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Devanshi 5th January 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Vardaan getting angry on Devanshi and asks what you wants to prove by doing thus. He scolds her politely for touching lemon and salt when her hands was burning in it. He puts her hand in water and applies turmeric. Devanshi asks what did you apply? Vardaan asks her not to shout and says it is turmeric, and will make your burning effect go. He asks who asked us to do this. Devanshi thinks if she tells him that Nutan asked her to do this, then he will get angry on her. She thinks Minister Malik is coming today and everything should be fine. Rajjo gives tea to Malik. Malik stares her and takes the tea, smiles. Malik asks Kusum about her eye. Kusum says my eye is swollen, but it will be fine. Vardaan comes there and asks who asked Devanshi to cut lemon and add salt, and asks did you

give her this work. Kusam asks him to learn manners first and says I am your mum. Vardaan says I am sad that you are my mum. Kusum gets angry.

Nutan thinks if everyone comes to know that I gave this work to Devanshi then my punishment is sure. Kusum is talking to Vardaan and feels utmost pain in her eye. Geeta, Nutan and others ask her not to rub her eye. Rajjo goes to bring ointment. Devanshi throws something on her eye, saying your burning sensation will end fast. Kusum asks what did you throw on me? Devanshi says it is haldi powder. Everyone is shocked. Devanshi says my pain had gone when Vardaan applied haldi on me. Nutan gets angry on Devanshi, but Geeta saves her. Kusum excuses herself. Malik asks her to take care of her eye first. Malik sits down again. Vardaan thinks this girl have done good.

Sarla comes to meet Kusum and asks her to sign on Omi’s bail papers, tells him about strict Inspector there and asks him not to punish him for other’s mistake. Devanshi asks her not to worry and says she is trying her best to take Omi out. Sarla looks angrily and asks Kusum to sign. Kusum says Devanshi made me half blind and my hand is already hurt. Nutan crushes the paper and throws on floor. Sarla looks on shockingly.

Nutan asks the servants to throw Sarla out. Devanshi says Amma. Sarla asks her to stay far and calls her inauspicious, blaming her for the happenings and pushes her on ground. Kusum looks on happy. Nutan asks Kusum to come. Devanshi cries and picks the papers from the ground. She thinks to get Kusum’s sign somehow if Omi will come out from jail. She comes to Kusum. Kusum puts eye drop on her eye and asks why she came there. Devanshi apologizes to her and pleads her to sign on the paper, smiles. Kusum takes the papers and says I can’t see anything and my hand is broken, how to sign. Devanshi pleads her to sign. Kusum says I am not lying and can’t sign. Rajjo asks her to sign and asks why you are refusing her. You seems to be upset with Omi, but why you are breaking her heart. She says when we brought her here, we have to take care of her happiness and responsibility. Kusum gets angry, but agrees to sign and says Sarla have gone mad and thinking that if I sign then Omi will come out, but law will do its duty. Rajjo asks her to sign for Devanshi.

Even Devanshi requests her to sign. Kusum says I don’t want to give her false hope and says I can’t take your father out, as it is in law’s hand (Khanoon). Devanshi asks who is Khanoon? Kusum says now I have to tell you this also and goes. Devanshi thinks to enquire about law and thinks to ask Geeta. Vardaan comes and gifts her parents’ photo frame and says it is a surprise for you. Devanshi gets happy and says but I can’t be happy. She says she has to enquire about khanoon, who is more big than Kusum Mata. He asks about its length and power. Vardaan says you are mad and smiles.

Kusum and Malik are talking. Kusum says you might be thinking how did I welcome you and blames Devanshi. Malik says I knows about her, and asks if she is the same girl who got her black money seized, and says I heard her calling herself choti mata. Kusum laughs and says she gave this name to her. Malik says I heard that she is tough competition to you, asks if you can’t handle a little girl then how can you handle big opposition, I can’t give you ticket in this situation. Kusum thinks if he doesn’t give me ticket then I will kill Devanshi. She tells him that Devanshi is a little girl and what is he saying. Malik agrees to give her ticket and asks what he will get in return gift. Kusum looks on.

Vardaan shows the Khanoon pic to Devanshi and says it is law’s idol on his laptop. Kusum tells Malik that he will get Jwala puri and nearby villagers support, and asks what else do you need, just tell me. Malik turns to her and says I have everything given by God, but I need your nanand Rajjo. He asks Rajjo’s hand in marriage and says she is of marriage age now. He says once you gives her hand to me, I will give you ticket, says decision is yours. He says I am going to temple to do darshan and asks her to convince Rajjo till he comes back. Devanshi thinks Malik is a khanoon, and thinks to convince him to bail out Omi, and is hopeful.

Malik eyes Rajjo looking at her while she is busy. He pulls her dress lace/dori. Just then Devanshi comes there and says so you are Khanoon. Malik looks on shocked. Rajjo turns and sees him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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