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Devanshi 6th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla being upset. Omi asks her to accept Devanshi as she is Mata’s blessings. Sarla argues. Omi asks her to leave everything on ghungroo wali Mata. Sarju recalls Gayatri’s words and reads an old report in newspaper cutting. He talks to his sub inspector and gets to know a car number. He realizes its Kusum’s old car number, and thinks to find the case details. Kusum flirts with Mohan. He gets angry and says I m fed up living this double role life, if we got caught yesterday, what would have happened, you shameless, you are laughing on me. She says the people here think of me as Mata, they will never doubt on me, you also trust me. He asks her to find solution, else he will just leave. He dresses as Mohini and leaves from her room. She smiles and says people come in my life

by their wish, but they leave by my wish, I will never let you go away from my life Mohan, no one can harm me ever.

Devanshi’s parents meet the lawyer. The lawyer says he can’t do anything. Devanshi’s dad asks him to fight the case, we have land and we will sell it to give you fees, get our girl back. Lawyer says this is village, not a city, people will get angry if we fight case against Mata Kusum. Gayatri says you have studied law to help people, they snatched our girl, we used to pray to Kusum, but…. Lawyer says stop it, if anyone hears you, they will kill you and even me. Devanshi’s dad gets a call and they hear Devanshi’s cry. Sarla asks them to meet if they want to get the girl.

The bhajan begins at the temple. O meri mata is sung…. Sarju reaches that old house and gets Mohini’s clothes. He says Mohan did not get married till now, whose clothes are these. Geeta is in temple and looks around. Geeta tells her Jethani that her heart is restless. Sarju gets the gold jewelry from Mohan’s house. Geeta tells Mata that she is feeling restless like something bad is going to happen. Sarju says I will not get peace till I find out everything, I have to find out what happened with Ishwar that night, was it any accident or something else, its related to my brother. Sarju gets the car board and thinks the things in Mohan’s house shows that he gets Mohini’s disguise and does all the bad things, Mohan you are gone now.

Mata Kusum comes downstairs. The other Devrani keeps her hand to save Kusum from getting hurt by thorn. Kusum smiles. People chant her name. The announcement is made that a tiger has come, and people run away. Sarla leaves Devanshi outside. Omi says what you are doing is not right. Sarla says I will die by burden if I listen to you, people will be busy in Mata Ki chowki, Devanshi will go back to her parents and we will get off this burden, I m not Baanch, I can’t ruin money after raising this girl, I don’t care for Kusum. Omi asks her what will he answer Kusum. She asks him to manage himself. She waits for Devanshi’s parents. Devanshi’s parents are on the way in auto. Gayatri asks driver to drive fast. Driver says shops are getting shut, I think something is wrong. Gayatri prays to Mata to protect Devanshi.

The bhajan goes on in temple. The driver says auto stopped, and he has to check it, they can go by walk if they want. The tiger comes near Sarla’s house, and sees Devanshi. A man tells Devanshi’s parents that tiger has run away from circus and gone that way, you don’t go there. Gayatri says our girl is also there and rushes. The man says the tiger is going to Sarla’s house, someone call police. Omi is at temple and praying. Sarla rests inside the house. The ladies call out Sarla to tell about tiger going towards the baby, he will eat the girl. Sarla does not hear them. Devanshi cries. Sarla watches tv. The ladies shout. Sarla goes to see. She gets shocked seeing the tiger and shuts window.

Tiger goes near Devanshi. The men say Omi and Sarla went to Mata Ki Chowki, call Omi fast. Omi’s phone is on silent and he does not answer. Devanshi’s parents come there and see the tiger standing near Devanshi. Gayatri says tiger will eat my girl. Omi answers the call and gets shocked.

Gayatri runs to save Devanshi. The tiger sits near Devanshi. The people get shocked. The man says its miracle. All the people come there and see how the tiger is sitting near Devanshi. Devanshi’s dad stops his wife. They cry and see.

Devanshi’s dad says nothing will happen to Devanshi, people fathered there. The lady says its miracle, this is not an ordinary girl. Sarla gets glad and takes diya and aarti plate. Omi comes there and sees tiger near Devanshi. The police comes and catches tiger. Inspector says tiger fainted and the people think its miracle, its superstition, let them think the girl is Sherawali’s avatar. Gayatri thanks Lord that Devanshi is fine. Sarla does Devanshi’s puja. The people give away gold chains and money as chadava. Omi asks them to stop it. Sarla says Omi means this girl is Mata’s avatar, let her take rest, come later. Sarla tells Omi that he said right, the girl is Mata’s avatar, she is a golden egg laying hen for us, she will earn and our child will eat, I will not let this girl go anywhere. Omi feels bad. Devanshi’s parents look on shocked.

Gayatri says I will kidnap Devanshi. Kusum hugs Mohan and stabs Sarju. Gayatri sees Sarju’s death and says Kusum will kill our Devanshi too. Devanshi is grown up and seen as a little girl.

Update Credit to: Amena

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