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Devanshi 5th October 2016 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Sarla arguing with Gayatri. Gayatri says you left my girl outside in rain, I had come to feed her milk, you left her to die, my daughter is alive as she is Devi’s ansh, you will not understand this, that’s why Maiyya did not give child to you. Sarla gets angry and says now don’t touch this girl, she is my daughter, she belongs to this temple. Gayatri cries. Mata Kusum comes there. Her Devar touches her feet and takes blessings. Her elder Devrani takes Kusum’s blessings and says entire family is here. She asks Kusum about her Devrani Geeta, she did not come till now, will Sarju come with her, no one is like us. Kusum says its fine and sits.

Geeta comes and takes Kusum’s blessings. Kusum says if your husband has come after long time, I understand it does not look

good to leave him and come, his wish should not be unfulfilled. Geeta says no Bhabhi. Kusum signs her not to say anything. Sarju comes and greets Kusum. Kusum says you are staying outside home for long time, I thought we will meet if you are in same village. He says its police job and I don’t get time, I have to talk about the girl who fell in temple hundi. She says its Mata Rani’s wish, she has accepted the girl. Sarju says I was saying… Kusum asks him not to say anything.

She acts sweet with everyone. Omi gives Prasad to everyone. Devanshi’s parents come there to talk. Kusum asks for Devanshi. Sarla gives her Devanshi. Kusum says she is really Devi’s ansh. Devanshi’s dad says we have prayed in this temple to get a child, we got this girl after 10 days, she is our life, we can’t live without her, give us out daughter, we will go from here.

Gayatri says anyways, the people to whom you gave responsibility left her alone. Kusum says I know, Mata told and showed me everything, whatever happened was wrong. Mohan looks on. Kusum says but the decision won’t change, Ghungroo wali Mata accepted this girl, everyone knows, the thing fallen in hundi has Mata’s rights.

Sarju says the things are donated by people by their wish, but this girl fell in hundi by mistake, her parents did not put her by their wish. His brother says girl fell by Maiyya’s wish, we can’t see what Mata can see, girl will be here. Gayatri asks how can we not get her, I m also Maiyya’s devotee, my Maiyya can’t wish my daughter to get away from me. Kusum gets up and says none will get anything by keeping this girl here, its happening by Mata’s command, but I will call Mata again to win your trust, it will be proved whats right and whats wrong. She closes eyes.

She says a devotee has doubted on Mata’s devotion, give me a sign that everyone’s mouth shuts, or I will give this girl to her parents right away. She counts down. Devanshi smiles. Kusum takes Devanshi with her. Devanshi’s parents open arm for Devanshi. Kusum turns and sees ghungroos catching her dupatta. She sees Mohan. Mohan smiles. Kusum tells Devanshi’s parents to forgive her, now Mata has said her decision again, what can I do now.

Gayatri says this can’t happen, my Maya can never take decision to make my girl away from me. She says this woman is not any Mata, I will tell you her truth, I have seen this woman yesterday night… The people get angry. Sarju stops the people. Kusum says I will bear this, this does not matter to me, this people won’t understand, this girl belongs to Mata temple and nothing will happen. The people get angry on Gayatri. Sarju asks Devanshi’s parents to come with him. He asks them to understand, don’t get adamant, everyone is angry, I can’t help you, if you stay alive, you will get daughter. Gayatri says that woman is not Mata, she is fooling you, I have seen her, I will tell everything. Sarju gets thinking.

The Sabha ends today because of whatever happened. Kusum stops Sarla and scolds her for risking the girl’s life. She says this girl is temple’s belonging now, I have given you this child by your devotion, Mata wants to give you another chance, take this girl and raise her. Sarla and Omi take Devanshi. Sarla says thanks for forgiving us, but this girl is of this temple, so we have to take care of her well, we can’t raise her like ordinary children, you know our house situation, how will we raise her. Kusum takes the coins and just gives one silver coin to Sarla. She says this girl belongs to Mata, keep this coin in your money, it will always be full, take it as blessing. Sarla gets angry. People cheer for Mata.

Sarla goes and throws coin. Omi says you are not at house now, this coin is really blessing. Sarla says Mata gave this to joke on our poverty, this girl is unlucky for us, Kusum called me Baanch infront of everyone. She gets dizzy. Omi asks her so sit. The ladies come and ask what happened. Omi says she ate something oily at night. The lady says it can be other reason and checks Sarla. She says Omi, the reason is Sarla is pregnant, Baanch’s stain got removed from Sarla, congrats. Sarla and Omi get glad. Devanshi smiles. The lady says Sarla got blessed by Ghungroo wali Mata as she served temple since many years. Geeta smiles and takes Devanshi.

Geeta says yes, this girl is Mata’s avatar, she is reason of your happiness, its her fate that affected your fate also. Omi asks Sarla to see Devanshi, she is Mata’s blessings, she has come on earth to do some good work. A lady stumbles and showers flowers on Devanshi and Sarla. Sarla and Om see Devanshi. Omi touches Devanshi’s feet and prays. Devanshi smiles.

Sarla says this girl has come to change our fate, now she will earn and our child will sit and eat. People put money near Devanshi. Omi feels bad. A tiger goes to Devanshi.

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