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The Episode starts with servant giving the gift to Vardaan saying Kusum has sent it. Vardaan opens the gift angrily and sees the phone. Golu says wow, new phone, were you crying here. Vardaan says no. Golu says I can see that, I will tell everyone. Vardaan says Devanshi would have told him. Devanshi comes and says I got the answer, even Mata brushes teeth. He throws the phone angrily. She says you always throw things, you should have good manners, now I have come here, I will teach you sense and manners, be ready. He gets angry and asks will you teach me. She asks why, can’t I, you have less sense. He scolds her. She says I m Choti Mata. He asks her to leave. She teases him and runs.

Omi and Sarla come to Kusum’s house. Sarla says I got all the items to stay here in this palace. Sakshi asks

will we stay here. Sarla says yes, have fun with Devanshi here, come. Kusum calls Gopi and Nutan. Gopi asks whats the matter. Sarla says Kusum invited us to come here, as Devanshi wants us to stay here. Devanshi comes and sees Sarla. Sarla acts sweet and says I will stay with you. Kusum stops Devanshi. Sarla says you said you will agree to Devanshi, did you forget. Kusum says I remember everything. Sarla thinks Kusum is upto something. Kusum asks Omi his work before. Omi says we were servant in temple before. Sarla says I heard what Omi said.

Kusum says you got much bags, but servants are not allowed to stay inside the palace, you can stay in rooms made outside, its Maiyya’s decision. Nutan says when its decided, its done, go now. Sarla argues with Nutan. She gets angry and leaves.

Kusum talks to hostel head and says Vardaan has run away to meet Ishwar, I will send him, and also send the donation for school. Devanshi hears her. She thinks Kusum is sending Vardaan back, I have to do something to stop Vardaan for Ishwar’s happiness. She goes to Vardaan and makes him sit. He asks what do you want. She blesses him. He thinks she is mad. She tells him that he got punished to go to hostel again. He asks what, who did it. She says Kusum is sending him, now do my puja, maiyya will get happy. He shouts shut up and runs. She says he is mad, I m trying to save him, he is getting angry. Rajjo comes and asks her to get ready, she has to go school.

Sarla and Omi clean the servants quarter. Sarla gets angry and talks to Omi. Omi argues with her. Sakshi sees them and goes. Sarla asks him not to make his wife work and become a man to earn money. He says you use the money you got by making Devanshi a Mata. She says I have kept that hundi money for Sakshi’s future, I will not use it, go and buy hundi in other village. He says i will do what I can, forget to make Kusum, you can’t win, else we can lose everything. She says just time can say and I m waiting.

Rajjo talks to her friend on video call. Her friend teases her for blushing. Rajjo says there is no one, and ends call. Devanshi says its magic to see people on phone. Rajjo says its video call, I will explain later, did you remember Gandhi ji’s chapter. Devanshi says yes, if anyone slaps on one cheek, we should give other cheek too, but if they slap again, shall we just get slaps. Rajjo asks her to understand moral, to make person realize mistake by goodness.

Mohan comes to Kusum and sees a servant. Mohan makes him jealous. Nutan stops him to say some work. Mohan goes. Ashutosh meets Rajjo and Devanshi on the way. Devanshi says Vardaan has thrown the mobile, I got angry too. Rajjo says if anyone does bad with us, we should not do bad, get the phone repaired and you both will get friendly. Ashutosh says yes, someone will get friendly, I will get phone repaired, you meet me and take phone back. Rajjo asks him to return phone to Devanshi. He says I m happy for Devanshi to be in right hands.

Mohan apologizes and messages Kusum to give him one more chance, he has something that is useful, love you. Omi collides with him. Omi’s bag falls and the toys break. Omi asks Mohan to give money. Mohan says you can’t ask me for money. Omi scolds him as Mohan is not temple’s head servant now. Mohan breaks more toys. They both fight. Sarla comes and scolds Mohan. Mohan says I will rule in temple, you remember this, when Kusum knows you have beaten me, she will fire you. He goes. Sarla thinks why did Mohan say now, he knows Kusum’s dark secrets, I have to find out.

Kusum says Mohan you know, if anyone sees us, storm will come. Mohan holds her hand and apologizes. Devanshi comes and asks what are you doing. They get shocked seeing her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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