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Episode 4

Devanshi and sakshi returned to school after changing the dress. After biding bye to each other they went to their respective classes (Devanshi is studying 5th, Vardaan is 7th, Sakshi and Golu are same class 3rd and even they are friends).

Devanshi’s friends- Pavi, Meera, Vidhi, Aashi and Roshni.

Vardaan’s friends-Rahul, Aravind, Adi, Suraj, Piyush.

Not only Jwalapuri nearby few villages also dependent on this school only as it is the only school in their location.
Devanshi entered the class and sit with her friends who were chit chatting .Devanshi was surprised to see her class without teacher and all are chatting and playing inside the class.

Devanshi- Pavi Sumi mam not came yet to the class why?

Pavi- Sumi mam vacate to some other place so she resigned her job here maybe new mam will come.

Devanshi (felt sad as her favorite mam resigned)- oh ok but why mam didn’t come its almost 2hours past.

Vidhi(with fake angry)- Dev after 3 months we all get together instead of thinking to spend time with us you are thinking about class.

Devanshi (smiles) – ok sorry (extend her hands for hug all 5 had a group hug).

Time passes its lunch time till no one comes to the class; students are enjoying their free time. Devanshi and her friends came out of their class to have their lunch. They were sitting under a tree and eating. Devanshi’s eyes scanned the whole school she didn’t see any teachers only students are there this create a doubt in her.

Devanshi (confused)-why there are no teachers in the school.

Roshni (sighs) – dev it’s our first day maybe they all are in room discussing something why are you doubting on this simple matter miss.detective (she moved her lips to one side and gave a angry look).

Meera- yes she is right let us enjoy this free time dev pls pls pls.

Devanshi- ok ok after finish eating we can play in the ground.

All 4 (Pavi, Meera, Vidhi, Roshni) gets happy but one person there who completely concentrating only on her lunch ignoring their talk.

Devanshi, Pavi, Meera, Vidhi, Roshini (shouted) – Aashi

Aashi who has mouth full of food sighs them what, they slap their foreheads funnily and replied her nothing, and she shakes her head again started concentrating on food.
All the students are playing in the ground Vardaan and his friends were playing football while Devanshi with her friends were sitting under a tree chitchatting. Vardaan kick the ball in force it hit Aashi who was talking with her friends. Vardaan ask his friends to go and get the ball.

Devanshi (with angry look to her friends)-I know he did it wantedly.I won’t give the ball until he say sorry.

Meera- Dev no need to fight see they are coming give it to them.

Roshini-Dev is right morning he pushed dev na now we have to take revenge.

Meera unwillingly accepted and all give hifi to each other. Boys except Vardaan came to them and ask for ball. Meera gets afraid of them and went behind but Devanshi came forward and replied them boldly that she won’t give until Vardaan say sorry. Boys tell this to Vardaan and he angrily come to them.

Vardaan (angrily)-hey bakbak how can you think that Vardaan will tell sorry to you, give the ball or you will see the worst of me.

Devanshi (smilingly to her friends which irritates him more) – arey Vardaan still there is something worst in you wow I am eagerly waiting to see come on girls let us cheer Vardaan.

Girls (clapping and shouting)-Vardaan Vardaan Vardaan ……

Vardaan got more angry but known about the consequence his friends dragged him and went away. Devanshi smiles widely and give hifi to her friends.

Its evening time school got over all went to their home. In Vardaan’s home both Vardaan and Golu entered and went to their room to get freshen up. After sometimes both started playing with video games they were playing interestingly that they didn’t notice someone watching them leaning on the room door.
Someone (say loudly to gain their attention)-I think somebody totally forgot me ok I will leave then (with fake angry turn to leave).

Vardaan, Golu (with full energy shouted)-papa (run and jump over him yes it’s their papa Ishwar).

He took them in his both hands and entered the room place them on bed and sit with them.

Ishwar (calm tone)-what you both are doing I already told both after school starts not videogames then why doing this.

Golu- but papa there is no homework also then why can’t we play.

Ishwar (with serious look) – why beta teacher didn’t give any homework. What happened in school?

Vardaan-papa we waited in class for long time but teacher didn’t come so we played full day in ground.

Golu-yes papa in our class also teacher didn’t come we too played full day.

Vardaan-arey Golu not only us whole school was in ground only.

Ishwar (thinking)-I have to do something soon but what to do (come back after hearing their shout).

Vardaan-papa what are you thinking.

Ishwar-nothing beta (remember something and in happy tone) I have a good news for you both your Rajjo bua called me her college is going to complete soon so she will be here within few days.

Both (started jumping and shouted)-hey bua is coming bua coming.

Golu-papa bua is coming then like last time shall we go picnic.

Ishwar-no picnic school just now started for both.

Golu (sad tone)-k at least we can play videogame na

Ishwar-oh drama king k you can play but only for sometimes.

Vardaan, Golu-k papa (both started to play where Ishwar sit with them to see their happy faces).

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