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Episode 2
A big house shown (imagine Vardaan’s house in the show) a lady on red saree with heavy ornaments doing aarthi to God in house’s temple. After finish doing it she placed the aarthi plate took blessings from God and move from there followed by a man. She came to hall and sit on the sofa where the man stands behind her. A couple came and took blessings from her.
Lady- Nutan did Vardaan wake up.(yes the lady is Kusum Sundari, the man is Mohan and couple Nutan-Bhupi).
Nutan- ha didi Vardaan and Golu wake up and had their breakfast.
Kusum Sundari-Mohan what are works have today?.
Mohan- we have appointment to meet minister regarding our project.
A man entered the hall with some files in his hand on seeing him Nutan came forward to take blessing but by one look of Kusum she back off.
Man-You have to visit our school today.
Kusum (ignoring him) – come on Mohan we are getting late we have to be there on time.
Man- Our school has no proper facilities before the vacation gets complete we have to correct it.For the past one week I am asking you to look for it.
Kusum (got angry and shouted)-Don’t order me as a husband you have no rights to do that (yes guys that man none other than Ishwar). Do you know the value of the project I am going to deal today if I got this deal do you how much profit we will get? Instead of thinking of getting more project you telling me too think of school because of this only you are still useless like these villagers.
Vardaan who was seeing this from upstairs came running and hug his papa’s legs shoot an angry look to Kusum Sundari.
Kusum(by seeing Vardaan)-Oh see came another useless (to Ishwar) don’t think to make him like you in future he is going to handle this all (telling this she drag Vardaan from him).
Kusum was finally succeeded in dragging him but he pushes her harshly. Kusum got angry rise her hand to beat him Ishwar come in-between and hugged him tightly.
Ishwar (to Kusum) – show some love to him otherwise one day he will forgot you as his mother. I can’t even imagine a mother can be like this.
Kusum angrily went away followed by Mohan. Ishwar took his crying son to his room make him laid on the bed and console him. After he gets consoled Ishwar went out to do his work. Vardaan slowly went near the drawer took some photo and started speaking to it.
Vardaan (sobbing) – why you went away from me I was very much angry on you.Dont you think about me and papa once. Devimaa took you from me na I hate God hate you all .(keep that photo where he took but unknowingly his hand touched one Barbie doll in the drawer he took it and went into thinking)
A lady and a small boy of nearly 2years sitting in the bed and talking to a newly born baby. They are sitting on the either side of the baby.
Boy (with sad pout in childish tone)-mami why cutie was not talking to me?
Lady (laugh and pulls his cheeks)-Vardaan baby was so small Na she will talk to you and play with you only when she grown up. What if she was not talking, you can talk to her na
Boy (got excited and clapping his hands)-mami I have brought doll for cutie I will bring it (he run to his room and brought a beautiful Barbie doll).
Lady-Vardaan it was so beautiful show it to her she will surely like it.
Vardaan give the doll to baby but she throw it and started crying. He again gives the doll to her but she again do the same. On seeing her crying both lady and Vardaan start consoling her. But she was continually crying suddenly she stopping crying when Vardaan holds her hand she tightly hold his forefinger and smiles at him.
Lady- see Vardaan baby likes you more than that doll.
Vardaan happy on hearing this and kiss baby’s cheeks. And says don’t leave my hand i will also never leave your hand.
Flashback ends
Vardaan-cutie why you left my hand you too cheated me na
Scene stops on Vardaan’s crying face.

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