Hai am Esai back with my story’s first part .Thank you for your response it means a lot to me.Watch Devanshi at colors 7pm daily. Here is my part 1 hope you will like it
Episode 1

Early morning a lady is shown coming running on the street and asking the people nearby whether they see her daughter but no one knows about her. She keeps on searching by shouting her name. She was much worried after searching for nearly one hour and unknown fear occupy her heart. On not finding her she went to temple to pray for her daughter’s safety. While returning back from temple she saw a girl sitting on the step of the temple river feeding the fishes. By identifying her she call her by shouting her name

A girl of 8years old who was wearing yellow colour traditional petticoat with matching shirt turns back on hearing her name and smiles on seeing her maa run to her and hug her. Sarala in the fear of not finding her gets more emotional and hugs her tightly.
Sarala(break the hug and in serious tone)-Where did you gone I told you not to step out of the house without informing me then also you are doing it.
Devanshi (smiles)-
Sarala (on seeing her smiling) – her I am scolding you but you smiling instead of crying.
Devanshi (smiles and kiss sarala’s left cheek) – maa you don’t even know how to scold next time try best (kiss her right cheek, run away) I am going home maa.
Sarala gets emotional and starring devanshi till she disappears. She again prays to God for devanshi and return home.
A house where thulsi plant is there in front of the house (imagine devanshi’s house in the show) moving inside a man sitting in the hall reading newspaper (man is Omi, devanshi’s father), Sarala come there with a tray of tea behind her devanshi too came
Devanshi (sitting near him) –good morning papa
Omi (fold the paper put it in the table and hug her)-good morning (kiss her forehead to show his love for her).
Omi- Sarala where is Aashu and Sakshi from morning I didn’t saw them God knows what they are planning today.
Sarala and Devanshi (laughs) – we too didn’t see them.
Sarala gives tea to him, Omi took it started to drink as the first sip touch his tongue he spilt it shocking Sarala and devanshi.

Omi to Sarala- are you planning to kill me with your tea.
Sarala (little angry) -these many years you liked my handmade now you started to hate it I known you no more loving me(wipes her fake tears and stated sopping).
Devanshi laughs on knowing her parents funny fights but she felt something fishy and tasted the tea she too spilt it on drinking it.Omi started laughing.
Sarala (seeing father daughter making fun of her started crying loud by wiping her fake tears)-I known no one loves me in this house.
Omi and devanshi stopped laughing but something caught their attention as they hear laughing sound near the main door. A man of nearly 60’s caught the ears of a girl of 6years old and a man brought them inside the house. (I know you all will guess yes they are vishwanath, devanshi’s dadaji and aashu sakshi).Devanshi run to him and hug him.
Devanshi-dadaji how are you.
Vishwanath-I am fine beta.
Omi- papa when did you come. How was the marriage? (Vishwanath went to attend some marriage function in some other village).
Vishwanath-Just few minute before came marriage happened really well I thought to return as soon as marriage complete as I missed my granddaughters. (Both hugged him and kissed his cheeks).
Omi (to aashu and sakshi) – what you two doing near the door I am searching you since morning but you enjoying our fight. (They gave an innocent look).
Sarala- papaji you will be so tired rest in your room I will bring you tea.
As they heard the word tea both Omi and devanshi shouted nooooo whereas Aashu and sakshi started laughing. Sarala gets angry and vishwanath gave a confused look.
Devanshi- maa tea was very horrible. I think you mistakenly added some other powder.
Sarala (tasted it) – I added only tea powder then why it tastes like this.
By seeing aashu and sakshi’s looks they come to the conclusion that it’s their work all four gave them an angry look and finally sakshi opened her mouth
Sakshi- oh oh maa me and chachu mixed the tea powder with stem powder ( if we make tree’s stem as powder I will be like tea powder).saying this they both run away Sarala took a broom and started chasing them other three laugh by seeing them. Scene stops on their happy faces.

Its over I am sorry if it’s boring tell me frankly if it is.thanks for reading please give your response as comments below.
Thank you.

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