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Devanshi 6th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Mohan saying Malik liked the temple. Malik says Jwalapuri is such place that I like everything here. He eyes Rajjo. Kusum says I have to give a good news, I decided to fix Rajjo’s marriage, I have given Rajjo’s hand to Shamsher Malik. Rajjo gets shocked. Gopi, Nutan and Mohan get glad. Mohan thinks Kusum played a big thing. Kusum thinks Rajjo will get married and Devanshi will be left alone, I will get my ticket for which I was waiting since long time. She says I wanted to tell this after Malik comes and sees Rajjo once, he came here to see Rajjo, who can say no to Rajjo. Rajjo says but this decision…

Kusum says I know, you will respect this decision, its Maiyya’s decision, Maiyya came in my dream and told me this is right proposal for Rajjo. Mohan smiles and

thinks she played this game for ticket. Nutan thinks my dream to get Rajjo married to my brother will be incomplete. Gopi says Kusum took right decision for Rajjo. He thanks Malik for agreeing for this alliance. Malik says its fine, can I take Rajjo out with me, alone…. I can know her and answer questions arising in her heart. Kusum says why not, take her. Rajjo says I… Malik holds Rajjo and asks her to come. Kusum signs to Malik and smiles. Malik and Rajjo leave.

The man says Sarla took similar bangles. Geeta says such bangles come in Devanshi’s dreams and scare her, is there any connection. Gopi says this car is great, you will love the ride, I will send driver with you. Ashutosh comes as driver. Rajjo sees him and gets shocked. Gopi taunts Ashutosh and says he came to get work from me. He asks him to take Malik and Rajjo, now Malik is going to become son in law of this house. Ashutosh looks at Rajjo. Malik holds Rajjo.

Devanshi asks Nutan about Kanoon, and describes Malik. Nutan says you are asking about minister, he left. Devanshi asks where did he go. Nutan asks am I your maid to answer you, go and find him. Malik asks Ashutosh to drive carefully. He asks Rajjo shall I drive the car, none will come between us. Rajjo says no, its fine. Ashutosh looks at her in the mirror. Malik says fine, as my would be wife decides.

Gopi gives shagun and gifts to Malik’s PA. Devanshi comes and hears Gopi. Gopi says Malik did big favor by agreeing to marry Rajjo. Devanshi gets shocked and thinks Ashutosh wants to marry Rajjo. She asks this car going to minister’s house. The man says Malik is staying in guest house. Devanshi thinks this is the only way to meet him and sits in dickey. The car leaves.

Ashutosh drives car to the haveli. Rajjo says you wanted to see village. Malik says we can see village later, we can have talk over a hot tea. He gets a call and goes. Ashutosh talks to Rajjo and gets angry. He says I wish to not leave that man, he was touching you. She asks him not to talk about manners. He holds her hand and says I swear on Mata, I did not send that pic, trust me. Malik comes back. He gives some money to Ashutosh and asks him to leave, tell Kusum that I will drop her by my car. Ashutosh sits in the car. Malik flirts with Rajjo. She takes her hand away and goes. Ashutosh worries. Devanshi is still inside the car.

Malik gets Rajjo inside the room and asks her to sit beside him. She does not listen. He says fine, give me a minute, there is no one to make tea, I don’t know making tea. He gets a drink for her. She says no, its sin in our house to take wine’s name. He says I m not asking you to take name, taste this and see, you will like it, we are going to get married, you have to adapt my ways. She says sorry, my values don’t allow me. He asks her to try. She says keep this away. He asks her to have it and makes wine fall over her. She asks what did you do. He says I will clean it. She signs him to stop and removes the jacket. He cheaply stares at her back. The servants keep fruit and gifts basket. Devanshi comes out of the basket. Malik holds the back string and eyes Rajjo. Devanshi comes to them and says so you are Kanoon uncle…. He stops seeing Devanshi.

Devanshi says my dad did not do anything, get him out of jail. He says I can’t free your dad. She insists. Malik tells Kusum that he can’t give her the ticket.

Update Credit to: Amena

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