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Devanshi 7th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla counting the money and telling Omi that Devanshi will earn for them and their child will get good future. She turns greedy. Omi asks her what about the call you made to her parents, you called them to take the girl. Sarla says I will not give them the girl, forget it. Devanshi’s parents look on. Om gets shocked. Sarju is at Mohan’s home and catches him red handed. Mohan gets shocked seeing Sarju. Gayatri and her husband take Devanshi from Sarla’s place. Gayatri says its first time that a mother is kidnapping her own daughter. They rush.

Sarju asks Mohan to admit his crimes. Mohan apologizes. Sarju asks him what happened with Ishwar that night. Someone hits on Sarju’s head. Sarju faints. Mohan looks on and smiles.

Omi comes back and sees Devanshi gone.

Omi calls out Sarla and tells her that girl is gone. Gayatri and her husband are on the way with Devanshi. Mohan takes Sarju and tells him that he will regret for his death. He says your wife will become a widow. Geeta wakes up from sleep and feels restless. She prays for Sarju. Kusum comes in between the way, and stops the car. Kusum tells Mohan that you have raised hand on my Devar, who is like my son, you cheated me and broke your trust. Mohan says listen to me, what he did. Kusum says police man has first relation with his uniform. She wins Sarju’s trust and asks Sarju did you get hurt, are you fine.

Sarju says I m fine. She asks Mohan to hear what he is saying, Bhabhimaa, he is not saying his pain so that I don’t get hurt, Sarju I will punish this Mohan infront of your eyes. She goes to Mohan and holds his collar. She says what you did today, it has just one punishment. She hugs Mohan. Sarju gets shocked. Sarju says it means Gayatri said right about you. Kusum says yes, you were ignorant, it was not my mistake, I did Ishwar’s accident, I did not know he will not die so easily. Sarju gets shocked and asks did you try to do Ishwar’s accident. She says what could I do, I had no option, I told him to use the feelings of villagers who regarded him Lord, she had to stop Ishwar and become Mata Kusum Sundari, she made the temple a palace.

She tells Sarju that she has got her love, Mohan and laughs. Sarju says I respected you so much and always believed you, you have done all this, your game is over. She laughs that he can’t even manage his constable. He asks her to surrender to police, Ishwar says one should get chance to change, I will give you chance to change, I will not take revenge, I will appeal to court for less punishment, I care for relations more than you. She laughs and asks him why is he talking of ethics even by seeing death infront of his eyes. She says I m not great like you, you maybe giving chance to someone, but I don’t. She stabs Sarju. Mohan looks on. Devanshi’s parents see this murder happening. Gayatri says Kusum has gone mad, she will kill even our Devanshi.

Kusum tells Mohan that Sarju died, now catch them. Devanshi’s dad takes the van reverse. They meet with an accident, and Devanshi falls down. Kusum and Mohan come there and see Devanshi’s parents injured. Mohan says they are hundi girl parents, they were running with the girl who fell in cliff. Kusum says we will kill them, what are you thinking, come we will send them to their daughter, they got to know my truth. Kusum and Mohan try to kill Gayatri and her husband.

Kusum and Mohan stab them and kill. Devanshi hears her parents scream. Gayatri curses Kusum that she will lose all her powers and her pride will be ruined. Kusum laughs. Kusum and Mohan leave. Gayatri hears Devanshi crying and thanks Ghungroo wali Maiyya for Devanshi. Devanshi’s parents die.

Seven years later, people gather near the river and say little girl does not know swimming. Devanshi comes out of the river waters. Devanshi is seen. She smiles by getting money out of the waters.

Devanshi grows up. Voiceover, how will she face Kusum……

Update Credit to: Amena

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