Devanshi 7th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 7th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Vardaan to be careful, next time this won’t happen. He says you did not do right with my mum. She asks him to punish her if she did wrong. She says you just know talking big things, if this happened with my mum, I would have killed that person, maybe you can’t save anyone. He recalls saving Devanshi. She says I heard your wife fell down the cliff, you could not save her, were you saving someone else. He recalls Devanshi. She asks were you hurt, I m just asking out of curiosity.

He tells her about someone saving him, when he was nearly dying, this wound mark is of that time. He recalls Devanshi. She says wow, I m sure that person would be loving you a lot, you would be doing puja of that person, no? You pray to stone idol and forgot the one because of whom

you are alive, you should get award for hypocrisy. He looks at her. She says I don’t find your sight good, don’t cheat Menka, seeing your character, nothing can be expected from you. He throws the sword and leaves. Kusum asks him what happened, what did Kalki say. He says I went there on your saying, never ask this to me again. He pushes her. She falls down. He says sorry, are you hurt.

She says no. He says Kalki is pointing finger at my character. Menka asks what happened. Devanshi comes there. Vardaan holds Menka’s hand and says our marriage is after two days. Devanshi says do anything, it will be after my marriage, its final round of my Swayamvar tomorrow. She goes. Kusum says Menka has insulted you, will you marry her. Menka asks Kusum will you make him against me. He asks Menka to talk to Kusum well, I promised to marry Menka, I have to keep it, she is staying here with belief, this marriage will happen. Kusum thinks what is Kalki thinking.

Devanshi recalls Vardaan. Her inner self asks her to say she still loves Vardaan. Devanshi says no, I just hate him. Her inner self asks her not to run away from truth. Devanshi says I lost my child, that Devanshi also died with my child, I m a mum who will take revenge of my child’s dad. Her inner self asks will you get peace by ruining Vardaan. Devanshi shouts yes, I will ruin Vardaan and get happiness.

Nutan asks manager to have more food. Manager says no, its Kalki’s swayamvar final round, I have to go. She asks what is she doing in final round. He says sorry, I can’t tell you, its a surprise. She slips. Manager holds her. Menka comes and reacts like Nutan seeing them. Manager says sorry and goes. Menka asks what was happening here. Nutan asks her to control her tongue, I was asking Kalki’s Swayamvar plan, he did not say. Menka says even I had to know this. Devanshi tells manager that she wants everything perfect tomorrow. Gopi comes singing and holds her feet, saying I got a chance to sing because of you.

Everyone smiles. Gopi says you told them about my talent, thanks, my song album will come out. Devanshi says leave my feet idiot. She insults Gopi and throws the sweets. She asks them to leave. Vardaan asks her to talk well. She asks will he teach her how to talk to servants, he is also ill mannered. Kusum calms down Vardaan. She thinks he is fool, I want him to marry this rich girl, don’t know what will happen in Swayamvar, I want to know her plan. She apologizes to Devanshi and thanks her for giving big chance to Gopi. Devanshi says I don’t like flattering people, I have much work. Kusum congrats Gopi and goes. Gopi says I know you are soft hearted like our Devanshi. Devanshi says shut up, don’t compare me with her, I hate her name, get lost. They all go. She eats sweets and thinks I can’t express happiness in front of everyone.

Devanshi says every participant has to shoot at this small glass. Kusum aims at Kalki.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Awesome. Loved it

  2. Superb episode and today we are able to saw a lot of emotions of devanshi anger, pain, confusion… And our helly rocked with her performance.
    And guys it is confirmed that Piyush is entering the show.
    Waiting for the next episode.
    Wish u happy weekend.

  3. so nice….epi..

  4. Mica

    thank you so much Amena mam for update.
    uughhhh, happy for gopi, feeling blue for Devanshi, and their marriage scene, omg!! it’s so painful to remember

  5. Mars

    Amazing epi. I loved it. Devdaan scenes were tooo good. Huh!!! Devdaan hate each other no way.
    Urrrrrgggg this menka throw her out yarrr. Nutan and gopi are also too much.hawwww precap. Waiting…..
    Kalki aka helluuu rocks all other shocks.

  6. Shiksha


  7. loving episodes new entry in devanshi as antagonist
    guys if you have India forum accounts please comment for helly on article as Helly Shah,,.. and increase her rank in IF

    1. Mica

      it’s not allowed to comment 🙁 , i dunno why

  8. Neptune

    the track is turning out to be lovely…..
    damn interesting…..
    hope the trp increases more n more….
    hellu is just nailing it…..
    love u hellu….

  9. Abirsha

    Wow!!!! The show is getting interesting now and then and the increase in trp is a good news!!!! Now a new antagonist is going to enter the show…. He was very good in beyhadh!!!! I am sure we can expect the trp around 1!!!! Fingers crossed

  10. OK just now only watched episode on voot as I am not able to watch at 7 slot n there is no repeat the episode was just awesome n my doll just rocked it pls CVS do anything but don’t separate devdaan

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