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Devanshi 7th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Malik to free Omi from jail, as he is Kanoon uncle. Malik says I m not any Devi Devta, I can’t do anything. Devanshi ties black cloth to his eyes and says I have seen this on internet. Malik says its sting operation on me and goes. Devanshi says minister uncle left, who will free my dad from jail. Rajjo asks her not to worry, nothing wrong will happen with you, as you come to place where wrong happens. She hugs Devanshi. Ashutosh comes and covers Rajjo with sweater. Rajjo says you went, how did you come. Ashutosh asks her not to marry Malik, his eyes have no shame, don’t listen to Kusum, refuse for this proposal. Malik’s guard take him.

Geeta wears the bangle. Mohan stops her and asks how did you get these bangles. She says I bought it, married women

wear bangles, why did you not like it. Kusum comes and sees him holding Geeta’s hand. Geeta goes. Kusum scolds Mohan for getting close to Geeta. He asks what. Kusum says don’t forget, its just namesake marriage, if you try to cheat me, I will not leave you. She goes. He says I don’t understand women.

Malik comes to meet Kusum. She says you came alone, where is Rajjo, why do you look angry. Rajjo, Ashutosh and Devanshi come. Devanshi asks Malik not to get angry and help her in freeing Omi. Kusum says so this is the reason for your annoyance, don’t feel bad of her words, I m sorry. Malik says I got angry and came alone, Rajjo and I were having good time, this girl spoiled things. He holds Rajjo and asks are you fine. Kusum asks Rajjo to go to room. Rajjo goes.

Devanshi says I went to Malik to take help. Malik asks what are you saying. He scolds Ashutosh and sends him. She calls Mohan and asks him to take Devanshi to her dad. Devanshi says but I have to talk to Malik. Mohan says talk to me, meet your dad, come. They leave. Malik says I m sorry, I can’t give you the ticket.

Kusum gets shocked and says I want ticket, we had deal, I gave Rajjo’s hand, what’s problem. Malik says I want proof for marriage deal. She says I did announcement in front of family, I have sent Rajjo with you, what proof do you want. He says if you want ticket, talk to Rajjo about accepting me. He goes.

Kusum calls Rajjo to talk. She says I have sent you alone with Malik, I can’t let your name spoil, so I m going to do your roka soon, we can’t delay. Rajjo says I m not able to agree to this relation. Kusum asks what, did anything happen. Rajjo says there is no match, he asked me to drink wine, I refused and he insisted. Kusum asks what else. Rajjo says he tried to touch me, I don’t like this. Kusum laughs and says he is from city, from high society, its common to drink wine and hold hand, once you marry and go to his house, you will learn everything. Rajjo says no, I can’t see him as my husband, I don’t find it good, give me some time to think, please. Kusum asks her to come along.

Devanshi and Ashutosh meet Omi in jail. Om hugs her and says I m fine, I m not annoyed with you, why did you leave going to school, Sarla and Sakshi told me. She says its wrong that you are innocent and got in jail, till I get you out, I won’t go school. Omi says I will come out in few days. She says no one is helping you, I spoke to minister too, he did not listen to me, he is bad. Omi asks which minister. Ashutosh says union minister Malik came to meet Kusum, maybe Kusum wants to stand in election this time, Kusum fixed Rajjo’s marriage with Malik. He gets sad. Omi asks what are you saying.

Devanshi asks how can Rajjo marry him, you want to marry Rajjo. Ashutosh says Rajjo should also agree to marry me. She says you never asked her. Ashutosh says no use to ask. Omi asks him not to worry, marriage did not happen, did you tell feelings to Rajjo, don’t hide it, go and tell her, leave worrying about me, Maiyya is with me, you talk to Rajjo, confess love to her, Devanshi support Ashutosh in this thing and go school every day.

Kusum takes Rajjo to Ishwar and says you are not agreeing to me, you will agree to Ishwar. She asks Ishwar don’t you want Rajjo to get married, that she gets a good life partner. Ishwar nods. Rajjo cries. Kusum asks Rajjo to see Ishwar also wants this, I will call Malik and refuse for marriage, I had many dreams for your marriage. Rajjo stops Kusum and says I m ready for marriage. Kusum smiles. Ishwar worries for Rajjo. Kusum hugs Rajjo.

Devanshi asks Ashutosh to stop Rajjo’s marriage, you love her, and maybe she also loves you, ask her once. He says I wish it was so easy, I can’t tell my feelings to her. She says how will she know it then. He says I decided, I will confess love to Rajjo. He gets Sarla’s call. He says I m going for imp work. Sarla says Rajjo and Malik’s roka is happening today, if you really love her, don’t let her roka happen. Ashutosh tells Devanshi about Rajjo’s roka, now her marriage is fixed with Malik. Devanshi says we have to stop this roka, you love Rajjo. He says I will stop this roka in every way. She smiles.

Devanshi takes the juice for Malik and gives him. Malik drinks juice and goes to bathroom again and again.

Update Credit to: Amena

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