Devanshi 6th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 6th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan asking Kusum how did lovers unite, I felt Vardaan is annoyed with him. Kusum says I don’t know, that girl got saved always, Vardaan is dear to him, she convinced him also. He asks are you praising her, did you surrender to her. She says I can’t lose to her, but I m worried, I don’t know what to do now. He says I have a solution, come.

Ishwar makes Vardaan sit. Vardaan says you would have seen it, Devanshi was tensed while giving interview, she looked cute. Ishwar says you always be with her. Vardaan says Devanshi’s love gave me strength, she said she is going for some work. Devanshi says my heart is saying Mohan is behind this. She checks the car.

Mohan takes Kusum to some tantric. Kusum asks what will he solve our problem. The man says you lose because

you have less patience, don’t be shocked, I know everything, I have solution of your problems. Devanshi sees the foot prints, and says this can’t be Vardaan’s foot prints, as one side of his body is not working, it means Mohan was driving the car. She clicks pics.

Tantric gives something to Kusum and says Devanshi will turn into your servant and obey you. Mohan smiles. Devanshi checks and says my doubt on Mohan was wrong, someone else was driving the car, who can it be. Ishwar comes and says I decided to keep Jagran tonight. Kusum looks on. Devanshi says this is right decision, I have to find many answers. Kusum thinks its time to feed Bhabhuti to Devanshi so that she does drama in front of everyone. Gopi starts jagrata. Ishwar asks him to wait till Devanshi comes. Gopi sings bhajan.

Devanshi goes to some lady and takes her child. She gets recorded in cctv. Kusum thinks this night will be remember forever. Mohan signs Kusum. Ishwar and Vardaan worry for Devanshi. Ishwar tells about Mata. Vardaan thinks I feel something wrong is happening with Devanshi.

Mohan acts to help Vardaan and says you are in helpless state, so I m helping you. Ishwar says no one knew what’s going to happen. The lady looks for her child. Devanshi takes the baby to fire. Mohan says I told Devanshi to give your responsibility to me, but she did not listen. Vardaan gets angry. He tries to get up and falls. Ishwar gets shocked. Vardaan asks none to help him. Vardaan gets up and asks them to continue jagran. He goes. Ishwar continues.

The lady cries and looks for her child. The man says I know and shows video. The lady says Devanshi Mata. Vardaan looks for Devanshi and falls down. Ishwar tells about Tara Mata, who asked for a sacrifice, she asked king to sacrifice his son. Devanshi takes a sickle in hand. Ishwar says Durga Maa came seeing devotee’s love, and revived the son. Devanshi attacks child. The lady says Devanshi snatched my baby. They get shocked.

Devanshi punishes Kusum. Ishwar and Devanshi tie up Kusum.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Nice episode

  2. nice episode waitiong for tdy episode didnt understand anything what happening and sudden turn of events devanshi punishes ks n they tie up her.
    btw my doll helly looking superb…
    guys dont worry jo link mujhe milta hai vo my share karoongi and see fuzzyproduction on twitter some time they wrote about devdaan articles they writed about 5th May episode of mud sequence read it and sorry for my behaviour aage se share karoongi.. colors biased channel ka koyi barosa nahi hai…

    1. Mica

      uugghh Chill Anu….forget that..
      hmmm.. better you bring that link here please please.. as i’m not at twitter na..

  3. Vaav precp is intresting…. Guys anyone noticed ks….she is lookig tooo good in simple attire….. I wanted her to be a good mil….but uff let it be… N guys thats decided shikher is negetive…

    1. Mica

      Sanuuu.. yeah if only KS will be good someday, but still her crimes are too much to handle 😀 about shikar, let it be as long as Devdhaan is not separated 😀
      as somehow i don’t like a couple separated only by misunderstanding for evils’s trick na..
      it makes me somehow raising question that their love so much weak then

  4. Mica

    Thank you Amena mam for update …

    watch this episode.. it gave me creepy feeling to see Devanshi’s face omg!!!!
    really Helly is ready to take antagonist role i think… her cuteness nomore when she brought the baby.. She indeed nailed it… just looovveee it.
    Well, i have suspicious feeling that the old man is Shikar in tantric disguise.
    come on Vardhaan, please save your lady love, and Gopi…come on! publish your CD soon 😀

  5. Guys i have a request please watch kya kasoor hai amla ka on star plus mon to satuerday at 12:30 pm . The story is very sensitive . In this story the heroine was raped by 4 rich spoilt brats and forced to marry one of her rapist . Although the guy whom she married is repenting and he is not rich spolit brat . But is it very easy to accept your rapist as husband . Being a girl i can’t tolerate this . The so called society only blame the girl who is the victim of lust of men. Supreme court gave justice to Nirbhaya by giving death sentence to her rapist . Now her soul get peace .

    1. Mica

      oh gooosshhhh it’s end already or start the love story of rapist? i mean the guy she married is still one of her rapist or what ?

      1. Sus

        hey you know dear mica this amala ki story, something like this story is written by one fan of swasan long back on fb, and it was awesome.

        Devanshi serial concept is so awesome and me myself belong to harayana and i know how people are mad after these types of things. not in haryana punjab rajasthan and even in delhi also. You even don’t believe i have gone in those type of places also and seen how many people come with their problems.
        But i really didn’t get till now how far these types of people are true.

        If you watch serial i can give you a different view and most imporatant a society view how actual people believe in all these things and no doubht about belief you have seen many movies regarding religion dharam etc how kusum sundiri types people make common public fool and they become fool because they have so much problems.

      2. Mica

        Oho, thank you so much dear, you talk about this kind of Rapist thingy, right ? well i’m not take a look yet, but if only it’s about forgiving rapist story, it’s kinda painful as girl na, huhuhu,

        About Devanshi concept, well seemed there are many same problems no matter what religion is.
        me, myself is moslem, but even same problem occurred also same as Devanshi’s problem, how people believe human to have god power.
        there is a man just kinda kusum sundari, admit that he has God power, done crime also (killing ppl) but still even after he handed to police and jailed, ppl still worshiped him…goosshh…

        well Sus, maybe you can shared your experience also na here, thank you

  6. mica and all
    here is the link guys

    Fuzion Productions‏ @FuzeProductions May 5
    #Devanshi – #DevDaan’s Mud Romance And Fandom Went Mad!

    1. Mica

      Anuuuuu… love it, thank you so muchhhh, haa, her statement so right, Mohan attire so awesome 😀 😀

  7. I think shikher mohan ka beta hei..And I know ki shikher negetive character mai hei…

  8. dear Nupur,sikhar mohan ka beta kaise ho sakta hai?kyoki jab ks pregnent hui,uske bad now14 year ka leap dikhaya gaya hai,agar sikhhar beta hota to abhi 14 years ka child hota hai na ki jawan khoda,okk na you understand na..?

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