Hai Esai back with introduction part thanks for your response dears I hope I will satisfy you all. Watch Devanshi on colors daily by 7pm .It has good message rather than love story or family drama and must say about actors who performing well not only Helly and Mudit everyone in the show giving their best .I am big fan for Helly’s eyes after seeing the show I can tell Kusum Sundari (Karuna pandey) was a big competitor for helly’s eyes both speaks everything with their eyes. And what can I say about Mudit such a humble person who responds to all his fans ,appreciating and caring his costars.Ok guys enough of my blabbering do watch Devanshi it deserve much more.



Devanshi(female lead)- a sweet girl loved by everyone, loves her family can do anything for them, loves her sister very much cares her like a mother, always wonder about her family’s overprotective nature towards her, don’t know about her life’s biggest secret.
Sakshi-devanshi’younger sister loves her sister devanshi who was like a second mother, a great pranker in family, jovial type
Vishwanath-elder of the family devanshi’s dadaji who loves his both granddaughters equally. He was a priest in Jwalapuri’s temple doing his duties wholeheartly.He always overprotective over devanshi as he fears if she comes to know the secret then she will go away from them. He vacate and come to another village Jwalapuri with his family as he worried if they stay there devanshi will know about her.
Omi-elder son of vishwanath, devanshi’s father who looking after Jwalapuri’s temple duties loves his both daughters, same as his father fears about devanshi.

Sarala-elder bahu looking after her house duties perfectly, devanshi’s mother a caring and lovely mother.
Asthoush (aashu)-second son of vishwanath, chacha for devanshi and sakshi, partner in crime with sakshi in her every prank.
This is about devanshi’s family. They come to new place Jwalapuri when sakshi was born as they have fear of losing devanshi. All are devotee of Devimaa so they believe that god gave devanshi to them as blessing. After devanshi entered their family happiness too entered as omi and sarala became parents after a very long years.Eventhough they have their own daughter they won’t differentiate between them. Happiness was always in their face on seeing their small happy family but fear always in their hearts whenever they see devanshi may be due to this fear they shifted to another place unknown of the fact that it’s GOD’s play.

Vardaan (male lead)- elder son of big family in Jwalapuri. He is a sweet person only to his close persons; behave arrogant and rude to his mother. He love his father but hates his mother as she ill-treating his father and villagers .He strongly believe that there is no god as he took his lovable dadaji,mama,mami for him. He too wants to be like his dadaji and to help his village people.
Kishore anand-vardaan’s dadaji who died in accident.
Ram prasanth- only son of Kishore anand and Vardaan ’mama who too died in accident.
Gayatri Devi-Only bahu of Kishore anand, Ram prasanth’s wife and Vardaan’s mami.She too died in accident.
Kusum Sundari-Elder daughter of Kishore Anand and mother of Vardaan. She doesn’t like his father and brother’s helping nature. After their death she took over their place as she is the only elder as of now. The village was completely came under her control no one can do anything without her permission.
Ishwar-Husband of Kusum Sundari and father of Vardaan. He was worked as an employee under Kishore Anand .Kishore make him as his elder son-in-law as he was impressed by his loyalty which was not liked by Kusum sundari but due to her father’s completion she married to him.Eventhough he married to big family ,he is working as an employee only. He doesn’t like her wife behavior towards villagers but at the same time he can’t go against her as he is only an employee.

He was guilty on his helplessness, loves his son lot he is his everything.
Mohan-right hand of Kusum sundari
Nutan-Kishore Anand’s second daughter as her father and brother dies now she truly believes her sister KusumSundari and worshipping her in the place of her father.
Bhupi-Nutan’s husband same as his wife believing his bhabiji Kusum sundari.
Rajjo-Kishore Anand’s third daughter jovial, talkative and lovable child of his father and brother misses them lot .After their death she completely changed and will talk less. Treating her elder brother in law Ishwar as her brother. She will talk her heart out only with him after her father and brother.
Golu- Nutun and Bhupi’son, brother of Vardaan, same as Vardaan and close to Ishwar and call him as papa.
This is about Vardaan’s family. His family was respected by everyone in village due to his dadaji, his mama and mamiwho helps everyone. They did everything for the village people but everything changed after they died in car accident.
People now respecting his family only in fear of Kusum sundari.

Finished of Introduction section hope you like it and give your response as comments below
Thank you.

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