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The Episode starts with Devanshi asking Kusum what is she doing here wearing this clothes. Kusum asks what are you doing here. Devanshi says Vardaan and I came here for Ishwar’s test, its your papers, it fell down, I have seen it falling down your file, doctor said its pregnancy reports. Kusum asks is this my name. Devanshi says no, why did you wear such clothes. Kusum says if anyone knows I came here, everyone will come to do my darshan, I have to hide from my devotees, I came to see Ishwar. Devanshi says oh, this is the thing. The doctor says your operation preparations are done, come soon. Kusum signs him. She stops Devanshi. Devanshi asks what did doctor say. Kusum says he was telling someone else, do you always interfere in all matters. Devanshi asks her to meet Ishwar.

She takes Kusum

to Ishwar. Ishwar and Vardaan get shocked. Devanshi says I was also shocked seeing her, she got hidden so that devotees can’t see her, she wanted to be with Ishwar, so sweet. Kusum asks doctor about Ishwar’s reports. Doctor says he is fine, I m sure he will become totally fine. She thinks no, he will expose me. She gets a phone. He says its not allowed to answer calls here. She goes and says I will come out and talk. Devanshi stops her and asks her to wait till reports come, you have come to see Ishwar. Vardaan asks when will final reports come. Doctor says very soon. Kusum gets doctor’s message. She says I will drink water and come. Devanshi says no, devotees will identify you, I will get water for you. She gets water for Kusum. Doctor gives reports to Kusum. Devanshi says we will go home. Kusum thinks to leave Devanshi in graveyard, there is no way than going home.

Ashutosh stops Rajjo’s car. Rajjo asks what’s this, if you got hurt then…. He says its better I die. Rajjo says I m going to meet Malik, don’t stop me. He says fine you go, I will die, what does it matter. She says Kusum wants to get me married to Malik, what shall I do. He says run with me, what are you thinking, come.

Kusum comes home. She calls her brother and says I wish like crying, nothing is going fine, doctor said abortion should happen, how to get rid of illegitimate child. Devanshi comes there and finds her worried. She thinks to do something to make Kusum smile. She goes. Kusum says come for my sake, I need you a lot, we have to see Geeta too, don’t know where is she.

Geeta reaches the magician tent. She says I m finding a girl who got untouchable disease many years ago. The man says no, leave from here, else I will call police. She thinks what to do now. She hears a man saying I have sent magical alta to Jwalapuri. Geeta thinks who will need that in Jwalapuri. Kusum hears baby voice and worries. Devanshi comes with laptop. She asks Kusum to watch funny baby videos, you will get smile, Vardaan showed this to me, you will like it.

Vardaan says where did my laptop go. Devanshi says Vardaan is finding this, I have to return this, I m sure you got happiness right. Kusum nods. Devanshi goes. She keeps laptop. She answers a call. Nutan takes the phone and scolds Devanshi. Geeta hears them. Nutan asks Devanshi to call Golu. Geeta ends call.

Devanshi goes out to call Golu. She says this is Kusum’s parcel, why are you opening this. Golu says I…. Devanshi says I will tell Kusum. He says I can touch this. She says give it to me. They fight. The right color falls on Golu. He scolds her. He runs to Nutan and says Devanshi made alta fall on me. Nutan scolds Devanshi.

Nutan asks show me, where is it. Golu says its everywhere, see. Nutan checks him. Devanshi gets shocked seeing alta gone. She thinks where did alta disappear. Nutan says there is no alta, you are clean. Golu says Devanshi made it fall on me. Nutan says maybe its Devanshi’s plan, she may have done black magic. Devanshi takes alta in hand and sees it disappearing. She says how did this happen.

Geeta calls on landline. Devanshi answers the call. Geeta gets glad and asks her not to take her name. Devanshi asks where are you, you did wrong to run away. Geeta says just tell me did any magical alta parcel came home. Devanshi says yes, alta disappears, Golu opened it, when I stopped him, he fought and alta fell on Golu, there was no stain of it. Geeta says I think that woman ordered it, who is with Mohan. Devanshi says but the parcel came on Kusum’s name. Geeta gets shocked.

Kusum burns the magic shop bills. Devanshi gets the bill and asks Ishwar. He tries to write something.

Update Credit to: Amena

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