Devanshi 9th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 9th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan asking Devanshi to come and see the work going on. He asks do you also doubt this dream is my madness, I can’t do anything to fulfill this dream, are you listening. She asks did you say anything. He says you have no time for me, as you became Mata. Kusum scolds Ishwar. He asks her to accept her crimes. She says no use to do this, leave me. He says I got juice for you. She asks for food. He says Devanshi made great food for you, but I did not get it.

She shouts. He ties her back. She starts coughing and gets angry. She sees the juice. Vardaan sits annoyed. Devanshi says you get anger out on me. He says you stay busy all day and now you were lost in thoughts. She says I m so tired, and have courage to stand, you should have come to me. He says why should I come to

darbar, I don’t like. They argue and laugh. Piya…..plays…..

She says we both will fulfill your dreams, when we fall weak, think your love wants to complete this dreams, then you will get strongly determined. He says sorry, I was selfish, I know you accepted challenge to find true culprit. She says that’s why I m worried, I don’t know who is culprit, I just got to know he is from this family. He gets shocked.

Its morning, Mohan says this time my plan should not fail. Vardaan comes and asks him to come and serve him, as its his duty. Ishwar says Kusum is not saying anything. Devanshi looks on. Nutan comes and sees Kusum tied.

She greets Kusum. Devanshi says I told Nutan you wanted me to tie you this way, so that Maiyya gets pleased and blesses Vardaan. Nutan says you are great, I will show your pic to everyone, they should know you are bearing pain for your son. Devanshi says everyone will know this soon, you will get famous, even if we kill you, they will think you died while doing tapp, it will be our profit.

Ishwar says what will happen with Kusum, just lord can know this. They leave. Mohan takes care of Vardaan. He gets a message and replies. Vardaan observes him. He asks Mohan to show his phone. Mohan says its personal. Vardaan says you are my servant, won’t you agree. Servant says Devanshi called everyone. Mohan runs.

Devanshi tells everyone that Kusum wants to become servant, she will do all work alone today. Whatever she wants, I m ready to agree, it has Maiyya’s wish too, so I decided Kusum’s special servant Mohan will help her in work. Everyone smile. Mohan asks how can this happen, I have to take care of Vardaan. Devanshi says its matter of one day, Kusum can’t work alone, you help her.

Nutan says Kusum is Mata and will work as maid. Devanshi says Kusum can start from anywhere she wants, everyone go home now. Mohan cleans the floor. Gopi walks and spoils the floor. Mohan asks him to see, it got bad. Gopi asks him to clean again. Nutan says Kusum did not make food ever, does she know making food, I m just asking. She asks Kusum to add dishes spicy and sweet. Kusum asks her to leave and shows knife.

Nutan asks her to make roti with dishes, sorry make roti soft, else Golu won’t eat, flour is there. Kusum takes the box and flour falls on her. Nutan asks Kusum to clean flour and then cook food. Ishwar asks Devanshi will your plan succeed. Devanshi says sure, we have to surround Kusum. He says but we have just 3 hours to catch real culprit. She says I have thought about it.

Devanshi is finding the real culprit, and tells everyone about the itching on culprit’s body according to curse.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Oh……wonderfullll…… Devdan……..!!! they r tooo cute……vdout fyt they cant smile huh….vaiting fr dev’s next plan

  2. awesome epi.cute sa nok- jhok between devdaan I loved it so much..thanks amena di for update.

  3. eagerly waiting for the next epi.

  4. Guys i just want to know according to you which couple is best swasan or devdan . I love swasan the most . Nowdays i don’t like varun kapoor . But helly looks good with vk . Mudit is very nice and humble . But his acting skill is not that much good . I don’t like helly and mudit as a pair . I also don’t want helly to work with vk in future . I would like to watch helly with zain imam ,arjit taneja, karam rajpal, saheer saikh .

    1. Mica

      no one can beat Swasan Niyati 🙂 🙂 , Swasan is complete, the scene and characters CVS gave them so perfect and chemistry between VaHe is soo good also.
      i can’t answer your question in neutral way as i’m Swasan fans, maybe if only you can ask someone which not a Swasan fans before, i mean true Devanshi fans only, may you can get proper answer.
      Our brain Polluted by Swasan memory which made us can’t see the goodness of Devdhaan pair 😀 :D… but i don’t know why i see Mudhit good enough to presented himself as Vardhaan character, i mean we have different opinion in this.
      what i can say… wish your dream come true….

    2. Sus

      to be frank we love swasan mind it swasan becoz they showed unconditional trust love support and always stood for each other. we ove swara becoz she was not shown some bechari type after laksh marriage she took stand being a girl and we appreicated it very well as today’s girl should be something like her. Sanskar, he made mistake but when someone told him he is doing he rectified it and become a good person and stand for truth every time. the chemistry love nok jok they share was really awesome.
      They were having a very different love story thats why it is praised and we really admire them. so swasan is perfect couple.
      yaa i really want to sse her with good actors as devanshi serial is nyc but the concept of devanshi is devi doesn’t suit it. if instead of mata, she can be repoter and some ngo girl something like that who help people or save them from kusum sundri types people. i think that would be an awesome concept

    3. Niyati I think swasan is perfect couple. But nowadays I also don’t like vk so don’t want to see them together again. Koi bhi aye helly ke opposite voh mujhe zaroor pasand ayenge.

    4. Mica

      ups, but i somehow suppressed my swasan addiction and tried hard to like devdhaan pair 😀 as it’s something i can’t deny and face to support helly,…aahh i dunno how to describe my feeling… 😀 😀

      1. Micu I love vahe n still hoping to see them again but it seems to be impossible

      2. Mica

        SSSSS.. same here, i love their chemistry na, i wish the same, but i dunno why somehow i don’t want Helly to face that problem again. 😀 😀

        Huh! you and Kakali on the same boat dear ! 😀
        be frank, i like mudhit more than vk, only physically matter, not other thing
        even i like namish more than vk, physically also 😀

  5. Awesome episode. Loved it a lot. Sab kuch perfect tha.

  6. awesome episode enjoyed alot nautan is hilarious hope devanshi finds mohan soon

  7. That is the difference between any big production house and small production house . Swaragini is from rashmi sharma telefilms which is a very popular . They invest more in sr like helicoptor scene etc . I like balaji telefilm the most . They choose perfect actors . Chemistry between the leads in any balaji show is awesome . They portrait very nicely every emotions . The backgroung music is fav in each and every balaji shows . I like kavyanjali kaisa yeh pyaar hai pyaar ki ek kahani tere liye pavitra rishta kasam se etc . The music set scenes are just fav . Thats why most of the popular actors are from balaji shows . Actors gain much more popularity tban other shows . Rashmi sharma shows are also nice except sathiya and sasural simar ka . I hate these 2 shows very much . Swaragini was fav except last few months . But in devanshi the clarity , intensity of scenes , backgroud musics are not that much good ( according to me ) . You guys can differentiate by comparing devdan and swasan scenes . Producers of devanshi does not invest much money in it . The sets are not good . They only play piya re song . Devdan propose scene is worst scene and marriage scene is so illogic . This is totaly my opinion . I have no intention to hurt anyone . If i hurt anyone then sorry

    1. Mica

      i agree about music background, Devanshi team sometime choosing bad music for some scene which very disturbing than increasing emotional effect.

      About actor/actress, i think Devanshi team choose perfect one, if you can notice each every characters, they give perfect image for every role they should carry. it’s totally my opinion too, i don’t mean to hurt you.

      You said that you like SR except last few month, actually, seemed all set of SR team still same, but you seemed didn’t like the story line. So, you felt the differences between them. i mean, your opinion on SR MAYBE lil bit got influence by your feeling about the story line, not for the all of set (team), sorry if hurt you,

      About low budget, i think it’s the best way of Devanshi on their strategy marketing from off air. By produce a low budget serial, they sell the serial to channel in low prize too, so, channel still get profit even by low trp or less advertisement. just compare it to SR, SR was high budget serial, it hard for channel to get profit when they should buy serial in high prize per episode but gain low trp and less advertisement as result. That’s why they end SR so soon.
      Sorry it’s my stupid moron opinion, i dunno whether it’s right or wrong 😀 😀

  8. Guys i like kasam se siriel not kasam which i mentioned above . Guys u remember mile jab hum tum . I liked that siriel very much

  9. Arshi was my frst fv…..aftr tht swasan….. “”swasan”” is somthing spcl no intence romance still they made ppl mad frm their small nokjok…..
    I lyk swasan more than devdan….. ilove pair hedith more than vahe…

  10. Sry fr that that intenc vala line…but i think thats true….. I saw many intenc scens of raglak in sr but swasan theire intenc scens r less…..but nokjok n pillo fyt chasing game in whol room….n many incomplet kisses n century of hug….that made them spcl n memorable….huh n spclyy sanskars gentlman vala style….huh missin swasan

  11. Mica

    Thank you Amena mam for update.. finally i watch it and read it.

    Feeling amused to watch 2 married couple in the beginning, Devdhaan and Ishdari, so different :).
    But then.. i’m so disappointed to see Devdhaan scene. There was an opportunity to show intimacy and romantic scene between them, but CVs missed it. If only Devanshi leaned her head on Vardhaan’s shoulder or Vardhaan’s arm wrapped her at side hug, i think it will be better to watch (even though i will scream,,, go away from my Mudhiiiittt !!!) 😀 😀

    Oh ya, feeling hilarious to watch Mohan, and mixed feeling too.. goossh his dress and his annoying face, uuughhhh….

  12. I whish to see hedit in new series together with lots of romance n of course twist

  13. Dear mica i want to tell u that i didn’t like sr of last few months because there is no such scene of swasan . And about budget i totaly agree with you . I think now days helly is not that much intrested in devanshi . You can take any ivs of nowdays helly was quit off . But in swaragini ivs she was so active . There is no single pic of helly with devanshi caste in GPA . What you think guys . Anjum also left the show . But in devanshi helly’s acting is superb . I think helly shares a strongest bond with namish among her male coactors . Nowdays i felt that off screen bonding between helly and nudit is not that much good . Its totataly my pov

    1. Mica

      Ohh,,, even i didn’t like it as there such lack of swasan, even i felt something between Vahe itself, do you remember their nhok-jhok scene at mansi kitchen ? uugghhh it soo different compared their previous nhok-jhok….

      About Iv, i felt same as you, but my reason is not about interest, mostly about Helly’s past i think.
      The problem between Helly and her previous co-actor seemed bring much trauma for her, made her somehow create a distance with her new co-actor on IV, as sometime they love to tease each other through social media.
      About lost interest of Helly, i dunno, but for me she still love this show as she gives the best of her acting skill na, if only she lost interest, she will be kinda less interest too in acting.
      Moreover, she even give herself on this serial totally. Can you notice how many time her hair do changing ?.

      1. Mica, I am missing the old helly a lot. Because she was very active in all her iv but nowadays she is not that much interested like before. And I also noticed that helly used to wish all her Co actors for their birthday but she didn’t wish mudit.
        I think she only has connection with namish from swaragini. Sometimes I feel that jodi swalak hi hona chahiye tha. Tho itna problem nahi hota aur swaragini off air bhi nahi ho jata. (its only my view)

    2. Mica

      Oh ya about Anjum, as ppl finally don’t like triangle love story, Anjum appearance kinda unnecessary for them, So, instead keep Anjum and give salary to her (which mean more budget), They save it by anjum quite the show.
      Don’t you notice they keep only about 8-9 actors/actress even though there was rolling character ?
      Kattadar replaced by Ishwar
      Anjum replaced by Mohan, they only adding shikhar without replacement ( but for sometime Golu disappeared when Shikhar arrived)

  14. Ppl r saying coz of helly devanshi lost trp….(not devanshhi’s fans)…som bashers r using bad words fr her…. May be coz of that she is of….aftrall she is also human….

    1. It’s true sanu.

      1. Mica

        Sairaa.. don’t talk to me on Hindi, i dun understand dear, sorry 😀

      2. saira there is nothing like that she have to wish mudit on sns only she wished him on set so what nothing to post any pic in sns na dear.. bcz that day i remembered in twitter small chat session helly while she is in her make up room helly in twitter mentioned that they have to cut cake and she is in her makeup room for next scene gng to start mudit also clkearly said helly is not here because she is busy in her shoot… she knows what happend during sr her costar bday so may she didnt posted.. she has experienced during sr so she thought nt t wish in sns .. dont think anything wrong they are friends on set.. sorry for my this reply but i dont think if she wished in sns only means she wished him…
        sorry dear..

    2. Mica

      let it be Sanu, hater gonna hate no matter what, as long as Devanshi and Helly still there, let us enjoy it. ;D

      1. mica, saira and all .. want to say something to all…
        actually problem is not helly giving ivs and she is not giving it dear … there is a problem with PH and some news channels helly did segment with glitz vision she is gvng iv and she is not active in sns now a days bcz she have to work for 7 days as show will be mon_sun where sr is mon_fri only…. she is to busy in her studies and shooting… when people asked in twitter to sbs for segments of devanshi they said they have problem with ph for ivs and segments so they are not doing segments … plz guys dont think that helly is not intrested in this show.. you can see her twitter yesterday chat session with helly on twitter she said im loving and liking this role….
        sorry im not saying ur wrong just saying what is actual matter if we didnt get segments that doesnt mean she is not intrested..

      2. Mica

        Ah yaaa.. Anuuu.. it sound logic for me, i forgot that DS aired every day, that too outdoor set which kinda difficult for them to spend time to do IV.
        I watched Mudhit b’day segment yesterday from GLITZ, and they said that Helly took shoot those time that why she wasn’t there.

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