Devanshi 6th July 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 6th July 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Kusum to give agnipariksha, if Kusum is true, Maiyya will save her feet from burning, she says she is Maiyya’s representative, I have a doubt, let’s clear it. Mohan says I have no problem. Vardaan says my mum won’t do this. Devanshi says fine, leave from here, liars can’t stay here. Kusum says I m ready to give this test. Devanshi thinks I did not leave any option for you. She thinks of Kusum’s words. Vardaan asks Kusum not to do this. Devanshi says its your choice, you have to prove power and devotion, else you all can’t stay here, I want to see if Kusum such cheap like Mohan says, Maiyya will save her, I m giving her a chance, I want to see if there any Maiyya or blind devotion, it will be proved now. Kusum thinks I can’t annoy Kalki, but how will I

walk on coal.

Kusum gets on the coal and walks. They all get shocked. Devanshi recalls Kusum burning her. Kusum thinks my feet is not burning, it means this is not real coal, I will not tell anyone. Devanshi thinks I m doing this for some reason. Kusum gets down the coal. Devanshi says you proved your purity, you have no affair with anyone, we will go back home.

Kusum goes home and puts her feet in cold water. Devanshi says you are acting as if you walked on coal. Kusum says yes, you think I m acting. Devanshi says I fixed lights under coal so that you don’t get hurt, I m not so bad. Kusum shows her hurt feet. Devanshi says how did this happen, maybe someone has kept real coal in last minute, I wanted to prove you innocent, someone failed my plan, I know you are good at heart, but you are human, anyone will get bored with same person, its normal to get attracted to someone younger than you, I have no problem with your affair. Kusum says what nonsense, I have no affair. Devanshi apologizes and gives her diamond necklace. Kusum gets shocked.

Devanshi says Mohan is useless for me, I want you to be on my side, your dressing sense and nature is so different, think this was my mistake. Kusum smiles and thinks miracle happened, now I will get Vardaan and Kalki married. She imagines wearing much jewelry. She shakes hands and says friends. She goes. Devanshi says liar, Mohan thinks I m on his side, I will use both of them.

A man praises Gopi for successful concert. He says Kalki asked me to hear you once, sorry we were ignoring you till now, we are thinking to give you a chance. Gopi thanks him. The man asks him to thank Kalki, who identified his talent. Gopi thinks even his family never did this for me which Kalki did.

Vardaan takes care of Kusum’s feet and says Kalki has no pity for you, we will leave from this house, she always threatens us. Kusum says Ishwar made this house, Kalki is not so bad as you think. He says no, talk to Menka’s uncle. She says now we don’t want Menka, its good we have seen her true color before marriage. He asks what about your promise. She says its not needed, Menka is not a nice girl, talk to Kalki well, don’t fight, behave calmly. He says you are asking me to break relation with Menka and get friendly with Kalki, what are you saying. She cries and emotionally blackmails. He agrees to do anything she says. She gets glad.

The man asks who will pay me for lights. Mohan asks what light. The man says Kusum asked me to put these lights under the coal. Devanshi looks on. Mohan says what nonsense, you mean Kusum cheated me. Devanshi asks what are you saying Mohan, Kusum did this, she cheated us, no use to get anger on this man. She sends the man. She apologizes for not trusting him, but he really loves Kusum, what’s the use of such love, where person gets cheated, I feel really bad for you, we can just teach her a lesson, you have to do same with Kusum, she had relation with other guy, you show to have relation with other woman. He agrees and says she did wrong with me. She thinks now none can end this crack, they will become enemies.

Devanshi says I hope you don’t cheat Menka. Vardaan says I can’t bear anyone pointing at my character, I will marry Menka. Kusum gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. Shiksha


  2. Shiksha

    Divide n Rule Formula..

  3. Mica

    thank you so much Amena mam for fast update.
    Omg!!! Kalki gave such double face game to chaudary family, just looooovee it na!
    but huh! i can’t see Gopi’s performance, waiting his CD only 😀 , i like the track now, at least ppl have their own problem, i mean Gopi and Nutan, gopi pursue his dream, yippiiee!!!

    waiting for next episodes, precap ????

    1. Oye micu where u went huh missed u so much n I am very happy as trp increases new guy is gonna enter .inshaallah next week also trp increase

      1. Mica

        ameen ameen babee !!! wish the best for Devanshi team

  4. wonderful epi.. Eagerly waiting for next update..and kalki’s talvarbaji also..

  5. Ohe my god,devanshi’s trp is increasing and now,this week trp is 0.8..Iam SO HAPPY frnd’s.. & mica itne sare frnd’s me aapki he kami thi…missed u..hope next week esse bhi jada trp ho jaye..Iam praying..congrats to all devanshi team and my devanshi u all

  6. Awesome…. M very scared abt the result for kalki’s plan… Still enjoying the game of kalki…. Mica welcome back…. I was planing to give a “most wanted” add on ur name….u r too late to vsh eid….. Still….eid mubarak dear… Plz dont disppear…. N plz complete ur ff…plz

  7. Hey guys I am really happy because trp is increased and it will increase on next week also. Congrats to all our devanshi family. And one more thing that I saw news that Piyush shades is going to enter devanshi as a antagonist and will fall in love with Kalki.
    And welcome back our dear Mica. We really missed u.

  8. Mica

    Hai guys….. missed all of you too, S, saira, gayatri, sanu, anu and all of you, i was returning since yesterday only on previous episode, but still belated eid mubarak to my moslem friends, XOXO!

    Huft, i got big shock when coming back to hear bad news about my baby owl! my Helly ! and i couldn’t even take a part on it 🙁 🙁 .
    Well, what i can say is poor her, she was kinda got trapped by those silly award, between being polite guest, being a nice grateful person or being bullied.
    As a guest, she couldn’t returned a thing that the host gave to her
    As a grateful person, she couldn’t resist herself to thanks to her fans to knowing that it’s somehow their hard work.
    As an artist, she knows that her haters won’t let any opportunity to bully her for everything.
    but, between hurting the host, hurting her fans or hurting herself, she seemed prefer to hurt herself.

    Some people accused her to do “something” for that award, but i think it will be the most stupid thing if only Helly did that, because it was PUBLIC POLLING, everything shared openly, and i think Helly knew the consequences of it, it will defamed Helly herself.
    As a person who can be wise enough to handle many problems before, i think Helly will be wise enough to know the risk to change something that “openly shared”.
    If only the polling was a secret polling, maybe it can be happen ( i don’t accuse Helly to do “something” on hidden polling, it just COMPARISON) , it will be more logic to happen as no one will know, haina ?

    I don’t know what the organizer, the host (anteve) up to by giving that award to Helly, but i heard they gave to other artist also, and only Helly to get bashing,
    Helly doesn’t deserve that award, “pointed nose” award (huh! believe me, i hate this award)
    yess, according the poll, she doesn’t deserve that. Obviously 😀 ,
    but, sometimes, polling is soo different to REALITY, do all ppl ever to get close to Helly’s face ? maybe the organizer to measured their nose one by one with ruler ( damn it !! 😀 :D) then decided that the winner is Helly. ( Anteve, why you gave it to her ? uuughhhh )
    So, Helly didn’t deserve that “pointed nose award” on POLLING, but maybe she deserves that based on REALITY. As many people did polling according to like dislike feeling, forget about reality. 😀

    Helly posted that award, i compared her gesture when sharing another awards. On previous awards, she hold them on her hand, and full of pride on her face, but here, on this award, she only put it somewhere, took a pic and uploaded with caption “that she doesn’t know about it and thankful to her fans love for her” , NO PROUD FACE, nothing !!
    if only she did “something” to get it (mean she was ambitious) she will took pic with her.
    Seemed she has no proud on it, but she needed to upload it in the name of GRATEFUL MANNER.

    Helly Shah was show off ? Yess !!! grateful manner is about show off. for example : a friend gave me a bag, i will showing off the bag in front of her and saying, thank you!!.
    It was what Helly done, she was showing off being to grateful to her fans. 😛 😛
    About proud fans, nothing wrong to be proud being fans when their favorite get something and grateful to fans, haina ?
    And between show off or grateful, it’s depend to people feel about us, don’t bother about it, it’s happen everywhere…

    I wish Helly can handle it with positivism, i remembered Swara’s word ” hatred feeling more powerful than love, it can lean you to biggest destruction on your life”
    So, i wish Helly doesn’t have any hatred or anything negativism regarding it. We love you and it’s enough !!!

    Let me talk about that polling, be frank i don’t like a polling regarding about physical thingy , 🙂 🙂 really sorry if only i hurt anyone, but i think it can be lead to insult about someone’s physic, God’s gift to us.
    People have their own choice about physical interest na.
    for example, Helly’s owl eyes 😀 , i loooove it so much, but some ppl don’t like it even though many japanese or korean are being crazy about it, put big eyes on their manga characters or spent thousand dollars to do surgery to get big round eyes.
    Helly’s kissable lips 😀 , i looveee it soo much also, it’s kinda s*xy, but some people don’t like it, they said dower ( it’s Indonesian language, means thick lips <–lil bad term) no mattter how much hollywood's stars or many women in this world spent thousand dollars to do surgery to get it. etc, etc.

    What the hell i'm blabbering na, sorry if i hurt anyone for this, i just try to DEFENSE Helly, not to ATTACK others.
    for Helly,…….. STAY AWAY FROM MY MUDHIT !!!!!!! *kick Helly to pluto with kaku

    Btw, Saira, it's sure that there will be new role ? Piyush ? i googling it, his face similar to shikar i think.

    And about word "Snatched ", well, it's given by the organizer, so why ppl didn't bother to ask to organizer itself instead bashing ?

    1. Khair Mubarak dear….hw ws eid? Where is ur ff??

      1. Mica

        haaah, i can’t even write on any single story now, lil bit busy sanu, sorry, i will manage to write it if only i have time…

    2. Yes Mica I saw it in a page. Piyush worked in Beyhad of Sony in a negative role.
      Yes Mica helly heard a lot of bashing in the name of a award.

      1. Mica

        is it confirmed ? ah, but i don’t want Devdaan separated 😀

  9. Mars

    Ahhhhh epi is awesome I missed it as there was powercut at our place. Excited for devdaan tashan.
    What else kalki ufff hellu baby rocking as usual.

  10. What u r talking mica I didn’t no anything about it…..did she got award?… I also saw that pic of award…. When fans asked pic vd award she didn’t??? About which poll u r talking?? Huh m dumb

    1. Sanu helly Indonesiail poyappo antv oru award koduthu. Paskshe bashers paryunnathu athu vere arko arhathapetta thaanannu paranjanu helly ye bash cheythathu. But nammude helly ara mole allem positive ayittu kandu onnume mind cheyithilla. Narmmaloda kali

    2. Mica

      yups, an award. there was polls about physical thingy , i dunno how much, and tej won both of them, but then anteve gave 1 award to tej, another one to helly, and some artist got award too, i dunno why, so then helly got bashed coz of that as she shared said thank you to fans, ppl said she show off, she snatched bla bla bla….
      just let it be now, 😀 everything was over actually, but dunno why i was blabbering here, stupid me 😀
      and better just focus about Helly only ,

  11. Huh…. N somone said in Twitter (maybe) that…”””if we can give the award to u then v can snatch also so be careful when u talk about theju….”” Srsly?? Did she begged for award no na…. ? I can’t comment there can only see their tweet….(poor me)…

  12. hello guys yayy trp increased happy.. congrats to all..
    loving episodes saw new guys entering as antagonist lets see

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