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Devanshi 7th April 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with inspector telling Kusum about the threatening letter for her. He reads it. Kusum and everyone get shocked. He says I just got this letter. Gopi asks him to take action and catch the culprit. Inspector says yes, we will secure Kusum first. Kusum says no need. Nutan asks how, someone threatened you. Devanshi says I think you are right, so much happened here, Ishwar was locked in the secret chamber for 14 years, even Kusum is human, everything can’t be in her control, someone shot her many years ago, when she is threatened, we can’t take risk. Gopi says there should be security.

Kusum thinks so Devanshi is behind this, she does not want me to kill Ishwar. Devanshi thinks yes, its me behind this letter. Devanshi goes to Kusum. Kusum says your mind is behind that letter, I

know everything. Devanshi says I would have felt much sad, if you did not understand this, you have ruled on people by playing with their emotions, you are very clever. Kusum says its true, but you are no less, you saved Ishwar, don’t think you won, till he is mute, he is of no use. Devanshi thinks how to tell you, he got his voice back. She asks why do I see fear behind your smile, why do I feel your face color got pale.

Kusum smiles and asks her to get her eyes checked, my face is red by happiness, seeing you helpless. Devanshi asks her to celebrate, now I will make you come on ground from sky, none can stop me. Kusum laughs. She says someone did this mistake 14 years before also. Devanshi says now I m not a 7 year old girl, life taught me a lot, be ready to see how I end your rule. She goes. Kusum says something is wrong. Kattadhari comes and asks what. She says I feel Devanshi knows my secret, and Ishwar started talking. He says no, I don’t think so, else Devanshi would have told everyone. She says she knows Vardaan can attack on me and kill me in anger, which is not good for Devanshi. He says how to find this truth. She gets a knife. She says Vardaan is not at home, I will see Ishwar, don’t let Devanshi come there, either Ishwar’s truth will come out, or his breath. She goes to Ishwar and hurts her. She asks him to speak up. She says you can’t hide or cheat me, say the truth.

Devanshi sees Kattadhari and asks what are you doing here. He says you can’t go in, Kusum is with Ishwar, they are husband and wife, they want to spend time, go. She says let me go in. Kusum asks Ishwar to speak up and hurts her. Kattadhari says you can’t go. Devanshi asks him to stop her if she can. He says I can stop anyone. Kusum says fine, if you can’t speak, what will you do, I will free you from this bad world. She gets a knife. Vardaan comes and slaps Kattadhari. He warns him to respect women.

Ishwar holds Kusum’s hand. She gets shocked. He says my voice has come back. He holds her neck. He says another truth is Devanshi and I have fooled you together, this time we will not fail, your time is over, your end has come. Vardaan asks what’s happening inside. Vardaan and Devanshi gets inside the room. They see Ishwar and Kusum holding hands and sitting quiet. Vardaan says Papa, I heard your voice, please tell me I m right. Ishwar says yes, you heard my voice. Vardaan hugs Ishwar and cries. Kattadhari gets shocked.

Vardaan asks what end were you saying. Kusum worries. Ishwar says about bad time ending. Sarla has locked me there for 14 years, I was living like a mute and handicapped man. Kusum and Kattadhari leave. Kusum says I told you, Ishwar started talking, now he wants to frame me. Kattadhari asks why did we leave him, if Ishwar tells truth to anyone. She says he would have said before, he is afraid of Vardaan’s anger, Vardaan is their weakness, its fine, I m ready for this challenge.

Vardaan says I m very happy hearing you, I will tell everyone that you got fine. He goes. Ishwar says you may be thinking why I m doing this, Kusum had a doubt, it will be our loss to hide truth, don’t worry, Kusum will do some mistake then her blind devotees have to believe me, forgive me for taking Sarla’s name. She says no, don’t apologize, Vardaan got so happy seeing you talking, I feel whatever happens is for good, when everyone got fine, you should sit on Kusum’s throne.

Devanshi says when Ishwar got fine, he will sit in Kusum’s place like always. Ishwar sits on the huge chair. Everyone smile.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi. Thanks amena di for fast update.

  2. Nice epi and colors no nomination for helly in gpa so unfair

    1. i hate kusum and love u devanshi

  3. what foolishness. how can Sarla hide him.if,she had done it then how could iswar be alive.bcoz she was dead 14yrs ago.then frm wher do this iswar gets food n water????

  4. Hi actually sarla had hidden him 14 years ago on kusums order.
    Later kusum got her killed n kept ishwar hidden . Food n water must have been supplied by kusum only

  5. nice answer..renu, [email protected]

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