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Devanshi 5th February 2017 Written Episode, Written Update on

The Episode starts with Kusum talking to her brother and asking will work happen. He says yes, you asked me for favor after long time. She ends call and says I have to show everyone what I can do. She gets dizzy and sits. She says before Devanshi, I have to treat myself. Nutan says Rajjo, you promise Kusum that you will marry Malik. Rajjo says yes, Malik did not come back from Delhi till now. Devanshi comes. Nutan asks is this Geeta’s phone, what are you doing with it, give it to me, its very old phone, its useless, keep it. She goes. Devanshi gets Ashutosh’s call. He says I got to know where is Geeta, she is in hospital, my friend has seen her. Devanshi says I knew you will find her. He says don’t do anything, I will get Geeta, police is after her. She thinks sorry, I can’t stop myself, I have

to meet Geeta.

Kusum meets doctor. He asks why did you come here, I would have come to your house. She says none should know about my pregnancy. Devanshi comes to hospital and thinks where is Geetam but I have to find her. Kusum asks doctor how to get rid of her child. He suggests her to get abortion done tomorrow. She says fine, it will not happen here, everyone knows me. He says I understand, but just this hospital has facilities. She thinks and says fine, it will happen here. Devanshi looks for general ward.

Kusum says you will then go away from here with your family, take money, but this child news should end. He agrees. Devanshi opens a door. He says maybe door opened by air. She asks how did you forget to shut door. Devanshi goes to check some ward. She looks for Geeta. She calls Ashutosh and says Geeta is not here. He asks why did you go there, maybe my friend was mistaken. Devanshi says my visit got waste. She sees Kusum leaving from hospital and thinks why did she come here driving herself, maybe she came to see Geeta, but Geeta is not here.

Geeta is on the way. She prays to Maiyya that she finds some way. A man sees her and recognizes her. He asks why did you come Maayka after many years, is everything fine. She says yes, I will leave. She collides with a woman and apologizes. She says you are the one whose disease Kusum healed with her miracle. The man asks about whom are you talking, nothing happened to this girl till now. The girl runs.

Geeta gets an pamphlet and thinks why do I feel I will get some clue reaching here, I have to find out, don’t know how is Devanshi. Kusum eats pickles in kitchen. Devanshi comes there and asks did you go hospital. Kusum gets shocked and drops the jar. Devanshi cleans the floor and asks Kusum why did you go hospital, I have seen you driving your car, I have never seen you driving, did you go there to find Geeta. Kusum asks why will I go there to find Geeta. Devanshi says I heard Geeta was in hospital, Geeta was not there. Kusum thinks its good Devanshi did not know real reason of my going. She asks why did you go, your age is play with dolls, not to spy, if you go out alone, I will lock you in dark room again. Devanshi apologizes. Kusum says I went to meet doctor as I was feeling unwell. Devanshi says what was the need to go there when doctor comes home to check you. Kusum says sometimes person needs to go for tests, you will not understand this, go. She goes. Devanshi thinks why did she get angry.

Doctor checks Ishwar and asks Vardaan to get Ishwar to hospital in morning for test. Devanshi comes. Vardaan says I have to take Papa for tests tomorrow. She says I will come along. They argue. Ishwar smiles. Vardaan asks her to do anything she wants. Devanshi asks Ishwar to get up from bed, everything got fine now. She talks to doctor and asks will Ishwar get fine tomorrow. He asks her to have hope. Ishwar thinks I have hope alive, I have hope to expose Kusum’s truth, I have to save Geeta also. Devanshi says who knows magic happens in hospital tomorrow, you will get fine.

Rajjo gets Geeta’s call. Rajjo gets shocked. Geeta asks for Devanshi. Nutan hears Rajjo and says give me call, I will ask her why did she run from jail. Rajjo says why will Geeta call me. Nutan says I heard you taking her name. Rajjo says I took her name, I was not talking to her. Nutan says fine, you use tongue well, Kusum asked us not to take Geeta’s name. She goes. Geeta hears this and ends call. Rajjo prays Geeta is fine.

Vardaan and Devanshi get Ishwar home. Doctor asks Vardaan to get Ishwar inside. Vardaan asks Devanshi to sit outside, just one person can go inside. She says fine, don’t show anger. Vardaan takes Ishwar. Kusum comes there wearing burqa. Her papers fall down. Devanshi picks the papers and goes after her to give the papers. Doctor says its pregnancy report, did you see that woman’s face. Devanshi says she has worn burqa. He says fine, I will keep this. Devanshi sees the burqa clad woman and runs to give the report. Kusum gets shocked seeing Devanshi. The burqa veil flies by air. Devanshi gets shocked seeing Kusum and recalls doctor’s words.

Geeta gets a new clue. She calls Geeta and asks about some parcel, that woman got it who is with Mohan. Devanshi says parcel came on Kusum’s name. Geeta gets shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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