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Devanshi 9th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Ashutosh switching on the lights. Sarla calls Devanshi. Devanshi and Sakshi get worried. Devanshi asks Ashutosh to switch off lights and come. He switches it off. Sakshi says Sarla will scold me now. Devanshi says I did not know Sarla will come so soon. Ashutosh asks whats the matter. Devanshi asks her to go. Sakshi says what shall I do now. Devanshi asks her to wait.

Kusum waits for Mohan. Geeta asks are you worried. Kusum says its fine, I was trying to make a call, you go and see your work. Geeta goes. Kusum says if that shoes do not come, my Diwali miracle will fail. Sarla gets glad that Devanshi has worn Mata clothes, and makes her wear the anklet. Omi feels bad. Sarla says I need your help, my gold necklace got lost, you have to find it, else it will be big loss and

abshagun also, you are special child of Maiyya, I m sure you will find it by your powers. Devanshi prays.

Sarla says talk to maiyya and ask who has stolen necklace. She asks Omi not to say anything. She asks Sakshi to go and study. She asks the ladies to pray, so that Maiyya hears the prayers. She asks all of them to close eyes and pray. She signs Omi to switch on button. Omi cries recalling the doll and stops. He thinks kids can’t bear stop scratch and Devanshi has to bear electric shock, what does Sarla want me to do. Sarla signs him. Omi says no, I can’t do this, I can’t do this with Devanshi. Sarla goes to him and asks what happened. Omi says I tried, but I can’t do this sin. She says fine, then let me do. Omi stops her. Sarla switches the button on.

Devanshi shouts. Sarla smiles and runs to see. She sees Devanshi sitting fine and sees the anklet. Omi gets relieved. The ladies ask how did the trishul fall. Sarla says Devanshi’s dhyaan broke, how will Maiyya come in her, Maiyya comes by wish, we will not trouble her for small necklace, go home, I will call you all when Maiyya comes. The ladies say don’t know whether Maiyya comes in Devanshi or not. Sarla asks Devanshi why did she remove anket and scolds her. Devanshi says I did not remove it. Omi says you know Devanshi does not lie. Sarla scolds her. She says don’t call me Amma and pushes her away. She goes and shuts door. Omi and Devanshi knock door. Omi consoles Devanshi. Devanshi cries a lot.

Mohan applies color to Kusum’s feet and smiles. She asks why is he taking foot stamp and did not get anyone else. She steps on paper to give foot stamp. He holds her and says how would you show miracle on Diwali then, I m getting the shoes. Kusum smiles.

Devanshi is upset. Sakshi and Golu argue. Sakshi says Kusum is shorter than Devanshi. Golu spoils Devanshi’s pic and laughs. Sakshi spoils Kusum’s pic and laughs. They both argue. Sakshi makes moustache on Golu’s face and laughs. Devanshi laughs seeing this. Golu gets angry and says I will show you, I will go and show this pic to Kusum, you will not get saved, she will make you stone. He runs with newspaper. Sakshi worries and says Kusum will make me stone. Devanshi says don’t worry, I will snatch paper from him. She runs after Golu and asks for paper. He refuses and goes home. He says I will tell Kusum. Devansho enters the house. The foot prints paper flies in air. Devanshi steps on the broken glass and her feet bleeds. She takes newspaper from him. Golu sees the blood marks.

Devanshi turns and steps on Kusm’s foot prints paper. She leaves. Mohan comes to the room and takes that paper. He goes to meet a man and gives the shoe order. He asks him to make shoe on time. He leaves. The man sees Devanshi’s foot steps and says this foot prints is of some girl. Devanshi walks home with her bleeding foot. Kusum thinks once I get the shoe, there will be big miracle.

Gopi says Kusum will do miracle. Sarla tells about Devanshi taking the flight and bringing light in everyone’s houses. Kusum ad Devanshi come face to face.

Update Credit to: Amena

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