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Devanshi 8th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum acting good seeing Vardaan. She says see Ishwar tried to write something. Vardaan smiles. Ishwar thinks I wish Vardaan could see Kusum’s truth. Geeta says Kusum cured the diseased girl, but the girl is fine, but the things went from this magic store, we thought all the magical things are miracle, it means Kusum has ordered all these things, Kusum is Soundarya, and Mohan who is Kusum’s servant, he is with Kusum. She cries and recalls Kusum’s words. She says the video was shown to everyone, that lady in video was actually Kusum. She cries and says Kusum has done all this and framed me, I have to tell this to Devanshi. She calls Devanshi.

Geeta says I got to know everything, who is that woman, Soundarya Chaterjee. Devanshi recalls seeing the bills by that name.

Geeta says that woman is….. Kusum comes there and stops Geeta. Kusum hurts Geeta and suffocates her. She says if you can reach truth, I can reach you, look there, that girl made you reach me and made me reach you. Devanshi says why did Geeta end call, who is this Soundarya Chaterjee. Kusum says you made this name reach Devanshi, but you could not tell her who is she, I will not let my game end, the woman who can make husband handicapped for her greed, how can she lose so soon, will you and Devanshi ruin me. Geeta gets shocked. Kusum says I can sacrifice anyone for my motives. Devanshi thinks why is Geeta not calling again. Geeta has to be careful of that woman.

Kusum asks Geeta to go to Sarju forever. Geeta faints. Kusum asks the girl to erase all proofs. Devanshi sees her parents’ pic and says Maiyya will make me reach that woman.

Rajjo meets Malik and apologizes. She says I m ready to marry you, I will do as Kusum says, please agree for marriage. He says fine, wipe your tears, I m soft hearted and can’t see your tears, be ready to do anything if you are ready for marriage. She asks what do you mean. He holds her close and says I mean, you got ready for marriage, I want your yes. She gets angry and slaps him. He pushes her on the bed and says you are going to become my wife, I will teach you all rules to be a wife, I will see who stops me. She asks him to leave her. Ashutosh comes and pulls Malik back. Malik asks how did you come. Ashutosh asks how did you touch Rajjo, I knew you will do wrong with her, none can save you from me, your men are not here. They both fight. Malik gets his gun. Ashutosh defends. Malik gets shot. Rajjo and Ashutosh leave.

Devanshi says I have to find Soundarya. Sakshi comes and hugs her. She says its good I got you here, see what I got, pickles. Devanshi says I will eat it, as you got it with love. Sakshi asks why are you worried. Devanshi says I want to know why Mohan killed my parents. Sakshi asks how will you find out. Devanshi hears someone taking Soundarya’s name.

Kusum talks to her brother. He leaves. Devanshi thinks why did that man call Kusum as Soundarya. The men put kerosene in the room and lock Geeta inside. The girl signs them to go and ignites fire to the room. She calls Kusum and says your work is done. She leaves.

Nutan asks Kusum is she fine. Kusum says yes, so I m going out. Devanshi calls out Soundarya. Kusum worries. Devanshi comes and asks Kusum is her name Soundarya.

Kusum thinks did Geeta tell her everything before dying, I heard her saying just half truth. Nutan asks are you mad Devanshi, everyone knows her name is Kusum Sundari. Devanshi says I heard someone calling her Soundarya. Nutan scolds her. Devanshi asks why did that man call Kusum as Soundarya. Kusum stops Nutan. She says yes, my name is Soundarya. Devanshi gets shocked.

Devanshi tells Vardaan and Ishwar about Kusum’s name. Sarla comes and greets Kusum, threatening to expose her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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    Hey guys just heard that devanshi will soon have a leap and vardhaan and devanshi will grow big soon…. No….I really like the two small cuties they are both cute….and helly shah will be devanshi nooo… I like helly shah but I really don’t like how she looks like and she can’t act properly I don’t care if helly shah is sakshi… But please directors get a new and good actress for devanshi… Also for vardhaan please please

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