Devanshi 7th February 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 7th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Geeta saying that woman is very clever, and knows she will get everything easily on Kusum’s name. Devanshi says we have to find her. Geeta says I m worried for you. Devanshi says Maiyya is there to take care of me. Geeta says I m worried for Kusum also, that woman is around. Kusum thinks to whom is Devanshi talking. She gets a call. Devanshi sees Kusum and worries. Devanshi ends call. Kusum asks Devanshi to whom were you talking. Nutan says someone is calling and not talking, I told Devanshi not to be around. She asks Devanshi to go. Devanshi thinks to find out the woman, who was with Mohan in video.

Kusum meets Mohan. Inspector says we are shifting him soon. Kusum says I want to talk to him and know why did he do this crime. Inspector says fine, who can refuse you.

He goes. Kusum asks Mohan are you annoyed with me, think if I tried to save you, I would have fell in their doubts too, my brother changed the video and put Geeta’s face in it, Ishwar took that video, Devanshi got that phone, trust me I won’t let anything happen to you. Mohan holds her neck and scolds her for her drama.
She says for our blood, which is in my womb right now. He gets shocked and leaves her. She says you wanted to settle with me, see I m giving birth to this child, do you think I will not save you. He asks are you saying true. She says yes, its our child, if you don’t believe me, kill me and our baby too. They cry.

Inspector comes and says we have to shift Mohan soon. Kusum signs Mohan. He goes. Kusum thinks I know to make weakness into strength, now Mohan will not go against me. She leaves. Devanshi comes there and stops Mohan. She says I know Geeta is not that woman, tell me who is she, why did you kill my parents, tell me, answer me. Mohan recalls Kusum’s words. He is taken by police. Devanshi asks him to answer her. Her parents pic fall. She hugs the pic and cries.

Kusum gets a shocking news. She gets the magic store bills and thinks to burn all evidences today. Geeta goes to the magic store and sees the man leaving. She thinks to go inside and find some clue. Kusum burns all bills. Geeta looks for some order files. She says who is Soundarya Chatterjee, there are many things on her name.

Devanshi goes and hugs Ishwar. She cries and asks will Mohan never tell me the truth, who is that woman, tell me. Ishwar moves hand. She gives a stress ball in his hand. She asks what do you want. She gives him a pen and a paper, and asks him to try. He thinks to write Kusum’s name. Geeta says it means, even magical shoes went on this woman’s name, I have to find out who is this Soundarya. She finds a box and gets some notes inside with swastik sign. She thinks Kusum making the swastik on notes. Kusum says its first chadava and should not get mix with others. Geeta says no, this can’t happen. Devanshi comes to Kusum and says Ishwar is writing with his hands. Kusum gets shocked and thinks how is this happened, I never thought Ishwar will get fine.

Devanshi asks why are you burning this papers. Kusum rushes to stop Ishwar. Devanshi reads Soundarya Chatterjee’s name on the bills and says who is Soundarya. Ishwar writes K. Kusum comes there and gets shocked. She spoils the letter and hurts his hand. He screams. She threatens him. Vardaan comes there and sees Kusum holding Ishwar’s collar. Ishwar sees Vardaan at the door. Kusum understands someone entered the room and gets cautious.

Geeta cries and says Kusum is Soundarya Chatterjee, I have to tell Devanshi. She calls Devanshi and says I got to know who is that woman.

Update Credit to: Amena

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