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Devanshi 9th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum saying Ishwar changed my name to Kusum after marriage, my Maayka people used to call me Soundarya. Nutan says I did not know this. Devanshi thinks is that Soundarya Chatterjee someone else. Kusum thinks if I got late, Geeta would have told her everything. Gopi comes and asks Kusum to distribute the blankets. Kusum does. Devanshi thinks am I mad to doubt on Kusum, she does good to poor, sorry to doubt on her, Maiyya don’t punish me. Devanshi worries.

Geeta gets conscious. She gets shocked seeing the fire. She tries to find the exit. The door falls down. Geeta manages to escape. Rajjo and Ashutosh run. Malik gets angry and call his men. He asks the men to find them alive, I will kill Ashutosh in front of Rajjo. Rajjo says Malik’s men are after me. Ashutosh says

I won’t let anything happen to you. She says I worry for both of us, come.

Geeta comes out of the place. She says I called you Maa Kusum, but you are a devil. She recalls Kusum’s words. She sees a handpump and goes to have some water. She gets water in hand and smiles. She sees Sarla and gets shocked. Sarla pumps out water for her.

Vardaan says so much happened and you did not tell me. Devanshi says you always make me run away. Ishwar signs Vardaan. Vardaan says see Papa is worrying because of you. Devanshi says he can worry because of you also. Vardaan asks did Geeta say anything else. Devanshi says no, her phone got cut, she just said about Soundarya, I felt Kusum is Soundarya, but she did not tell her complete name, don’t get angry that I had doubted on Kusum. Vardaan says I got to know this now that Kusum’s real name is Soundarya, I don’t know her surname. Ishwar thinks I know Kusum is Soundarya Chatterjee, Devanshi is close to truth, but her innocence is not letting her see this. He signs them. Devanshi says I think Ishwar wants to tell something. She asks him to write fast.

Sarla comes and calls Kusum as Soundarya Chatterjee. Kusum gets shocked and drops aarti plate. Sarla says it will be fun when everyone calls you by this name, if everyone know this and your sins, what they will do, they will remove Mata from your name and scold you.

Sarla says Geeta is alive, and see she told your truth to me, I came to tell this to everyone, you are not any Mata, you are Soundarya Chatterjee, who is a sinner, fraud and mean woman, I was finding such chance, I did not announce this as you love me, I came here to tell you that I know your truth, I will go now. Kusum says I will give you money, live life like me, I will give you everything, I will get Omi out of jail, make list of what you want, make a list. Sarla recalls Kusum humiliating her and says fine, I want you to beg to me and tell this.

Kusum begs to Sarla. Sarla says I get hurt seeing you helpless, now you begged me, I will stay here with you, you will give me all rights, which you gave to Mohan. Kusum agrees. She says just tell me where is Geeta. Sarla laughs and asks how will I tell this to you, I will not let Geeta become hurdle for you till you agree to me. Kusum says fine, but that Devanshi who is after my life…. Sarla says I will manage her, she loves me a lot, now this is our deal. They shake hands.

Devanshi asks Ishwar to try and write. Vardaan says don’t force him, he will write when he can. He cares for Ishwar. Nutan comes and says Sarla has come to stay here. Devanshi gets glad. Nutan says don’t know why is Kusum doing this, first she got Devanshi and now her family. She goes. Devanshi runs to meet Sakshi. Sakshi hugs Devanshi and says I will stay here now. Devanshi says I m very happy, we will play together. They hug. Sarla looks at Devanshi and thinks very soon I will become reason of sorrow for Devanshi.

Devanshi exposes Kusum. The villagers beat Kusum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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