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The Episode starts with Devanshi giving the repaired phone to Vardaan. She asks him not to throw it again. He throws phone and goes. She says he slapped on other cheek too and asks him to stop. Sarla gets the phone and says its costly phone, its good to get it. Gopi sings bhajan. Kusum meets Mohan and asks him to go, anyone can come, go from here. He says listen to me. Devanshi asks Vardaan why does he not talk to her well, I got phone repaired. He says I m already worried. She asks whats your worry. He says I don’t want to go hostel, I want to stay here with Papa. Kusum wants to send me, no one can change her decision. She says then tell your Papa. He will tell school people. He asks are you joking on my Papa. Devanshi takes Rajjo’s call and asks Vardaan to make video call. He asks what will I


She asks Vardaan to call school and tell them that Ishwar is unwell and wants you here, show them Ishwar, he will nod and school guys will not call you back. Vardaan agrees and makes video call to his Sir. He shows Ishwar and says he is unwell, I want to stay with him. Ishwar nods. The man says Kusum wants you to come back to hostel, I want to talk to her, till then I can’t take any decision, get phone to her. Devanshi says I will take phone, stay on call. She goes and asks for Kusum. She runs to temple and asks the man to stay on hold.

Mohan asks did I become stranger now, how did you think I will blackmail you, I wrote message so that you come to meet me, I wanted to know you always loved me, how can you forget me. He holds her hand. Devanshi is on the way. Kusum says stay away, I don’t want anyone to see me with you, Vardaan is also here. He says you can’t make me away from yourself, don’t punish me for small thing. She says you think its small mistake, you forgot my image, this is punishment. He apologizes and says I will not do mistake again, forgive me, I can’t live without you. She says leave me. Devanshi comes and asks what are you doing. They get shocked seeing Devanshi.

Devanshi asks Mohan why is he holding Mata’s hands. She calls everyone to see Mohan is holding Mata’s hands. Everyone come there. Kusum and Mohan get shocked. They all hold Mohan. Mohan denies the matter. Devanshi says Mohan was troubling Mata, she was trying to get free, he was not leaving her. Gopi and Nutan get shocked.

Nutan asks Kusum what was Mohan doing with you. Gopi scolds Mohan. Nutan says what was Kusum doing with Mohan. Kusum gets speechless and goes. Mohan leaves. Gopi says Kusum is great, maybe Mohan was fooling her, its good we came on right time. The man says this is also Choti Mata’s miracle, she saved Kusum. Nutan scolds the man and goes. Devanshi says I forgot to get Kusum talk on phone and goes. Sarla records Kusum and Mohan.

Rajjo gets to know from maid and says how dare Mohan do this. Devanshi runs to Rajjo. She says I had to make Kusum talk to someone, she is in room now, take phone back. Rajjo gets Ashutosh’s call. He says I called to talk to Devanshi. She says I know, why will you talk to me. He asks shall I talk to you first. Rajjo gives phone to Devanshi. He says I wanted to hear your voice. Devanshi hears this and gives phone to Rajjo. Rajjo asks what is it. He says nothing, I will talk to Devanshi later. She says call on landline from now and ends call. He smiles and says don’t know when will that chance come when I say my feelings to Rajjo.

Sarla comes home. Omi asks did you start stealing things, give the phone. She says leave it. He says I can’t get thief tag by this. She takes the phone and says its very imp thing in this. He asks what, are you mad. She shows Kusum and Mohan’s video. He gets shocked. He asks how did you get this. She says I was finding Mohan and saw this. He says its big thing, delete this video. She asks are you mad, why, its gold for me, Kusum slapped me, now I will show her how to slap without touching.

He says delete this, there is no voice. She says I know, but its clearly seen. He says you always failed, we will lose lives this time if you fail. She says this time Kusum will fail, just see what happens.

Vardaan tells Devanshi that Kusum will not agree, I have to leave. She says no, when Kusum knows you don’t want to go, she will agree. He plays game on computer. She says I also want to know this. He thanks her. Nutan comes and asks Devanshi to go, Kusum is calling. Kusum tells everyone that Vardaan and Devanshi called Sir, he agreed to Vardaan as Ishwar is unwell. She scolds Devanshi for doing wrong. Rajjo defends Devanshi. Devanshi says Vardaan was much upset, he did not want to go back. Kusum says but by what right did you call, are you his mum or me, you will get punished.

Devanshi will expose Mohan and Kusum’s illegitimate relation. Kusum gets shocked seeing the pics on the temple wall.

Update Credit to: Amena

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