Devanshi 9th January 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 9th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan seeing the arrangements in the house going on and thinks this can’t be Rajjo’s decision, someone else might have forced her. Devanshi comes. Vardaan asks where was you? Devanshi says I went to meet my Bapu in jail and smiles. He asks what you are hiding behind your back. Devanshi says nothing, she hides the thing. Vardaan tries to see, but couldn’t. Devanshi says how can I let you see this. Vardaan goes. Geeta asks Devanshi about Rajjo and goes to room. Devanshi also comes there, and collides with her. The thing in her hand falls under the chair. Geeta asks are you fine? Devanshi says I will talk to you later and search for the thing/tablet box. Geeta asks what you are searching. Devanshi finally gets it under the chair, and goes. Geeta sees bangle under the chair

and picks it up. She looks at it and matches it with hers shockingly. She thinks same bangles are worn by Mohini only.

Nutan’s brother cries and says I became a widower without marriage, and someone else took my Rajjo. Nutan says I don’t know Bhabhi maa will chose camel like man for Rajjo leaving handsome guy for you. She says we will search a beautiful girl for you. Gopi welcomes Malik and says it is nice to see our guest coming in the evening as our relative. He greets them. Devanshi thinks to do something to make Rajjo know Ashutosh’s love. Gopi asks Malik about the arrangements. Malik says it is great. Gopi thanks him. Kusum brings Rajjo there and asks her to smile. Rajjo is sad but smiles. Malik stares her. Nutan tells her brother that she can’t go against bhabhimaa. Her brother looks at Rajjo and says she is looking hot. Nutan asks him to speak in low tone. Devanshi eyes the juices glasses. She opens the packet in her hand, and adds a tablet in the juice secretly.

Vardaan comes and asks Devanshi why she took juice glass when she don’t drink it. Devanshi is tensed and runs holding the glass.. she comes to Malik running. He asks her to be careful. Mohan, Geeta, Nutan and others look on. Malik asks what you are doing? Devanshi apologizes to him for morning incident and gives him juice. Malik forgives her saying children are like God’s avatar. Malik drinks juice and says its good. Vardaan thinks she is playing some game. Kusum says lets start the rasam. Malik feels stomach pain. Kusum asks Nutan to do tika. Nutan says okay. Malik stops her and says he will be back in 1 min. Everyone looks on clueless. Devanshi smiles. Malik comes back after relieving himself and asks Nutan to begin the rasam. Nutan starts doing aarti. Malik feels pain again and goes to washroom. Kusum thinks what happened to him suddenly and asks if everything is fine. Malik says yes, everything is fine now. Mohan looks on. Devanshi looks on.

Kusum says exchange rings now and get into relation for forever. She gives ring in Rajjo’s hand. Devanshi is shocked. Malik looks on smiling. Kusum smiles. Ashutosh comes and says dance program should happen for this celebration. Devanshi thinks it is good, now their plan will work. Gopi asks why did you come here? Ashutosh comes in dabang avatar and says I am your driver and shall be with you in every situation. He says give you permission to dance and then see the entertainment. The guest there ask him to perform. Ashutosh says he will perform in Salman Khan’s style. He sings Tere Mast Mast Nain…and signs at Rajjo.

Devanshi dances with him. Rajjo smiles seeing him dancing. Devanshi goes out and looks at the electricity circuit box, recalling what Ashutosh asked her to do. She tries to pull the switch off and uses small table to stand over it. Suddenly the wires sparks, she moves back and then pulls the switch down. Electricity gets off. Ashutosh holds Rajjo’s hand and takes her to a corner. Rajjo tries to move his hand from her mouth. He asks her to listen to her and says I love you…I can give even my life for you. Rajjo gets emotional and is in tears. Mann Mora…plays………Ashutosh says I know Rajjo that I am your car’s driver, and my didi is your secret and my jiju is in jail. He says my jiju asked me to confess my feelings to you, and that’s why I came here to tell you. He says this love is not new, I love you since we were children and play house game, I love you Rajji very much.

They beat Ashutosh. Devanshi tries to protect Ashutosh and confesses to have added tablet in Malik’s juice and switching off electricity. Kusum is shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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