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Devanshi 8th November 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Nutan checking news and rushing to Kusum. Kusum asks what happened. Nutan asks her to read news. Kusum and Sarla read the news about Devanshi doing great thing. Sarla gets shocked. Nutan tells Kusum that Devanshi’s pic is bigger than hers, no one will talk of Kusum. Sarla says Devanshi’s big pic came in newspaper, Devanshi did a miracle. Kusum asks Nutan to go and do her work. Nutan goes. Kusum gets angry and says Devanshi did a thing and newspapers printed her pic, I did prediction and they are praising her, I will not let anything get bigger than me.

Sarla says Devanshi will sit in Kusum’s throne. Devanshi is loved by Sarla. Sarla hugs her. Devanshi says I can do anything for you. Kusum says I have do miracle that my name is in newspapers. She tears papers and throws.

Devanshi sees her pic.

Omi comes to her and says your photo came in newspaper, you made me proud, what happened. Devanshi asks why did other kids pic not come, we all have run away together, why just my pic. Sarla says you are special kid, thats why. Omi asks Sarla to talk to him. Sarla says let me explain Devanshi. She says you saved those kids. Devanshi says they were scared. Sarla says don’t doubt on your powers, you are Devi’s ansh. Devanshi says I will not forget this, I will thank Maiyya to choose me. She runs. Omi asks Sarla why is she saying this and that to Sarla.

Sarla says I m not raising her for kanyadaan, I have to do pind daan of Kusum, let me celebrate. Kusum says I have to do something, but what. Mohan comes and talks on phone saying yes send gifts for Mata, its Diwali. Kusum gets an idea and says its big chance to show miracle, I will show such miracle that my name will be lighted. She thanks Mohan and says go and tell everyone that Kusum is going to show big miracle on Diwali. He says you look very happy and goes.

Sarla ties a wire to the doll. Omi asks what is she doing. She asks him to switch on current. Omi does as she says. The doll gets the shock and shakes up. He asks Sarla is she going to do this with Devanshi. She says you got smart being with me. He gets shocked. She says I will hide my gold necklace in village, then I will shout. She tells her plan. She says I will send Devanshi, you act to find necklace, Devanshi’s miracle will shock him, their devotion will increase. He says I knew you have no mother’s heart, but you have devil heart, I will not let you do this work.

She says whoever tries to stop me will be my enemy. He asks her not to do bad, this can happen with out daughter too. She says Devanshi will fulfill my motive, leave current on time.

Nutan tells about the news and laughs. Kusum hears Nutan backbiting about her. Nutan sees Kusum and gets shocked. Kusum takes her necklace and says it got old, I got to know your truth. He asks Nutan to get new necklace in Diwali. Nutan asks really. Kusum asks don’t you trust me. Nutan says I do. Kusum asks her to prepare for evening aarti. She breaks the necklace and gets angry. She says I will teach her a lesson.

Mohan calls Kusum and says I m coming back, I did not get shoes. She asks him not to show face if he does not the shoes. She says he will know shoes imp on Diwali night, no one can touch me then. Devanshi asks Sakshi to see her pic. Sakshi asks why did my pic not come in newspaper. Devanshi says there is one way to get pic published. Sarla cries and tells ladies that her necklace got stolen.

Ladies say Devanshi is Maiyya’s avatar, tell her, she will find the necklace. Sarla says she is little and Maiyya comes by her wish. Sarla acts. Ladies ask Sarla to come temple. Omi looks on. Sarla says we will go to Devanshi, maybe Mata gives darshan to you all. Devanshi gets Ashutosh. Sakshi gets dressed in Mata clothes. Devanshi says I made her wear this, click her pic so that her pic gets printed in newspaper, she is worried that her pic did not get printed, so I got this idea to get pic printed in newspaper. Ashutosh says fine.

Omi says Sarla, I m scared, you are doing bad, Devanshi is little kid and can’t do this. Sarla asks him to come. Ashutosh takes the pic and says I will light tubelight, pic is coming dark. He walks towards the wire and does not see the doll.

Sarla asks ladies to pray to Devanshi. She signs Omi to switch on button. Devanshi sits praying.

Update Credit to: Amena

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