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The Episode starts with Devanshi saying she does not know who were those people. Everyone ask Devanshi to recall well. Devanshi says I did not see anyone, but has just seen some car, I remember the car number. Ashutosh asks the car number. Devanshi tells car number. Nutan says its Kusum’s car. Gopi asks Nutan to think and talk. Gopi says kid can say anything. Sarla says my daughter also says truth and her memory is good. Gopi says you mean Kusum kidnapped the kid. Kusum says kids are like Lord avatar, she is seeing what she has seen, she should understand it. Ashutosh ask her to say number again. Rajjo asks her not to be scared.

Devanshi says I have seen number well. Kusum looks at Mohan. Kusum says we should respect the kid’s courage. Gopi asks what are you saying, she is raising question

on you. She says she raised question on me, its fine, where is the car. Mohan says its outside. Kusum asks Devanshi do you remember number well, come we will match number and truth will come out. She takes Devanshi. Everyone go alone. Kusum asks Devanshi to see the car number. Sarla thinks what is going on in Kusum’s mind.

Kusum blesses Devanshi. She tells some car number to Devanshi and scolds her angrily saying the number again. She feeds the wrong number in her mind and hypnotizes her. Devanshi gets dizzy.

Kusum asks Devanshi to say car number again. Sarla thinks Devanshi should say right number and expose Kusum, it will be great if Kusum gets punished today. Devanshi tells the number. It does not match with Kusum’s car number. Kusum smiles. Everyone get shocked. Mohan smiles seeing Kusum.

Kusum thinks my dad taught me hypnotism and it came to work today, if I did not teach this to Devanshi today, it would be tough. Omi stops Sarla. Nutan says Devanshi was saying different number before. Gopi says I told you, kids don’t have sense. The people scold Devanshi for blaming Kusum.

Kusum says its fine, leave it, she is just a kid. Nutan says Kusum has big heart. People chant Kusum’s name. The people push Devanshi and she gets in the crowd. Kusum smiles.

Sarla gets angry on Devanshi in home and asks why did you say wrong number. Omi and Ashutosh ask Sarla to leave it. Devanshi says I don’t know how I said wrong number. Omi takes Sarla along. Ashutosh asks Devanshi to forget it, it happens sometimes, you would be hungry, I will make milkshake for you.

Its morning, Geeta asks Rajjo why is she happy. Rajjo says nothing. Geeta says its Dhanteras and you will get some gift from Kusum. Rajjo says its good that Devanshi came back fine. Nutan makes sweets. Geeta says two plates were needed. Nutan says I m not your maid. Gopi says no one will doubt on Kusum’s power, she will be proved right always. Nutan says everyone treat me like maid and cries. Gopi talks to her.

Kusum says I know Nutan did this to serve her. Nutan says yes, you tell me and I m ready to serve you. Kusum asks her to wash the ca. She goes. Mohan looks on and thinks why is she not talking to me, she would have some idea in her mind.

Sarla prays. She says she has something to give the girls. Devanshi and Sakshi close eyes. Sarla gives them earrings. Omi says just one pair. Sarla says yes, its for one of them, Devanshi. Sakshi was thinking it is for her. Sakshi gets upset. Sarla makes Devanshi swear that she will change this one pair earring to make 100 pairs of gold. Devanshi swears. Omi feels sad.

She says I will make Sakshi wear this, as you are already wearing one. Devanshi agrees. Sakshi gets glad wearing gold earrings. Devanshi smiles. Sarla asks them to pray. Sarla smiles seeing Omi, and thinks Sakshi is her real daughter.

Kusum and Sarla read news about Devanshi in newspaper. Sarla gets glad that Devanshi will throw out Kusum out of the throne.

Update Credit to: Amena

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