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Devanshi 9th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with men saying we came here for marriage, not to give life. Menka smiles and says think if she dies, all problem will end. Kusum calls Vardaan and says fire caught up the stage, come and save Kalki. Vardaan asks is she playing any game, why are others not saving her. Kusum says none is saving her, if anyone else saves her, they will get credit, if anything happens to her, blame will come on me, I have to go jail. He says don’t cry, I m coming. Kusum thinks once Vardaan saves her, Kalki has to agree to marry him. Devanshi shouts. Gopi and Mohan try to save her. Kusum says don’t worry, Vardaan is coming to save you. Menka asks why did you call Vardaan.

Kusum asks the men to save her. She asks Kalki to see they are useless, they can’t save her. The men leave. Gopi says we will

do something. Someone comes there and jumps in the fire to save Devanshi. The guy saves Devanshi and takes her. Kusum says Vardaan. She thinks my plan worked, now none can stop me from getting them married. The guy drops Devanshi outside the house. He keeps a rose in her lap, and gives a note in her hand. He goes.

Kusum and everyone come. Kusum asks Devanshi to get up. Menka asks who was he. Kusum says he was Vardaan, he has courage to save stranger by risking life. Devanshi gets up. Kusum says Vardaan saved you, those men you called for Swayamvar ran away, see Vardaan saved you by jumping in fire. Gopi asks how did Vardaan make such entry, are you sure he was Vardaan. Kusum says Vardaan does not want to take credit for all this. She sees the red rose and says I think Vardaan left this for you.

Menka says this rose will be for me. Devanshi reads the note, everything is fair in war and love. She thinks its not Vardaan, its someone else, I have to find out about him, I have to find how did this accident happen with me, I have to use it against Vardaan and Menka’s relation. She asks Kusum where is Vardaan, she has to thank him. Vardaan reaches the place and thinks is Kalki fine. The man reaches garage and tells the mechanic that he had gone to save his life. He sees Devanshi’s pic. Kusum asks did you not save her. Vardaan says no, don’t know who was he, how is she now. She says I want you to take credit, I want you to marry Kalki. He gets shocked. She says we will get help by her. He asks how did you think so, we have relation of hatred, I promised Menka of marriage, how did Kalki come in between.

She says Menka is not good, Kalki is not so bad, we will get everything back, this house is Ishwar’s last sign. He says I can never do this. She asks will you refuse to me. He says you know I can’t refuse to you, but I can’t do this, this can’t happen, don’t force me. She hurts herself. He gets shocked and does the aid. She emotionally blackmails him. He asks are you mad, don’t say this again, I can’t lose you, I m ready to marry Kalki. She smiles and says none can stop this marriage now.

Menka argues with Devanshi and says Vardaan would have done the same for anyone, he has big heart. Devanshi says I felt he is blind, else he would have not chosen a girl like you, you are just ordinary. Kusum gets Vardaan. Devanshi thanks and apologizes to him. She praises him for saving her life. She hugs him. Menka gets jealous. Kusum asks Vardaan to say something. He says its okay. He goes. Kusum says he is so great, he did big thing and does not want to take credit. Menka scolds Devanshi. Devanshi asks her to be in limits. She insults Menka. Menka gets angry. Kusum stops Menka. Devanshi says Vardaan jumped in fire and saved my life, he is trying to come close to me. Menka holds her neck. Devanshi twists her hand and pushes her. She warns her against doing such thing again. She says I know some people are trying to kill me, someone planned to ignite fire in Swayamvar, I will find out who has done this.

Manager says someone planned and laid gun powder on stage. Devanshi says I will check everyone’s hands to find the real culprit.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Mica

    thank you soo very much for fast update Amena mam.
    uuugghhhh !!!! please take out your scarf mystery man, let me see you!!! please please please…

  2. Loved the episode. Is ks given some drugs to varadhan. Excited for the next episode.

  3. Omg devdaan hug I know it was emotionless but for devdaan fans it means a lot ryt guys .menka I will kill u just stay away from vardaan

  4. Shiksha

    Wonderful.. Nice epi..

  5. Mars

    Today’s epi was amazing. Loved it.
    New entry seems to be very interesting can’t wait for jealousy track.
    This ks is completely drama Queen but now vardaan agree to marry his own wife. Menka ka popat ho gaya lol.
    Kalki is just nailing and her outfits are tooo good. I m loving it.

  6. Abirsha

    Amazing!!!! It’s going to be interesting now….. Gosh atleast u can reveal the scarf man to us…. I just want kalki to slap menaka!!!! Waiting for that scene…..

  7. Bidhusri Chakraborty

    I loved d episode

  8. loved episode

  9. Loved it

  10. MAHIRA

    So finally i read all the updates…
    The story became much much interesting since there is no more Mata drama…
    the revenge of a hurt and difamed wife and a heart broken mother is what makes this serial going in increasing by TRP hope it will be the same… our Princess deserves that 🙂
    Coming to the story… GOD!!! what kind of leading man role is that Vardaan… if i can digest the fact that he accepted so easily what they planned against his wife, the fact that he’s even not feeling a hint of guilt that the unique woman he loved has been killed and he did nothing to save her is really hurtful!!! he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness… he’s not under some kind of magic charm his mother uses making him a docile puppy in her hands… he’s just like that… if his wife has cheated him and slept with another man to be pregnant from his child… he punished Devanshi but where is the other man? why didn’t he search him for revenge? why didn’t he break his head against walls for taking what was his? this is hurt man’s reaction… instead, he’s living his great life of his mother’s puppet and accepting a cunning low charachter woman like that MEnka as future wife!!!

    Excuse me but I hate this kind of man… this is the first time I don’t believe in first love wala… I don’t believe that great love has to win after all… because the prince in this story hasn’t enough neurons (to not say something else :p) so will be able to handle a prince’s responsability…
    For the first time I hope that the new entry will arase Vardaan’s presence putting him in the place he loves so much, at his mother’s feet! the guy is so good looking and said “everything is fair in war and love”… so he’ filled with some aim too…
    Devanshi, the woman who walked around the fire for her marriage’s rasams her love dragging her told to be dead husband with her isn’t a woman to accept such a spinless guy in life…
    just once, just one i would like to see him eaten by doubts and regrets for not even trying to find the truth further…
    Ok it has been a so so long comment na??
    Keep going on Helly my sweetheart…

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