Devanshi 5th May 2017 Written Episode Update

Devanshi 5th May 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum saying Devanshi will do justice. Nutan asks did she get scared, see even Vardaan did not come. Vardaan says I have come. Nutan taunts. Kusum says we are helpless to wait. Devanshi comes and sees Vardaan. She sits on throne. The people ask her to do justice, will you not punish Vardaan. Devanshi asks Vardaan does he want to say something in his defense. Vardaan says no. She asks don’t you want to say about accident. He says I don’t want to clarify. She says fine, its Vardaan’s mistakes, so his punishment is that he will make earthen pots and pay the man’s loss, Vardaan won’t give money, but help in work. The people say will this be not injustice with Vardaan. Kusum says yes, Devanshi see Vardaan’s state once. Devanshi says my decision won’t change now.


says Devanshi you took revenge, why did you make fun of Vardaan by punishing this, Devanshi says if he did mistake, he will be punished, law is same for everyone. Vardaan says right, Mata Devanshi, don’t worry, I will accept punishment. Nutan scolds Devanshi and goes. Gopi says you did wrong Devanshi. Kusum smiles and says you did not sit on throne, but on fire seat, see how this fire burns you. She laughs.

Ishwar pacifies Devanshi. He says you don’t need to say anything, you did right, I would have done same being in your place, I know what you are going through. Vardaan sits to make earthen pots. Devanshi comes. She says Mata has given punishment and wife has come to support husband, I also deserve your punishment, I can bear anything, but not your annoyance. She cries. He asks her to wipe tears, else it will be biggest punishment for me. He wipes her tears. Piya re…..plays…. they smile. She wipes his face and helps him. They make pots together.

She asks him to say how did that accident happen. He says I was talking to Shikhar outside academy, Mohan came and made me lose temper. He tells everything. She says I trust myself, you don’t need to explain. She thinks is Mohan behind this accident.

Kusum asks reporters to sit. The lady says we came to take new Mata’s interview. Vardaan and Devanshi come home. Reporters go to her. Nutan says you are insulting Kusum. Vardaan takes Devanshi’s side. Devanshi asks her to come along. Kusum gets shocked. Reporter says you did miracle and revived him, you changed many things, you stopped people from giving chadava, we want to tell how you came as new hope. Vardaan says yes, everyone should know. He asks servant to do arrangements. Devanshi looks at him. He taunts Kusum and says you will be shocked seeing this when you filled my ears, I m supporting Devanshi as our relation is of souls, you can’t break it, I can be wrong, but Devanshi is never wrong. Kusum goes. Vardaan asks Devanshi to come. Mohan comes and greets them. He goes. Devanshi thinks Mohan is after this accident.

Devanshi checks car and sees footprints. She says Mohan was driving the car.

Update Credit to: Amena

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  1. nice epi.hmm vardaan wipes her tears..very nice movement of devdaan..and precap is also interesting..

  2. hey yipppppeeee vardaan was acting….saira u r correct congrats…… n his words “”our relationship was souls””…… i was dancing……

    1. Thank you

  3. n coz of his punishment they showed som devdan scens…… lovd it want to c themmm….. m helplless….pity on my self….today vardan rockd

  4. Mica

    thank you Amena mam for update….have nice weekend.
    Wooaahhh Saira, you was right dear 😀 😀
    hmmm…..and yesss… Devanshi convinced her husband, thought she will there brought tiffin..but it’s better 😀 😀
    and i bang my head..they prefer doing romance instead of working, so, how much they will produce that clay pots ? 😀 😀

  5. Nice episode. Today both devanshi and varadhan was awesome.
    Today I want to share something with u. As u know I am from kerala so I am not supposed to watch hindi channels as my parents only watch malayalam channels. But I think when I was in 8th standard by chance I saw some of the episodes of the serial Bidaai. That time the startles wale ek week ka full episodes saturday ko retelecast kar the dein. I loved the show so started to watch the show. But unfortunately the show ended after one year. Then I watched Is Pyaar Ko Kya Naam doon. During +1 and+2 I was in hostel I missed the show. But when I came back the serial also gone off air. Then I joined for degree I was a dayscholar so I again got chance to watch serials. I started to watch MATSH but that also gone off air. Then Manmarziyan, Swaragini both serials gone off air. Swaragini was my favorite. I don’t know why but jho bhi serial mein dekhna shuru kartha hai voh ek year mein ya 6months mein khatam hota hain. May be this is my only belief.
    Now I watching devanshi but sorry guys I will not stop watching devanshi I will watch it till the end.
    It is only my small belief I thought to share with you.
    Note:jho bhi yeah read kiya hai sorry for boring u. And also sorry for the grammatical mistakes.

    1. Mica

      Sairaaaaa…. don’t worry dear, everything should come to end someday…. until it come let’s just enjoy it na….about trp or anything, it’s beyond our hand….
      better we spamming this DEVANSHI page na…..OK!!!! 😀
      you should company me to spamming this page…. 😛

      1. Yes Mica.

  6. nice episode
    guys tdy devanshi completed 200 episodes congats to team devanshi
    sonali mam iv said devanshi is not gng off air happy
    guys see this link sonali mam iv said show off air news are rumors

    1. Mica

      Anuu,, ty so much, glad to know about that 😀

    2. Kakali

      Anuuuuuu, shukriyaaaa for this news dear.!! 😀

  7. new article by colors tv on devdaan/vanshi/vardaan
    read it guys pics also they shared

  8. thanq anu for the info…now plz convice them to change timings then evrything vll in ryt place…n saira c ur pronlm solved dvanshi is not goin off air….hehe….

  9. Devanshi is going off air because colors is all set to introduce new shows like chandrakanta maakali vilen bahu . Other shows of colors are running successfully so they oviously pull off thapki and devanshi . Not now but within 3 to 4 months devanshi and thapki wil go off air . We all know that colors is very possesive about trp . We know that how colors pulled off swaragini inspite of having trp 1.8 . About sonali mam’s statement no producer has right to state about the off air news of any show without confirmation of channel .

    1. Mica

      SR was having 1.6 trp for many weeks before it’s off air..
      i hear that Savitri college will take slot on 6-7 pm starting 15 May…. so i dunno whether it take slot of Thapki or not..
      for Devanshi.. i kinda believe that it will off air within few month as they have only suppressed to 1 problem only, which is the fight between Devanshi and Kusum Sundari.
      it will somehow dragging too much if only it take loong time to off air, except another miracle happen, trp increasing and then CVS making story more complicated.

  10. Colors tv also stopped the promo and repeat of devanshi . Colors will not tolerate shows having trp o.8 and o.7 like devanshi and thapki . Nagin 2 is replaced by chandrakanta . Another 2 shows maa kali and vilen bahu staring krystel D souza will going to on air very soon i guess within 3 to 4 months . Devanshi will go off air with in 4 months so sonali mam said that the off air news is rumour . We now that when off air news of any show comes initialy the actors and producers states that is a rumour but within few months the show go off air . So guys i am telling you don’t keep your expectations high .

    1. Kakali

      Yeah Niyati you are right. Acc to me Devanshi has come to an end if cvs doesn’t choose to drag it further.!
      Main motive of this show is almost fulfilled if cvs doesn’t show anything new or add new things.!I guess it will end in a month or so.!
      Well no worries let’s enjoy these days only.! 😀

  11. Mmmm its ohk….. Watever m sure helly vll come vd new show n vd diffrent concept…. She shud do the show from starting not in middle….. Anyways best vshes fr helly n mudith….

    1. Yess.. Sanu, helly will come with another project.but we should not lose hope all the things are in the hand of God. He will decide what is right and wrong. Till then we can enjoy our show

    2. Kakali

      I have strong belief on HELLY,that she will be back with the bang.!
      Her this project is going to help her out in future regarding her acting skills.!
      Helly has improved a lot.! I RESPECT HER DECISION and also I know She will choose the best for in future as well..!
      Best wishes for Helly..!! 😀

  12. okk…let us see..what happend next..ha jinhe show na pasand hai na dekho…but choice se na off air ke bare mat bolo..

  13. N i dont no y but i liked mudith more than varun…sry fr varun fans…..vll miss mudith tooo

    1. Kakali

      Hehhe I whole heartedly agree with you Sanuuuuu..!! I love Mudit more than VK.!
      Both are poles apart but best in their position.!
      All I love Sanskar, bcz he loves Swara unconditionally..!! 😀

  14. guys try to be positive
    niyati i shared what i read in iv i to know colors is possessive about trp..
    cmng chandrakanta it is replacing naagin2 krystal show till not decided and they also saying kaali show vl replace naagin2.. i want to be positive i vl be like that …
    and mica i sorry dear if anyone felt wrong i wont share anything here… just thought to inform you all but.. sorry from now i thinjk its better to keep quite..

    1. Mica

      huh! Anuuuu,, why you said so!!! don’t be quite please…..*pinch your cheeks

      nothing wrong by sharing news dear!, there isn’t much people know about news outside TU naaa….huh! even i need any Devanshi news kinda the link you shared as i dunno about it

      but, people sometime have their own prediction by learning from experience sometimes 😀
      so please,,don’t be dishearten naaa, don’t stop giving news please..
      as shared the links about devanshi here can enlighten us and we can spamming this page together, right ? 😛
      btw, everything will positive only as we try to enjoy it..

      1. i vl share links

  15. Thank u anu for the link of article….very nice article…..

  16. Hey wht happen???…. Dont feel bad yaar they just said their pov…..

  17. I am sorry if i hurt you anu . I just shared which i felt . Its totaly my opinion . Pls don’t feel bad . There is no fault of yours . You just shared the link . I am sorry once again whom i hurt . But i just want that you guys don’t keep your expectations from colors channel . They can do anything for trp . I am sorry once again anu . Pls do share link about devanshi

  18. I am sorry anu . I just shared what l felt . There is no fault of yours . I just shared the fact . Anu pls do share links of devanshi . I am sorry once again

    1. dont say sorry i vl share links here.. i to dont expect anything from colors i know that its a biased channel

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