly but now I am 100% involved in the show and loving it. Helly was performing her best day by day her performance level was increasing. I love helly being a girl I have no shame to tell I am crazy for her and inspired more by her .First I have to tell I don’t know Hindi much only I can understand their speaking that too only little bit so my fiction will be in English. Ok tell us start


The couple is shown sweating badly they were very much scared and were running deep into the forest. They were followed by goon .That couple hided from goons and covered their mouth with their hand to control their breathing sound to not reach goons. The goons seeing they were not here went away from there. After goons went the wife started to cry holding her husband, he can’t able to stop her as he too in the same state. After sometimes she stopped crying and with sobbing she started speaking to her husband. She worriedly asks him whether our daughter will be fine as we left her alone. He too worried about their daughter but console her by saying she will be fine as she has Devimaa’s ashirvath. He wipes her wife’s tears and told her our daughter will come one day to take her rights and to teach a lesson to them I have full belief on Devimaa .He again look at his wife and tell she will come one day.

A Temple is shown its early morning the temple priest was opening the gate of the temple. After complete cleaning the temple he began to do his morning rituals to do for God. From somewhere he heard crying sound he go in search of that sound and found a newly born baby covered with cloth at the backside of temple. He took that crying baby with him and went to search her parents nearby temple but to his disappointment there was no one he then look at baby who crying and went back to temple with baby .He don’t know what to do and baby was crying so he keep the baby under God’ feet and went to ask help from somebody. He come back and shocked to see the scene in front of him. The milk which kept for God was fallen down and the milk drops are flowing on baby’s mouth. The priest who saw the scene surprised and happy to see baby stopped crying he took the baby and thank god. He thinks that this baby has been blessed by god if god has given this baby to him then there must be some reason. He look at baby who was now smiling and tell to her u have god’s blessing so

I name u DEVANSHI.
Dharm ro raha hai nayay kar raha gohaar hai
Raat bhi ghani chhaya ghor andhkaar hai
Phir bhi aash ki subah ka ho raha ghumaan hai
Jeet saty ki hai tay ye shristi ka vidhaan hai
Divya ka hi ansh hai devanshi..

Finished the prologue of my story I am not a good writer but I will try my best to impress you all. Please forgive me if there any mistake .I will continue the story on seeing your response. Thank you to everyone who read this. Please give your response as comments.

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  1. Praju

    I really liked it….plz continue

    1. Esai

      Thank u

  2. awesom….will be waiting for ur next update…. take care

    1. Esai

      thank you

  3. SNY

    Interesting dr!!!plz continue!!!!Nxt one soon!!!!

    1. Esai

      thank u

  4. Intresting

  5. Mica

    good start dear… keep writing….and yeah you are rite, helly’s skill improved here

  6. Anniya


    1. Esai

      thank u

  7. Nice. Continue soon

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      thank u

  8. Abirsha

    Its very interesting dr…. And r u tamil???? Continue soon waiting

    1. Esai

      yes tamil will post soon

  9. Kakali

    Duno why, But i got goose bumps reading this.! Continue dear.! loved it..! Our Helly is shining..! Thnk u.. ;-*

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